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On the class blog, respond to the question, ‘How is this timetable going to assist you in completing your homework?
For me this timetable will assist me doing my homework by keeping me organized and up to date on where I can slot in homework. I believe that the importance of a timetable for homework is very big, it keeps you up to date and organized. This timetable can assist me with my homework because it keeps me organised and I know what I am going to do and when I’m going to do it . This timetable will assist me because I will know which days I have enough time to do my homework. For our homework task we have to make a timetable and I have done that and now it is time to do my blog response. This timetable will show me what I have on at school like If I have performing arts I will know that I will have to take in some music or something. In my opinion, a timetable is a great way to keep organised and get your activities sorted out. It is important to create a timetable to assist you in completing your homework because you can be more organised in not just for homework but your goals and your out of school activities. This timetable will help me with my busy schedule and keep me one step ahead of the day because I will know when my sport is, when I have to go to Sarah’s sport and when I have free time to do homework. It is important to schedule your homework in a timetable to be able to know when to have it done by, when it needs to be handed in and when other tasks at home may need to be finished. I think having a timetable is important because it can tell me what days and times I am free to do homework and other stuff.
My timetable will assist me with my homework because it shows when and what time I have something on, therefore it will help me figure out when I have time to complete my homework.
I believe it is important to schedule your homework in a timetable because if you write in what you are doing each day you can see when you have free time to complete your homework. This timetable will assist me because I will be ale to look at my timetable and it will show me when I have spare time to do my homework and also what I have planed for the day. This time table is going to help me by -reminding me to get ready for an after school activity to or prepare my home work. It is very important to schedule my home work in a time table because it keep organised and make sure my chores etc are completed. This timetable will help me keep orgenized and tell me what I need to do and when I need to do it.
I think having a time table is very important for your time management and for knowing when you have something on that day and to know what time it is at. This timetable would help me be more organised because sometimes I forget, I have basketball or soccer training and I do my homework before I go. It is important to schedule your homework in a timetable so you have enough time to make it the best of your ability and it is better to do it earlier than later.
I think my timetable will assist me with my homework because if I have all of my time planned out and I know off by heart what times to do my homework it will be much easier to complete and finish.
I think it important to have a timetable because when I get to high school and my time isn’t planned correctly I will struggle to get things finished on time.
Hi guys so I think having a timetable is important because if you did not have a timetable you could forget that you had an after school activity and say all week that you will do your homework and then you get to that night and your mum or dad tells you to get ready and you realise that you need to do homework ,because of that you did not get your homework done in time.But If you had timetable you would look at it and already have down what day you would be doing your homework and what day you would have your after school activities. My timetable that I have made will assist me in completing my homework by helping me keep organized.
This timetable will assist me in completing my homework because I have it scheduled at the allocated times throughout the week.
Having a weekly schedule is important because if I have an event to go to during the week, I will be able to schedule another time to do homework and I’m also not rushed for time by leaving my homework all to the last minute. My timetable will asist me into completing my homework because it helps me know what days I can fit in homework time, it is much easier sticking to a weekly routine than just deciding on a day what time you’ll do homework, this is helpful for organisation skills, which is much needed in high school.

