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The Career Center coordinates the Work Study (WS) program to provide students with the opportunity to gain on-campus work experience and develop skills while earning some money. The WS also allows students to make use of their free time between classes, gain experience, develop transferable skills, and boost their resumes.
Students typically work 8-10 hours per week Undergraduate students are entitled to work for a maximum of 120 hours during regular semester, 60 hours during the summer session and 30 hours during the winter session. Undergraduate students will ONLY be compensated for the maximum number of hours as indicated above even if they work in more than one department.
Graduate students are entitled to work for a maximum of 120 hours during regular semester, 80 hours during the summer session and 40 hours during the winter session.

Ensure that you apply to the announced positions through your CareerWEB account by June 16, 2016.
The compensation will be given to students in cash through their personal CIB smart wallet. The RRCC work study program is part-time employment at $9.00 per hour, up to 10 hours per week, and is based on eligibility as determined from your FAFSA application. A recent RRCC graduate had this to say about her work-study experience with us, "Employment as a work-study student in the RRCC Registration Office has been an excellent opportunity for me. RRCC has a variety of on-campus and community based work-study jobs including agreements with Voyageurs National Park, International Falls Recreation Commission, and the International Falls Chamber of Commerce that provide unique opportunities to our students.

The type of work the student is required to accomplish may differ from one department to another according to the nature of the work in each department.
Please note that non degree and special program students, and students on probation are not eligible to participate in the WS program. Applications will be reviewed as soon as submitted so you are encouraged not to delay.

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