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This thinking is demonstrated every year in our schools when British school children learn about the horrors of the slave trade during Black History Month.
The Muslims were perhaps the world’s biggest enslavers, an estimated 19 million people becoming the victims of Islamic slavery. Africa itself also had its own domestic and international slave trade long before the appearance of the Europeans.
But for some reason, the fact that all races have practised slavery throughout history is never mentioned in our schools or promoted in the media. So perhaps the Atlantic slave trade, the enslavement of mainly West African blacks by white Europeans, is a special case.
The notion of white slavers establishing themselves in Africa and carrying out raids on villages is simply not feasible. In this environment, the Europeans were very rarely able to get the upper hand, so they were usually very much junior partners to the African rulers, merchants and middlemen who were already established in the slave trade along the West African coast.
African slave traders discouraged Europeans from entering into the interior of Africa because they themselves wanted to supply the slaves and thus maximise their profits. The reason Europeans came to Africa in the first place was because even though it was so far away and, because of the diseases, such a risky venture, the profits to be made were enormous. But if the Africans involved in the slave trade had truly wanted to stop their brothers being sold as slaves, there wouldn’t have been much the Europeans could have done about it.
Another myth is that the African elite didn’t resist slavery because they saw it as futile in face of superior European firepower. The focus on Britain’s role in the slave trade is always on how evil we were for being participants. The Royal Navy during this period really did rule the waves and from the outset of Britain’s retreat from slavery, were militant in their attempts to shut the trade down. British ships set up a naval blockade to stop the transportation of slaves from West Africa to the Americas. Some of the biggest opponents of Britain’s break with slavery were the African rulers themselves. With the passing of the anti-slavery legislation, Britain had effectively ended their livelihood. Between 650AD and 1900AD, Muslims enslaved between 11-18 million Africans, who were sold across the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and the Sahara Desert. Any sailors travelling in the Mediterranean, or villagers living along the shores in places like Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and even England and Ireland, faced the real prospect by of being captured and made slaves by the Muslim Corsairs and taken to Barbary Coast cities like Algiers and Tunis and being sold as slaves.
From 1530 and 1780, between 1 million to 1.25 million white Europeans were enslaved in this manner by the Muslims. While we hear countless tales of the woes that befell the black slaves that were brought to America, there is another group of people who were also enslaved in this new country, and indeed in Britain and the West Indies and who, in many respects, suffered more hardship than their black counterparts. From the start of the 17th century to the early 19th century, between one half and two thirds of all the White colonists who came to the New World came as slaves. The papers allowing the enslavement, termed indentures, were often forged by kidnappers and press-gangs. The situation of the white slaves in the New World echoed that of the conditions of worker in Britain during this period. Yet it is only the sins of white fathers that are recognised when the subject of slavery is examined. Why are white children not taught about the slavery that their ancestors suffered at the hands of other people and at the hands of their own?
It is only white children who are systematically stripped of their dignity and self-worth and made to loathe their history and their people. The British people today bear no responsibility, either collectively or individually, for slavery. Did you forget to mention that the main buyers and sellers of Atlantic slaves were Jews, or did I miss it ? In fact, the Jews also dominated the slave trade in Europe and the Mediterranean from Roman times onwards.
How would the Olympic event work: a gold medal for the biggest load of guilt-tripping BS, perhaps? Something soft & brown would be a more appropriate material for making the medals out of.
No one seems interested in the epic story of how this curse that covered the globe and endured for thousands of years was finally gotten rid of by the West – not only in Western societies but in other societies conquered, controlled, or pressured by the West. The resistance put up by Africans, Asians and Arabs was monumental in defense of slavery, and lasted for more than a century. While you are here, you may like to read the article about the Roots Fraud, as this piece of garbage is being shown on TV again tonight. Interestingly someone once described petrol as the equivalent of having slaves, that if it goes, life will be very difficult, though I think we could adapt. No, SerpentSlayer, no race should live within a society in which they depend upon another race to do their manual labour. If there is manual work that no-one wants to do, then we must mechanise and create machines to do that work for us.
I am still trying to figure out what that man meant to me, and how his imprint continues to guide my life. I choose not to think of him as he was at the end of his life — when he was battling dementia that doctors told us stemmed from his self-induced drug addiction. Instead, I choose to remember him as the vibrant, charismatic entrepreneur he had been — for that man could light up a room.
Those sizable winnings also bankrolled countless women, piles of pills, designer clothes, midlife-crisis sports cars, and expensive trips that fed his other passion: golf.
Despite his desire for the dark side, my father modeled for me what was required to be a success in business — the willingness to work your tush off, lead with your heart, have the guts to do what you think is right, and never never give up. In fact, when I graduated from college, he gave me a tiny gold pendant of a moon and diamond star. Having distilled the best of his teachings into my philosophy of business and life, I infuse his positive ideas into every campaign I launch for a PR client, every issue of my magazine that I publish, every podcast and video that I post, and every book I write. Sure, I could hang on to what ails me about our relationship, for those daddy issues run deep.
