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We all know that studying is a key input to advancing your career and a critical element to personal development. At colleges with healthy endowments, there’s a solid argument to eliminate work-study altogether.
Last year, Harvard’s endowment (the largest in the nation) came in at a cool $36.4 billion. Of course, many students who have tuition covered by their school want to work in order to provide themselves with a disposable income or begin saving for their future after school. Any private college that manages to cover the tuition of all students who demonstrate need may very well have the ability to eliminate work study. Unfortunately for many people, the idea of going back to class while working is a very daunting prospect. I attempted studying at home, but quickly found out that a playful child, telephones that ring constantly, television noise etc. The easiest ones to make are the where the sacrifice only affects you, such as watching your favourite television program, sport event etc. Between the FAFSA, CSS profiles, school-specific policies, and Pell Grants, it’s a tough process to negotiate. The university provides students with 100% of demonstrated need-based aid, but still makes use of federal work study as a student contribution to the total financial aid package. And while the government-sponsored program certainly offers benefits to students who can’t receive 100% demonstrated aid, it seems backwards at institutions with massive endowments. When she's not putzing around on the computer, she enjoys reading about fonts and eating bagels.

Recently I undertook a to complete a Project Management certification course and had to think hard about how I would go about balancing work, life and studying.
This won’t make you feel like you’ve missed much and give you a sense of achievement afterwards! I’m not here to explain to you how all of that works, though—that’s already been done here. Students from privileged families, on the other hand, have often been afforded more time to focus on school.
It’s an opportunity for them to explore new extracurriculars, engage with similarly motivated peers, and launch a successful entrance into the working world.
Education is a means toward equality and achievement, and continuing to place students on separate footings through mandatory work is a policy that does no good in the end. This allows you to track your progress against your planned schedule and you will immediately notice when you’re falling behind and allow you to put in the corrective action.
My answer to this was to allocate a couple of lunch hours to studying at work (granted this is not always possible). I’m here to talk about the work-study program, a federal initiative that pays qualifying students through on-campus jobs to cover a portion of their tuition.
But given that need-blind universities like Harvard aim to provide all students with an equal opportunity on campus, binding some students into employment seems counterintuitive.
But it is also, of course, a means of funding a world-class education that would otherwise be unobtainable. Taking on a job as a full time student is often necessary, but it shouldn’t be government-mandated.

Better yet, locking yourself in a meeting room for an hour or two after work allows for a much more focussed cram session. As opposed to individual university aid, work-study funds come straight from the government. At institutions that promise to afford the same opportunities to all, low-income students are once again expected to devote time to earning an income, not school.
It’s hard to believe that Harvard couldn’t dig into its massive endowment in order to eliminate the need for underclassmen to work.
And forcing some students to devote time to a job when others don’t have to seems like a conflict that should be avoided whenever possible.
But now that it does, universities should be open to reforming policy and fixing what doesn’t work in order to adapt to the needs of those who matter most: students. But for low-income students at the nation’s best universities, work-study continues to place a divide between those in need of financial aid and those who aren’t. The same goes for other schools, of course—anywhere receiving significant financial donations (and high tuition) may very well have the means to allow low-income students to forgo a job.

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