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Write4fun encourages young student writers and artists with fantastic competitions, by publishing top quality books and conducting interactive, fun workshops across Australia. Make sure you check in at the Creative Society and see what is happening in the world of art and writing through student submitted blogs, extra competitions, awesome online magazine and more. These quick, one-time-only exercises can teach us about ourselves and what we want—and how we can tell our story.
Why it helps: First off, if you want to write a memoir, this three-sentence description will form the structure of your book. What to write: Choose one or more of the sentences below and write a page or two that begins with that particular sentence. Why it helps: Sometimes we avoid the most obvious—and complicated—events that have happened to us, events that inform our whole life story. I'd like to really understand everything that led me to choose architecture as my life's work. I'd like to really understand everything that led me to become such a good mom, considering I had no role model.

I'd like to really understand everything that led me to never get along with my step-mother. Roberta Temes, PhD, is the author of How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days, which includes other exercises like these.
When your own imagination isn’t firing on all cylinders, get inspired by the imagination of others.
Celebrated filmmaker Jim Jarmusch suggests, “Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. We receive an overwhelming positive feedback each year from the teachers, parents and students who have involvement in these competitions and publications, and we will continue to strive to attain this level of excellence with each competition we hold. In effect, it's a supershort story of your life—a beginning, a middle and the now, if you will. Don't worry about bringing up material that you are afraid might be too painful to explore, says Temes.
Then, please finish this sentence; I'd like to really understand everything that led me to _______________.

Now that she's gone I realize what a good person she was and how she tried to have a relationship with me.
Instead, just focus on identifying what it is you might delve into someday—in a memoir or in the pages of a journal or just in your mind. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Even if you have zero impulse to write another word, however, the exercise can show you how you view yourself, your past and your present, all of which can inform your future. You have a structure (your three sentences), you have a crucial event (that may have caused or contributed to that life story) and now you have a purpose—a reason for writing that will let you learn, enjoy and even be surprised by the story you've been waiting to tell yourself and—maybe, just maybe, the world, as well.

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