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If your company doesn’t offer telecommuting jobs but you still want to work from home, you can read my recent post called 8 Ways to Make Extra Money From Home.
When you are working on your own, in the comfort of your own room you can set-up your own working schedule (most of the time). Forcing someone to work early (or late) doesn’t necessarily lead to better results.A night owl can be just as productive (if not more) than an early riser, they’re simply more productive at a different time. Normally I would try to prepare my lunch at home however since I wasn’t a morning person I would usually run late and either not make my lunch or forget it in the fridge. When you work from home it means you are your own boss or it means that your boss (in the office) doesn’t see you. Home office offers a great deal of distractions; the fridge is always calling your name, the laundry needs to be done, the dog wants to go for a walk and one of my personal main distractions – friends and family.
An office usually offers the social aspect that your home simply can’t offer, unless you start talking to your pets or to your computer screen. If you are your own boss you can also join local meet-ups where you can meet some very interesting people, network with professional from your field and make good friends. Bosses suck the creativity right out of you, by doing so this leaves the employee feeling worthless in resulting of working harder at the same pay in a connection of “ I need to prove myself”, this contradicting condescending attitude happens way to often in the work place. Bosses will harass you to give them, everything you know, contacts, network- If you know how to do it you are expected to do it, even if it isn’t on your job description, If not you will be a target. Whether running your own business or telecommuting for your regular job, working from home offers a range of benefits.
September 18, 2012 By Tessa Leave a Comment For many women who are writers, editors, coaches and multi-passion entrepreneurs, the core element of their work is to be writing content, planning systems and organising services that start out by sitting at home in front of a laptop.
No doubt, having a carefully chosen office space and comfortable (but not too comfortable) furniture around you helps with finding the fun and ease of working from home, as opposed to a cubicle in an open-plan office, but there are ways in which all this can not only become a little mundane but actually downright stifling.
Break the spell of the office space you’ve created by taking breaks to pop down to the local cafe and write, laptop at the ready, while listening to the background noise of cappuccinos being made and even babies screaming at the table next to you. If you set yourself a task to be done in three hours, give yourself the option of two or three five minute breaks in between, or a 15 minute break at the halfway point. Health should be top of your priority list of course, particularly if you’re self-employed.
If you need to think creatively for your work, you’ll need creative things around you.
When Westbrook, a working mother in West Virginia whose kids are now 7 and 4, tells her story, people usually laugh and commiserate -- we’ve all been parental zombies doing crazy stuff at 2 a.m. The attitude underlines a lingering, under-discussed issue in the fraught world of parenting -- the wide difference between what’s expected of mothers and fathers. So, women feel like they are struggling to meet society’s expectations for what a mother does -- work, plus volunteer at school, cook the meals, clean the house, send the thank-you notes, take the kids to the doctor, and on and on. In fact, men who ask for more flexible work arrangements to take care of family are perceived more favorably than women who make similar requests, according to a recent study from a sociology professor at Furman University. That gulf in what’s expected of moms and dads is making the work-family juggle feel a lot harder for women.
On most topics, working fathers and mothers were on the same page: About 75 percent of men and 79 percent of women said they feel at least occasionally guilty about not spending more time with loved ones and family. Overwhelmingly, the women said they had it harder -- nearly 60 percent said it was more difficult for women to balance work and family.
The results are surprising because, in many ways, working mothers in dual-income households have it better than ever, particularly at home.
It comes back to the expectation gap, says Rebecca Livingston, who studies gender and diversity in organizations at Cornell University. Although women are now expected to work more outside of the home, the demands made of them at home haven’t changed much. The cultural understanding that women have the primary responsibility for child- and home-care is so deeply ingrained we hardly notice it.
We teach women they can do everything men can do, but society has been slower on the flip-side: We haven’t taught -- or expected -- that men do everything women do. Livingston says society has been slower to adjust to the new normal, where both parents work and share responsibility for tasks once confined to mothers.
Most surveys report a margin of error that represents some, but not all, potential survey errors. The difference between women who go to work and women who work from home is they have the balancing act of two jobs at the same time. However, you must know that working from a home office offers a few cons, not only the pros. You get up early, get in your car and spend 1 hour in the traffic jams – unpaid for your time, of course. I did try to take public transportation but getting to work took just as long as being stuck in a traffic jam. You could start  your work later and finish earlier or you could throw in the extra 2 hours into your working day… or you can browse Youtube, it’s still more fun than commuting. Let’s be very conservative and say you are getting a minimum wage salary which is about $10 per hour (average between USA and Canada). Many people hate the feeling of someone constantly watching over their shoulder and become a lot less productive. It will take a long time for your friends and family to actually understand that you are WORKING while in your house.
One of the biggest disadvantages of working from home – you need to be very self-disciplined.
