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First let me say that no one should try to train or clone a writing voice into something it was never meant to be. StaccatoA is a powerful technique in music where singers punch out notes in a short, choppy rhythm. I used to be a weaver of textiles and I notice that sometimes my writing is a bit sparse (warp without weft)drags on a bit (threading the warp through heddles) and only really gets going when I start putting the weft across.
At this site you'll define your writing life, learn to write with skill and artistry, and manage that most precious of commodities: time. I know this because I studied vocal music in college and spent a little time running around stages singing in musical theater and opera productions. To adopt this technique for writing, useA longer, flowing sentencesA to let the reader savor descriptions, sweet romantic encounters, and other story elements where a slower pace makes sense.
In writing, let the objective of a scene and overall tempo of the story as a whole dictate theA pacingA in a scene.

DawnSinger and Wayfarer, the first two books in my epic fantasy series, Tales of Faeraven, released with Pelican Book Group and will be followed by at least two more installments. I also like patchwork and often have to gather up sections of writing to make them into a proper ms. I wanted to find and accept my own voice which helped transfer to an acceptance of my writing voice. While I still sing on occasion, the main advantage I now find in having a musical background is that the techniques I learned also apply to writing.
A suspense novel, for example, will have quicker, more driving pacing than a sweet romance. I write for children so a sense of the sound of words and phrases and rhythm is very important. Authors with a musical bent tend to reveal themselves through their word choice, their punctuation and their overall pacing.

Too much choppiness and your sentence rhythms will sound mechanical, as if written to a metronome.
They create anything from a slight hesitation to a jarring stop in the action and can occur close together, farther apart or somewhere between. Improv is a required training for an actor so if I’m stuck on a character, I sometimes put her in a different situation and see what comes forth.

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