So while my father’s dark choices became too much of an internal struggle for me to stay in touch with him for the last years of his life.
So when I got the call on Father’s Day that he was gone, all that he meant to me — and all he taught me — flooded my heart.
When my Dad pushed me out of the nest at 21, I knew I needed to bounce, even as I felt myself falling to the ground without a cushion. I knew then, and it became increasingly clear as I grew older, that in business, and in life, there are endings to everything. His distance also fed my determination to cultivate my own cushion and build the life I wanted — one where there was a little less letting go, and one that was full of ethics, integrity, and authenticity.
Although I was only 17, the journalist that I was born to be had observed how men use their might — and often it was clear to me there were underlying motives. My father simply clarified what I knew intuitively: Use everything you’ve got (your instincts, intellect, education, and power as a woman) to position yourself for success. While my father may have taken this belief to a hedonistic extreme, I encourage you to take a look at your relationship with money. Step back and realize money is round — it will come and go and come back again, especially if you are smart about earning and spending it.
A noted biographer whose work has focused on the women behind great men of history has won the 2016 George Washington Prize. The award, which is one of the nation’s largest literary prizes, honors the best new works about the nation’s founding era, especially those that engage a broad public audience. But Fraser’s diligent research has resulted in a more comprehensive understanding of the nation’s first first lady — and through her important story, a fuller sense of the nation’s first president. Flora Fraser: Ten years ago I visited Mount Vernon and was struck by how English it seemed. I was intrigued by the journey into radicalism on which this loyal British couple subsequently embarked. I wanted to read about this marriage, about George and Martha’s relationship, about their journey into radicalism. Grateful American™ Foundation: What are the three big lessons you hope readers will take away from it? Flora Fraser: First, I often thought of the saying “Love conquers all” while writing my book. Second, I would like readers to come away knowing that George Washington’s marriage to Martha was a key element in his life. Third, I would like readers to see, through the prism of the Washingtons’ marriage, how the early days of the United States were very much a matter of experiment. Flora Fraser: George and Martha began as a young and attractive couple forging a life in Colonial Virginia together. Flora Fraser: As a historical biographer specializing in lives of 18th century women — with lots of men thrown in! The extraordinary richness of Colonial and revolutionary history in such places as Alexandria, Boston, and Philadelphia was exciting to absorb.
Finally, I would recommend that parents and educators take a look at historical sites on Twitter, many of which I follow and which have much entertaining information and good images. Grateful American™ Foundation: What will you do with the prize money — and what will be your goal to accomplish during your year of being the reigning award winner? Flora Fraser: I will be too excited for some time to even think of spending the prize money!
Flora Fraser: I actually married into an American family 20 years ago, and ever since have felt more than half American, though I remain a British national. I am also hugely grateful to the American college system, under whose aegis my — British — daughter flourished as an international student. When it comes to finding a role model for finding success through resilience, Bethany Meilani Hamilton-Dirks is at the top of the list.
Born on February 8, 1990, the American professional surfer survived a 2003 shark attack in which her left arm was bitten off. She planed to return to competition, although questions about her future continue to troubled her. The Blanchards helped paddle her back to shore, then Alana’s father fashioned a tourniquet out of a surfboard leash and wrapped it around the stump of her arm. When the news broke out of the shark attack, a family of fishermen led by Ralph Young presented to investigators photos of a 14-foot-long tiger shark they had caught and killed about one mile from the attack site. In 2004 she won the ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete and also received the Courage Teen Choice Award. Writing a review of one of the most famous autobiographies in history feels a bit audacious.
Franklin began his Autobiography in 1771 while taking a sabbatical at the home of his friend Jonathan Shipley, the Bishop of St. On returning to London-as a thank you-he sent the Shipley children a squirrel, aka Skugg, procured from Philadelphia.
In this charming exchange are strands of what we find in Franklin’s composition of his personal history: instruction, assistance, clear language, and humor. Franklin said the first of these, instruction, is the reason for the Autobiography, which is dedicated to his son William (not yet estranged from his father for his eventual decision to remain true to the King when the time arose to choose between the Crown and the Colonies). For those of us who today create ideal portraits of our lives on social media, Franklin was there before us. His writing is unequivocal as in this example, explaining his youthful earnestness: “I spent no time in Taverns, Games, or Frolicks of any kind. Parts Two (1784+) and Three (1788) cover his prime years in Pennsylvania building his business and making contributions to civic life. In 1732 I first published my Almanack under the Name of Richard Saunders; it was continu’d by me about 25 Years, commonly call’d Poor Richard’s Almanack. And observing that it was generally read, scarce any Neighbourhood in the Province being without it, I consider’d it as a proper Vehicle for conveying Instruction among the common People, who bought scare any other Books. He advanced The Pennsylvania Gazette, the newspaper he came to own, using it “as another Means of communicating Instruction.” In its pages he included “Socratic Dialogue tending to prove, that, whatever might be his parts and Abilities, a vicious Man could not properly be called a Man of Sense. Of his own improvement, he tells of a “bold and arduous Project of arriving at moral Perfection.” Resolution, sincerity, justice, tranquillity, frugality, and of course for Franklin, industry, are among 13 character virtues he strove to emulate. He highlighted his role procuring supplies and lodging for troops during the French and Indian War and describes a flavor of his scientific interests and experiments. He did not compose a retort, Franklin said, for an Abbe Nollet, a French natural philosopher – as those with an interest in science were called – who took written exception to his electrical assumptions. Not just his mission with the Penns, but the larger task of finding a third way between colonial home rule and royal diktat.