Hypocritical behavior is an added flaw in the workplace, some advice, don’t ever talk about your personal life as it will be used against you. If you are getting attacked everyday surrounded by people that have a very condescending approach to you, then will you do a good job, even thou you love what you do.
But even if you’re employed, working from home the majority of your time, you must look at ways to keep to your commitments, meet deadlines and generally show your reliability for the sake of maintaining a regular income and building up to a promotion.

Putting pictures on your wall or having your favourite paintings on rotation as a desktop background will help to motivate you to keep up your creative output. She thinks it perfectly sums up those first few sleep-deprived weeks at home with a new baby. He removed the dirty one, but because he was so tired and out of it, he never put on a clean diaper. Let’s call it the “expectation gap": Even though men are doing more of the parenting and household chores than ever before, the cultural expectation that women do all the traditional stuff hasn’t really budged. Men, meanwhile, are often applauded for “pitching in.” Ever hear a father say he’s “babysitting” his kids? About 39 percent of men and 34 percent of women said they felt like they spend the right amount of time with their family. Recently, the New York Times profiled on its front page a woman who works six 12-hour days every week as a nurse, while her husband takes on fewer hours as a pipe fitter.
The Times doesn’t get into it, but one assumes it’s because she’s the one expected to do that work. A recent study of 25,000 graduates of Harvard Business School turned up an expectation gap in how men and women viewed their careers. Part of the solution, she says, lies in communication between parents over what's expected at home. You can learn more about this project and take part in YouGov's nationally representative opinion polling. YouGov's reports include a model-based margin of error, which rests on a specific set of statistical assumptions about the selected sample, rather than the standard methodology for random probability sampling. There is no dropping the kids to creche and coming home to start work or having an hour’s peace driving to work.
Some of us are early birds and would prefer to start working at 6 in the morning and some are night owls who prefer to sleep in until noon.
The 600 unpaid hours that you lose while commuting to and from work – that’s $6,000 per year.
Many will believe that you “’aren’t doing anything at all” so they will come over, call you all the time and sometimes even ask you to run some errands for them, since you are “home and not at work”. However working alone will motivate you to attribute more value to your evenings and week-ends.
Some of my friends actually attended same online forums as I did and eventually we started meeting up for a drink or a coffee and brainstorming some business ideas.
If you buy something don’t tell anyone- If you do buy a nice car, motorcycle, Expensive jacket whatever, do not leave them in plain sight as jealousy from bosses will rise quickly, this will result into a competition of who has the best of the best between the boss and the rest of the employees leaving you in confusion. For some, this kind of background noise really helps to focus on prioritising work that needs silence to concentrate and the work that can be done over a cup of coffee. Even just allowing yourself a small target of getting a certain amount of content written before you next check emails and stop to watch one favourite video on YouTube, can help you pace yourself well enough to get through the work and appreciate the breaks. Money-based anxiety is a common source of stress which can threaten to undermine your carefully-structured diet and exercise plan. Westbrook says her husband is treated “like a rock star” each year when he bakes a cake for the school bake sale. Fathers now spend three times as much time with their kids as they did in 1965, according to a recent study from Pew.
The article noted the novelty of their arrangement, pointing out that the husband picks up the kids from school, gives them dinner, and dresses them for bed. A majority of men expected their career would take priority over their partner’s, and their expectations were met. Add fuel costs, insurance, car repair or a bus fare if you use public transit – that’s at least $7,000 per year that could be saved if you work from home. Since you are all alone during your working hours you would be very excited to see your friends in your spare time. However, since no one is controlling your every step you can simply take a long walk around the block and I promise it will make things better. As a creative individual unfortunately I learned the hard way- once I put all the pieces together. You could even decide on the days in the week that you’ll do this ahead of time, or if you have more space at home than in the average cafe, you might want to consider days when you de-camp to the kitchen instead of your comfy office, just for a change of scene. Don’t try to skimp on breaks and cut them down to the lowest amount, because this will ultimately backfire, just as too strict a diet could leave you craving favourite snacks so much that you over-indulge at a later stage. Musicians and writers have often used museums and galleries as a kind of working space too, as you may find that the cafe there offers a great alternative hide-out to the regular coffee chain places that can get a bit same-y. More fathers in dual-income households reported tension between work and family responsibilities than mothers did, according to the latest Economic Report of The President, a big grab-bag of economic data released by the White House each year. Waugh often jams six 12-hour shifts into one week, leaving little time for cleaning and laundry. Women thought their careers would rank equally with their partner's -- but that's not how things turned out. Work is completed during playtime where your two-year-old insists you swap roles; they are the mother while you must pretend to be a two year old and play, while trying to work.
Set times for handling phone calls, customer meetings and work hours when people know they can reach you.
