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Maybe you tried proclaiming your love with a sand message during your island honeymoon, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Keep up with the latest Challenges news, and creative design & decorating inspiration when you Subscribe to Homeworkshop's Design Junkies Journal.
April Kassman, an English-Language Arts teacher at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE), assigned an intriguing assignment during the first quarter for her Creative Writing students to take part in. When asked about their  thoughts on this assignment, Sarah Paley, a junior at AITE said, “After we read the book Letters from a Nut, I thought that it was hilarious and I really wanted to do something like it.
Asia James, a senior at AITE who had received a response back from the company that she had written to had this to say “When I found out that my letter was chosen to be sent out, I was very happy because I worked hard on it but I never thought it would be chosen to be mailed out.
Learn to write shorthand in 15 minutes using the latest and best method for the modern user like you.
I developed Ford Improved Shorthand when I wanted a fast way to write in my journal that kept my writing private. I searched for various simple cypher systems including pig-pen encryption and others, but they were hard to read and difficult to learn.
Gregg is the most common type of shorthand and is the scrolling type most people recognize as shorthand.
The Ford Improved Shorthand method is meant as both shorthand and coding for personal journals. This method allows you to take rapidly written notes anywhere without the average person being able to read what you have written. However, there are also many important differences between Ford Improved Shorthand and other systems. For example, in Teeline the alternate __ for D is similar to T but depends on placement relative to the baseline. Write the alphabet a couple of times and you will have it firmly established in your head. If you want to write languages other than English you can simply add the pronunciation marks or use the actual character for non-standard characters. You may want to make your writing even harder to read if you are writing in a diary or journal. If you want to obfuscate more, add pronunciation marks randomly or other marks such as underlining or overlining, umlaut or dots over a character, or carets over a character, or circling a character. You can make it harder to read even for someone who knows what the letters mean by writing in Pig Latin or Carnie Talk.
The Ford Improved Shorthand method is free for personal or business use as long as it is not sold and no money is charged for the system or materials. I think my favorite part of the whole activity was trying to pick which company I wanted to write a letter to. Nancy, which is the book that April Kassman had used to get the students started on the assignment, explores several different business letters that Ted L. I believe that knowing how to write business letters is a skill that students should develop before they graduate from high school.
The other systems for shorthand are not useful for students because you spend too much time trying to figure out your notes and not learning. Your speed when using the Ford Improved Shorthand method depends on you ability, but 40 words per minute is pretty good and faster than many people type and claims of 150 words are not uncommon.
The method used in the Ford Improved Shorthand system is similar which means many characters are similar.

The speed advantage was not that significant when compared to the difficulty of reading what was written later. The Teeline F looks like D or a deflated balloon, O looked like U but so did U and Q, S looked like O(so why have O looking like U and S looking like O?). The Ford method speeds up writing and allows you to keep your writing relatively private(as long as no one looking over your shoulder knows this method). This is not really related to shorthand, but it looks cool to write with a fountain pen and it is a great way to differentiate your writing from other's writings.
You can figure out what you wrote even if you don’t remember every letter because your mind will fill in the blanks when you recognize most letters. There is something personal about writing with your own hand rather than using a computer. Even if someone can ready Ford Improved Shorthand they will assume they cannot read any more of your writing when they are confounded by the first line.
If you teach this system or make any materials from it available as part of another product or course then you must obtain permission. Kassman believes that involving skills needed in the real world within the classroom environment is a great teaching method. You are better off recording the class while using Ford Improved Shorthand to write down highlights, lists, etc. The average person speaks around 200 words per minute so this speed would allow a reasonable dictation rate. Teeline is based on the idea of using the first stroke or defining stroke to identify a character.
The Ford method uses the first stroke, a defining stroke or motion, or the character itself for the Ford Improved Shorthand character. With Teeline you have to remember to omit vowels unless they are the first or last character and you combine some characters and there are other methods taught with Teeline. In Teeline Q, O, U and Y look basically the same with Q looking like a big U that had nothing to do with the form of Q. I guarantee you if they had dictaphones or smartphones with recording apps or even voice recognition software there would have been no need for shorthand and it would have never been developed. Look at how the characters in the Ford alphabet are similar to, representative of, or strokes from the original lower or upper-case letters.
Do some web surfing on fountain pens and you will find lots of people enjoy using them over common ballpoint pens. Journals are still very popular, but no one wants just anyone to read a private diary or journal. The image showing the Ford Improved Shorthand characters may be used on other websites as long as it is not altered or cropped. She will write (just about) anything in the sand at the Northern California beach down the street from her home. Students were assigned to write humorous business letters to companies regarding their products, some of which were actually sent out to the companies with the approval of the principal, Paul L. I have not received a  letter back in response to mine but I certainly hope I do soon or I might just have to write to them again”.
Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian who had written the introduction to Letters from a Nut says “if you should find yourself in possession of this book, one of the great joys of it is definitely reading the letters out loud. To learn in a fun environment that offers the possibility of real world connections is an advantageous way to learn”, says April Kassman, the English Teacher pioneering this project.

The Ford version is a modernized version which is redesigned to be easy to use, easy to learn, easy to read, easy to write, accurate and fast. The same idea was used for some other earlier shorthand versions which are seen in the Teeline system too. Teeline has some other issues, like using one character or character-appearing-symbol to represent a different character or using a symbol that is not related to the character.
These character choices meant that you could never use the actual letter if you forgot when writing what the Teeline character was because it would look like another letter. For example, THE would be three marks combined and LIKE would be those shorthand marks combined into one symbol, with the IK into one. If speed is really that important and you need to capture every word use a pocket voice recorder.
At first you will have to pronounce the characters in your head and that will turn into words. My pal Diane and I met the vividly-clad Supie (aka Susan Davis) at her packed booth at the Harvest Festival, while she energetically juggled purchases and questions from customers. If someone were to write notes in Gregg shorthand and try to read them six months later it would be very difficult.
It also made it much harder to learn the alphabet because some letters are replaced with other letters without rhyme or reason.
Modern shorthand is not about taking down dictation, it is about making notes quickly and keeping your writing private.
For common words like and, the, you, you can use a simple line so write the first letter then draw a line which symbolizes the word. Many of the symbols also vary in size so one slash means one sound and a slightly longer slash another and an even longer slash means yet something else. Teeline also combines characters even when there is no speed advantage to doing this so a simple set of characters suddenly becomes complex and hard to understand. Ford Improved Shorthand looks similar to Teeline but that is only because I used the same concept in my letter development.
W and M are simplified by omitting the middle strokes just as was done in Gregg and other systems.
Teeline also omits vowels and has some other tricks that are taught in the classes for this method which make it complicated.
S can be written either as shown or in mirror image, both ways are still S and are a faster way of making a similar stroke. Q(the defining top and spine stroke with serif) is differentiated from N(the second defining stroke of the lower case letter) by the serif and straight top line.
You can figure out an easy way to remember each of them because almost every character is a representative stroke of the original letter.
Some characters are the same as the original because they were easy to write quickly in one or two strokes so there was no reason to change those.

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