It is important to schedule your homework on a timetable so you are well prepared and so you have one thing less to stress about! It shows what a decent person you are and also gives you the chance to add to the interview in case you overlooked something or wanted to bring more to the attention of your prospective employer to consider you for the position.
I have 15 years of experience recruiting and hiring cutting-edge technology types - the kind of people that keep the Top 100 most visited web sites in the world running. I suspect Jessica slept or partied hearty through the pre-recession period: otherwise she would know that such arrogance shown by employers is only tolerated during recessions.
However, I am also not surprised she would write about this, after all the new generation of 35 and under have it all wrong anyway so I try not hiring them unless they show some special quality or attribute that catches my attention. After reading your thoughts on this matter I see that you are just another HR person that is desperate to make their position seem worth while.
I thank you for wasting my time on idle chat while you tried to see how I would react to being angered from pointed questions designed to aggravate or illicit standard pre-practiced answers.
Lastly I thank you for not spending the time to send me a thank you note for my time, or covering my expenses to come and "work" at your company for the hour of our chat, or for spending weeks without letting me know what is happening within your decision making process. Did you ever bother to think the candidate wasn't interested in the position or your company after your toxic interview?
Seriously, I am just shocked to learn that someone at BI has the words "manage" or "editor" in their title. Women love getting showered with attention, whether it be face to face, telephonically or through e-mail. If you would like to track attendance for business meetings, clubs, or Sunday School classes, try the Attendance Record Template.
The Monthly Class Attendance Form is designed so that the days of the week and the dates used for the column labels update based on the Month and Year that you specify. The Weekly Student Attendance Record does not depend on the month, year, or week, but you can enter a date in the Week Of field for reference. For both of these attendance spreadsheets, you'll probably want to save a copy of the form after the month or week is over. This weekly student attendance tracking spreadsheet was designed to work for any year and month.
If you find these attendance templates useful, please share the link to this page with others who may be interested. In the timetable, you need to include your out of school activities, chores and a section for your goals.
Another reason is that you might have a really busy week and a timetable is good to show you what you do and don’t have to do. I think this timetable will help me with alot of things like time management and what I have to do.
I would use the times table at home so if basket ball training was canceled and I forgot, I could look in my timetable to see if I had basket ball on so I would not be all over the place trying to fined me basket ball gear, and I can sit down and do my home work. It is also a great way to find time to slot in your weekly homework, especially if you are really busy and can’t find the time to fit it in. In high school, you will use timetables heaps, and it is a great idea to get started in primary school so that you are used to them. I think that you become more organised because you can check what you have on what day and what time. This can also help to tell me what I have on after school so if I forget I can always check the timetable and tell me when I need to do my homework. I think having a time table will make me much more organized and not so rushed with my work and when I have spare time to do stuff that I would like to do.
Also because homework is important to complete so, I need some time to do it because I am always busy! Also in primary school making a timetable prepares you for what you would do in high school and you will get used to following that timetable so completing your homework will be a lot easier.

Such as typing "your" instead of "you're." I would personally never hire someone who didn't know the difference and simply came across as careless or illiterate.
I own a company and hire for all sorts of positions, from clerical to warehouse and factory. In my opinion, this writer has an ego issue and seriously loves having her ego stroked by folks desperate for a job. Do you really think that by asking me any of those standard questions like "What are your 3 best and worst qualities?" made me think that you had the skills to be asking me about what I can do for your company. In addition I thank you for not reading or understanding my CV, as clearly you are not able to ask questions that were in my field or were beyond "so you worked for company X for 5 years, why did you leave them?". LOL - she reminds me of NUMEROUS kids her age (always from Cornell) who think they have all the knowledge and maturity of someone in the workforce for 20+ years - most responses are dead on that BI should be ashamed to have this hack making comments about her "pet-peeves" and offering no insight at all - because she has no insight to offer - someone should spill coffee on her!!! The two class attendance record templates below are designed for classroom attendance, but they can be adapted for other attendance tracking needs by changing some of the labels. To do that, copy or duplicate the worksheet so that each week or month is a separate tab within the workbook. When sorting, make sure to select all columns (not just the Name or ID column) and only the one label row (the one including the labels "ID" and "Name." Do not include the subtotal row at the bottom when sorting. To start tracking attendance for a new month, simply copy the worksheet, clear the info from the previous month, and change the month via the drop-down box. In addition to the Student Attendance Records above, you may want to try our attendance record or sign-in sheets.
So you will need a timetable to schedule all the days you have free and the days you are not free. I love how we will be organized and we will know what to do and what I have on and I won’t be late for anything I also won’t forget anything like I sometimes do. This timetable is great for people who can’t remember what they have on and good for busy people. Also this will make me more responsible with my work ethic and it will make it easer for me going into high school with knowing the time and place of my upcoming class.
I think timetables help you fit things in and find when you are free to do homework and other chores you need to do.
Little Jessica either has a serious power trip going on, or is one of the most incredibly petty human beings on the planet. I have been a recruiter for several years and I used to not to assess the value of a candidate by this kind superficial behavior. If that's really her job, she might want to think of a new career because she seems to have hired quite a few writers that have no concept of spelling, journalistic entegrity, or even common sense. On a given day, you enter a T, U, E, or P in the column to indicate whether the student was Tardy, Unexcused, Excused, or Present. If you are looking for ways to track time for employees, check out our collection of timesheet templates. This is great for people to have in there life and it will help out heaps with me for sure. Its annoying, takes up space in my E-mails and just one more thing I have to read through out of my 200+ E-Mails a day. Hey HR people here's an idea: hire people that will make the best impact on your company's productivity rather than focus on completely trivial things like thank you emails.
The totals are a count of the number of T's, U's, E's, or P's in each row (the formulas are not case-sensitive).

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