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Most universities and colleges offer some type of work study scheme, where the school finds a suitable work placement, usually within the school itself, and subsidizes a portion of the student’s wages.
Students who can’t find a suitable work study placement may find the next best thing is working for the school itself.
Check the Human Resources section of the University website regularly for campus job postings. While the temporary employment rate has dropped since 2006, there are still many part-time options for students outside of the academic world. Keeping in shape, working outdoors and making a higher hourly wage than the coffee shop are all attractions of working manual labour.
Whatever part-time job you choose, it is vital you remain honest with yourself and your employer as to your limitations and priorities, in order to avoid burnout.
Tim Burkhart has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and is currently a part-time student at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, taking communications and design courses. Is it possible for you to find specific large companies who are willing to work with graduate students? Top Part-Time Jobs for International Students - StudyLink Study Abroad Home > Blog > Part Time Work > Top Part-Time Jobs for International Students You are using an outdated browser. During college, I worked two part-time jobs and took a full-time class load.  Years after graduation, I look back with mixed feelings on whether basically working full-time plus going to school full-time was a good idea.
I’m not saying that what I did was the smartest or best option, but consider taking a 20 hour a week part-time job in college. It’ll give you either some extra money to help with living expenses or you can put that money toward tuition to lower your dependency on loans. If your resume is blank going into college, consider taking a job to get some occupation skills. If you can handle a full class schedule plus a job on the side and maintain good grades, that shows potential employers that you are accountable and responsible making sure your work is done on time and done well.
Some places, like Starbucks, offer benefits even to part-time employees including health care.
I know a lot of people who worked at a retail store or company part-time during college and received full-time jobs once they graduated.

Taking on a part-time job in college can offer many instant rewards as well as give you skills and connections for your future endeavors. Work From Home VacanciesAdvertise our products onlineFull Time And Part Time Opportunities Available.
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Faced with rising tuition fees and living costs, working part-time is quickly becoming a necessity for students.
This is an ideal way for students to enhance their educational experience while paying for rent, food, and fun. If you can’t find a research or lab assistant position, the bookstore, campus food services, libraries, student unions and faculties often have entry-level jobs for students. Coffee shops, night clubs, and retail all offer opportunities for part-time work, but most often need staff at times when students are in class.
Landscaping, painting, light construction and maintenance jobs all offer a chance to put your body to work, but the perils of physically demanding work include being too tired to study. Every little bit that goes toward your tuition now is that much less that you have to pay later.
Even if it’s a cashier position at the local fast food place, you gain experience handling money, working on a team, and learning customer service skills.
If you’ve worked somewhere for a while, it’s often to the benefit of the employer to offer you a position.
It also helps students get more involved in the campus community, gain career-related skills and work experience, and contribute to their faculty’s or department’s programs and services. Again, working for your school is compatible with your schedule, and campus employers are likely to be understanding about your limitations and priorities.

If the employer is flexible, you may find weekend hours cutting lawns or swinging a hammer, but hard labour is more suitable for the summer than the school year. Playing gigs, slam poetry, paint, write online content, make crafts and sell them at the Christmas craft fair (every SUB has one). Set a reasonable limit to how many hours per week you can work (10-16 is probably enough), and remember you are a student first. Having a ton of tuition debt after school coupled with the stress of finding a job to pay your debt can be a vicious circle to put yourself in. I feel like I can set out a plan for the day and get everything I need to get done with a few hours left at the end of the day for whatever I want to do.
Maybe you even have a job where you can study on the clock, like at a campus tutor center or clerking at a library.
It gave me a sense of pride knowing I graduated with my degree, gained a ton of useful job skills, and didn’t have any debt leaving college. Twenty-four hours in a day sometimes doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you learn to plan accordingly it’s more time than you realize. Even taking a summer internship, like the ones we offer here at Quicken Loans, can help offset some of your tuition or school expenses. They don’t have to hire a completely new person who needs training in order to get up to speed with everyone else. You might not end up debt free depending on where you go to school, but you can limit the amount you accumulate over your college career and gain some skills along the way. Serving and bartending builds interpersonal skills and provides valuable customer service experience. The important thing is to avoid putting big money up front and to go into it with the attitude that the experience is as much about getting some creative time as it is about making cash. Whereas cooking or dishwashing often includes free meals, which is a huge bonus for the starving student, and the collegial atmosphere of the kitchen can be a welcome break from the academic world.

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