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These should be people who are known in an industry you want to reach out to as they will help you promote your book. If you get your book published and this article was helpful, I’ll appreciate it if you write me how it helped.
Expect the best, and you''ll get it." - Regina Hill What you read here could change your outlook on life.

I won’t tell you which one is better because that depends on many factors, but in my case, I self-published my book. That''s because nestled within these pages are valuable words of optimism and insight that will have you looking on the bright side of whatever comes your way.
It''s a gentle reminder that good things are possible when you have a positive attitude and allow life''s simple joys into your life.

Carefully chosen for their introspection and honesty, the works included here invite you to spend less time thinking of the problems in your life and more time dreaming of the possibilities.

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