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Partner organizations have included AVODAH Jewish Service Corps, CARE, Casey Trees, Human Rights Watch, Jubilee Support Alliance, Kid Power, Inc, NASPA-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, National Center for Creative Aging, National Parks Conservation Association, Sitar Arts Center, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, The Fishing School, and Thrive DC. To apply for Public Service Work Study visit the student job openings page to view available positions. Hiring managers who think your skills are a match for the position will contact you directly to arrange an interview.
Once a partner organization offers you a position, a Career Center staff member will contact you to complete the hiring process. NOTE: FWS eligible students who currently hold an internship at a local nonprofit or government agency may be able to earn their award at their internship site through the Public Service Work Study Program.
For decades, work-study programs nationwide have assisted students in paying for their education and expenses while giving them an opportunity to develop professional skills.
Although the funding sources are separate, the general function for both need and no need work-study is the same.
Need based eligible students come from various places, but the majority of CSU-Pueblo’s student population is from Pueblo County. The surrounding region, where the majority of students are from, being poorer than average according to statistics, could possibly explain the reason there are more need based work study students on the CSU-Pueblo campus. According to Thorsten, each semester approximately 470 students take part in CSU-Pueblo’s work-study program and the total amount designated for work-study out of the university budget is around $118,000.
Work-study students average 10 to 15 hours of work each week and cannot exceed 20 hours, according to the student employment section of the university website. The Library and Academic Resource Center houses the second largest work-study program on campus with 40 positions, just behind the first largest which is Student Services and Enrollment Management that includes positions in various departments such as admissions, records, financial aid, external affairs and more. In addition to the financial award, students have the opportunity to gain work experience and develop personal and professional skills.

In addition, Gonzales feels that from work-study, students gain abilities like working in customer service, promptness, answering phones courteously, wearing proper professional attire, and many others that can be easily applied in careers further down the road that students may eventually have.
CSU-Pueblo is a campus with many commuter students and when a student is involved in work-study more time is taken up on or near the campus.
If a student is interested in applying for a work-study position, Gonzales and Hunter advise to appear enthusiastic for the job, dress professionally and to have a resume even if it a single page and the individual has not had much work experience in the past.
As a Public Service Work Study student you are considered an AU employee and must complete hiring paperwork on campus; a Career Center staff member must clear you before you can begin working at your site. To participate, your internship supervisor should review the Public Service Work Study program information and complete the required application. Yes, summer positions are available and require a request for a summer federal work study award.
Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and being enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours is just part of the process in determining eligibility for the employment program. If after the above formula a student qualifies as no need and is not a Colorado resident, they will not be able to receive funding.
According to statistics provided by Shirley Lobato, Program Assistant for the CSU-Pueblo Institutional Research and Analysis department, 1,950 students are from Pueblo County out of the fall 2014 Resident Instruction Headcount total of 4,535, which evens out to about 43 percent. Students can work until they reach their allotted award, which here at CSU-Pueblo is $3,000 for the year, $1,500 a semester, for both no need and need based work-study students. We are able to say with a degree of comfort and accuracy based on historical earnings what a student might be able to earn during that term,” Thorsten said. We have only 12 to 13 full time employees I think, and we have 40 part-time work-study students. There is no age limit or specific personal qualification for it, which allows for diversity.

Some positions may also require additional documentation such as a writing sample or references. Prepare by using the virtual mock interview tool or schedule an appointment with an advisor.
Bi-weekly paychecks will be administered through direct deposit into the checking or savings account of your choice. You will determine your work schedule based on your availability and the needs of the organization.
Qualification for one or the other is determined by the FAFSA, the individual’s expected family contribution and cost of attendance. Then I subtract that $1,000 from the 20 (thousand) and the $19,000 then represents need that I could receive aid for,” Thorsten said.
Accepted students develop professional skills and experience, expand their network, and make positive change in the D.C.
Remember to track your award balance throughout the year and monitor your hours accordingly. During the fall and spring semesters you can work up to 20 hours per week and up to 40 hours a week during the summer.

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