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A letter of character reference is a letter that’s purpose is to provide a potential employer or anyone in a similar situation a testimonial as to the subject’s character. Be honest, the recipient is not looking for the perfect human, just somebody reliable for employment or other purposes. Mention the positive qualities of the person, but also any related examples of these in action.
For the whole time that Joey and I have worked together, he has demonstrated incredible leadership quality, always showed respect for his employees, was never late for work, or presented a bad attitude. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 564-342-3422. As a housemate after high school Alec was disciplined, tidy and took on many of the responsibilities I myself ignored, such as cleaning, shopping, dealing with the landlord etc.
As you’re also aware Alec is currently the manager of Tanglewood Theatre, a place where we both worked as popcorn sellers and other basic jobs following school. I have two young children myself who are often around Alec and they always have a fun time with him.
He absolutely adores his son Preston, who has always been happy and well adjusted in Alec’s home and I have never been aware of any issues in regard to his parenting.
In closing I feel Preston has a safe and loving future in Alec’s custody, so I hope this reference is of value to the court. I am pleased that he has been offered several job opportunities, as I have seen him work hard in school and through University.
During our time working together I have never known him to be accused of any wrongful act, and he has been successfully living in rental property with no problems since we’ve met. I personally know that he earns more than enough to cover rent and I’ve never heard of him missing payments on his previous property, which was simply being reclaimed to put on the market, as you may be aware. Don’t hesitate to give me a call if you require any more information to aid your decision. When you write character reference letter of course, you have to follow the right format and formal format.
Nigel Smith  has been employed with Transindo Corporation since 2003 in the position of Accounting manager. Ever ready to put in the extra effort, Smith is diligent, proud of what he does has excellent mathematicians & analytical skills.

All of us at here at Transindos Corporation, and our customers, wish him every success in the future. Firstly, you must be sure whether the person who will give reference is the true person or not. You should report the information in detail to the person from whom you will get a reference letter. You should ask from the person that she or she should give information about the relationship between you and her or him. While writing information about you in that part, it is important to emphasize your different and significant features. Information about you may not be valuable if it isn’t concretized with documents, so, they should be ready with you if required. Information about the person who will give the reference letter should be given accurately and correctly.
By writing a letter of character reference, the writer is stating their relationship with the subject and vouching for their positive qualities as a person.
For example if you’re providing a reference in a child custody case, parenting skills should be mentioned. We have worked in many capacities together, including, but not limited to: shop forman, scheduling manager and chief supervisor. He took wrestling which humbled him greatly and helped keep his ego in check, something many young men fail to do. As you are aware he currently maintains his own home and having visited many times I am confident that it is more than acceptable for a young child to be raised in. I have since moved on, but he had the loyalty and dedication to slowly work his way to the top. He has looked after them when me and my wife have gone out for dinner and such, and I have no qualms about calling on him should they ever need extended care.
When I sometimes drop by on Saturday mornings on the way to the gym you can almost always guarantee they’ll be spending quality time together in the garden or watching cartoons huddled on the sofa. Szporluk has been friends with my son since early childhood and he has spent many an evening under my roof. Szporluk is a polite and respectful young man with a stellar reputation locally, and I can always count on him to give me a helping hand with whatever I need.

Having visited his previous flat many times, I can vouch for the fact that he is tidy and responsible. Shalhope would be a reliable and stress free tenant and I cam confident in this assessment. He’s an extremely strong communicator which has helped us to nurture our existing customers.
He or she should give information about how long you have been working together and how long you have known each other. However, while writing these you should choose elaborated sentences instead of stereotyped ones. His patient and selfless attitude with Preston and everyone he meets, certainly grew out of this early experience.
I have never known him to have any kind of disciplinary action throughout his entire employment and his position today is a testament to his character.
He has also been a business partner to one of my close friends, and has managed the accounts for my barbering business for free as a gesture of goodwill. If you ask for reference from a person who doesn’t know you much or value you, it will not useful for you. Your academic, personal and professional information should be stated and your achievements should be written.
We first met in high school as we were in many of the same classes, and since graduation we have both lived and worked together for a period of time.
He discussed with me his plans to immigrate to the United States and I am positive he will abide by your laws and will not breach his visa conditions.
For example, instead of good and successful, you can use adjectives such as clever, intelligent, creative or reliable.

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