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John "Jay" Coffey (pictured above) defeated incumbent Michael Mahon in the Oceanport mayoral race on Tuesday. OCEANPORT — Before the summer, John "Jay" Coffey didn't have any intentions of becoming the borough's next mayor. A member of the Board of Education, Coffey was an active participant in the community — but he didn't start regularly attending Borough Council meetings until after a slew of officials in the borough resigned. The resignations caught his attention and so he started becoming more vocal at the meetings, challenging the Borough Council members and Mayor Michael Mahon.
So after a large group of people, chief among them Irace and Councilman Christopher Paglia, appeared on Coffey's doorstep in September asking him to run, he did — as a write-in candidate.

Coffey said the process to run as a write-in candidate is "incredibly difficult" and took a groundswell of support from a large group of people in the community.
Coffey wants transparency and for more people in the community to get involved in the political process.
The shuttered Fort Monmouth continues to be one of the "significant challenges" facing Oceanport, Mahon said.
According to Mahon, other challenges the new mayor will have to tackle include: the process of rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, finding a new home for Borough Hall and the future of Monmouth Park racetrack.
In order to pick off each issue, Mahon said, the new mayor will "need the cooperation of the governing body. Consider just one example--it's both local and global--Assumption College for Sisters (ACS), the only degree-granting institution for Women Religious, in formation, in the world.

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In fact, it was a question from Coffey that sparked a heated exchange between Business Administrator John Bennett and Councilman Joseph Irace in August. To do that, he will push to live stream council meetings on the Internet and to simulcast them on cable television.

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