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This 5-pack of ultra glide retractable ball point pens from The Write Dudes offers the ultimate in multi-colored writing performance.
You could state the job title the person had, the responsibilities and salaries if deemed appropriate. Summarize the letter by affirming on the persons qualities and stating you believe they are qualified for the job. End the letter by using “yours faithfully” if the addressee name is not known and “yours sincerely” if you have addressed the letter to a specific person. This is a sample of arecommendation letterof the employee who was a driver by his employer. I recommend him to any potential employer and give the assurance of the best services a driver could offer to any organization .George is a person who can work with all kinds of personalities and under any condition.

These bright and fun fashion pens have a 0.7mm point, a soft comfort grip, and are available in 5 stylish ink and barrel colors.
State the persons attitude and performance that is if it was exceptional, satisfactory or average. As the project nears completion some of our staff contracts are coming to an end prompting our staff to look for other jobs.
George has been helpful in various other ways such as keeping records of the vehicle service and identifying any problem with the vehicle . State the persons positive qualities there is no need of stating any negative qualities since the person has trusted you with the responsibility of selling them to their future employers .you could offer to give further information if requested in the paragraph.
He has also been called upon to do paper work and to run errands which are not directly related to his duties.

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