If not, think about where you can fit in half an hour minimum, three times a week to just do some running, or dancing to your favourite songs. Without some kind of income protection insurance there can be unexpected costs or losses which can end up being very stressful indeed. Mothers, meanwhile, now spend less time on household chores than they used to, the research shows. Respond promptly to communications from clients.Set Up Your Home OfficeEstablish an area that is dedicated to your work. Also consider that this is the key way in which setting your own timetable is your opportunity to make things work best for you.

Adding in some Pilates or other stretching and toning activities will build up your strength and flexibility which will help you avoid injuries while doing the cardiovascular work.
This kind of stress can affect your work and even weaken your immune system, so consider getting some outside advice and reassurance with regard to savings, insurance and pension plans. If you’re really pushed for time however, watch out for the temptation to spend a few spare minutes searching through pictures on pinterest. Waugh mows the lawn and will run the vacuum cleaner now and then, and if there are no clean towels, Ms. Meanwhile, both men and women said they expected the woman would handle most of the child-care.
Then I asked myself, do I really want to waste my creativity and knowledge with narrow-minded animals? This keeps your work life professional and focused and contributes to your family’s understanding that your work is real.
If it sounds like too much of a time commitment to enrol in classes at your local gym, consider following along while watching a DVD or online video so that you don’t need to waste time going out to classes if the travel time makes this impossible.
You might find those few minutes turn into hours and end up robbing you of that evening off after all. Who have no appreciation of what I have to offer or better yet my values as a person, This gave me a whole new perspective. Whether you have a separate office or work in a corner of a shared space in your home, keep it organized and stocked with the items you routinely use.
If you promise yourself the evening off, stick to it as though your evening off is another commitment you cannot get out of.
This balancing act is all to make some commission, to give the stay-at-home mum some independence. To make her feel that life hasn’t left her behind just because she doesn’t follow the herd that make that early morning journey to work every day. The problem with balancing all this is it is supposed to be ‘part-time work’.
Spend the money necessary to have safe, reliable communications lines and data storage options to reassure clients their information is secure.Maintain BoundariesOne of the biggest challenges to working from home is establishing the appropriate work-life balance. Explain to family members that you need to be able to work without interruptions during specified times of the day and that your desk is not for others’ use. Even with a limited budget or small home, maintaining a clear separation between your workspace and shared spaces is important. The idea of staying home is to do the things you would pay someone to do if they were attending a creche or a child-minder.
If you are a telecommuter, set fixed times to go to your company’s offices to interact with co-workers, attend key meetings and keep yourself visible to management. To profit in any way you must put in the hours; to make earnings feasible, it must be worth the balancing act. Maintain regular electronic communication with supervisors and update them on your projects.
To fit the role around the family, hours must be stolen here and there each day, certainly not chosen.Getting up two hours before the house even stirs is the only way to get your day started with a high productivity level and maintaining it at that level for the day. For home business owners, participating in industry seminars, continuing education or other public events relevant to your field is important to retaining your professional currency, establishing business connections and identifying new industry trends and leaders.
Endless trips to the kitchen for chocolate spread sandwiches for one and crackers for the other. Working while the tune song from ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’ is playing so constantly that you find yourself humming it.You need to meet a potential customer or employee.
Each of these encounters must be beneficial financially as it costs a fortune to sit your children at a different table with drinks and cakes while you try maintain some business creditability and ignore them while you massage the ego of this customer. Show them samples while you worry how quickly the cake runs out and the children are going to get bored and start calling you.
Or worse, starting killing each other.Taking a sales call in the middle of mayhem and you desperately need the sale.
And why do kids decide to have a mental breakdown or start asking you questions as soon as you answer the phone? Stressful!So who are these companies offering the stay-at-home mums complete financial freedom?
The chance to be super Mum, with the potential to earn hundreds or maybe thousands on a monthly basis (according to recommendations from current mothers working from home). They provide the tools and software at a small cost of $1.95 for a ‘Home source for money kit’. Their caption to entice mothers to take on this role within their company “Finally an opportunity for mothers to work and have quality time with their children”. Then you have comments below the advertisement stating since they began working for Facebook they have earned $750-$1000 dollars a week.The likes of the direct selling companies like Forever Living sell Aloe Vera products directly through sales people like stay at home mums.
They are in Ireland 26 years and are currently actively looking for people through social media sites to sell their products directly. These roles are direct selling to family, friends, strangers in the queue in Tesco or anyone who will engage you in conversation willingly. They are all potential clients.So is it now the trend for the stay-at-home mum to surf the social networks looking for opportunities to work from, and stay at, home? Is it the easy option or would it be easier to hand it over to the creche or child-minder each day, go to work and deal with the consequences that evening of tired and emotional children and an even more tired and emotional mother? The guilt of peeling them from your leg at the creche every morning at an ungodly hour leaving them crying daily: does that impact your work day? Or the guilt of trying to work around them at home? Honestly there is no wrong or right way to have a career as a mother.

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