He is introduced to Lord Granville, chief advisor to the sovereign George III and head of the King’s Privy Council (this is one of many examples in the Autobiography of introductions to and often support – though not in this case – from persons of note; though, like filings to a magnet, Franklin drew people of all kinds to him throughout his life).
This was the crux of difference that led to a war Franklin unsuccessfully tried, through the pen and diplomacy, to avert. Not so for those who have used tenets gleaned from the Autobiography to build their empires, including financial services firm, Franklin Resources (whose principal, Charles B. But finished or not, it is a powerful work that reveals, entertains and, for the majority, inspires.
Whether you are just starting out, are looking to increase sales, or need to rebrand your firm, following are a dozen ideas to help you accomplish your communications goals. Journalist Hope Katz Gibbs has been a newspaper and magazine reporter since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986. Hope’s articles have appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Miami Herald, dozens of association, business, education and general interest magazines, and many alumni publications including her own alma maters, the University of Pennsylvania and The George Washington University.
She won two awards for feature writing from the Florida Magazine Association, and a six others honors for newsletter writing from the National School Public Relations Association. Making kids giggle, grown-ups grin — then say “how’d he do that?” — when they look at his scanimation artwork is the goal for Rufus Butler Seder, who credits his parents for helping him become a filmmaker, inventor, toymaker, and author of several moving picture books published by Workman Publishing including Gallop! Seder took it all in, and starting in elementary school began turning out work that was sophisticated beyond his years. Open the cover of Waddle!, for instance, and the penguin on the page appears to slip, slide and swoop. In the mid 1980s, Seder made his mark on the independent film industry when he founded the Boston Black And White Movie Company. His films included Phantom Subways, a study of an underground railway station; Sun Run, a pixilated animated short about a sunbather reading Kafka whose attempt at getting a tan is thwarted by the shadows thrown by nearby buildings, and Live in Fear, the story of a giant eyeball living atop a human body who battles a giant cat and an enormous parrot.
He also began designing Smart Move greeting cards — elaborate paper gifts with images of hearts, ballroom dancers, piano hands, penguins, and more, that move when you open the cover.
Then, during a trade show in 2006, a book buyer for Workman Publishing named Raquel Jaramillo happened to walk up to Seder’s booth where he was selling those cards. Three years later he is working on book number four for Workman Publishing — this one using the Star Wars characters. Although he doesn’t have kids of his own, Seder says that all the great parents he knows followed one golden rule.
This article by freelance writer Hope Katz Gibbs, was initially commissioned by the Costco Connection. By the time he was 30, Larry Katzen made partner at Arthur Andersen, then one of the “Big 8” accounting firms with a reputation for innovation and integrity.
It all came crashing down in 2002 when the company was indicted based on false accusations having to do with the scandals at Enron.
But because of how vital sales are to a company, CEOs frequently tend to misuse their best people. When they misallocate key players, small to medium-sized businesses tend to go into one of two directions. Jack Daly, author of “Hyper Sales Growth,” is an experienced and inspirational sales trainer and sales coaching expert who, as a sought-after speaker, motivates audiences to take action in the areas of sales planning and training, and customer loyalty. He draws upon more than 20 years of business experience, with several successful stints as the CEO of fast-growing companies.
Her book, Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board, became a feature film in April 2011 that starred Helen Hunt, Carrie Underwood, and Dennis Quaid, among other celebrities. To help guide us on our journey is author, consultant, and executive coach Russell Bishop, who was one of the founding editors at the Huffington Post. But his inventions were not always successful, nor were his attempts to market and sell them.
But not all of Edison’s creativity turned into cash, and his Bride of Chucky was a dismal failure.

I particularly like this story because it shows the critical difference between innovation and entrepreneurship. Sustainability: The organization has the willpower, manpower and resources to sustain the idea through failure, rethinking and reformulation. Defensibility: The potential return on investment makes it worth the time, resources and risk that accompany all new ventures, thus making it worth doing this over doing something else.
It creates value: It creates value for the person willing to reach into their pockets for money to pay for the intangible form and thus it creates value for the company. It is compelling: The Innovation is differentiated in some critical way that makes a customer segment just have to have it. Entrepreneurs differ substantially from innovators because they have the discipline to determine whether a great idea is also a great opportunity. Edison, like many other inventors, fell in love with his baby and he built a bunch of them, assuming a slam dunk in the market.
Edison’s enthusiasm for his ability to make a talking doll was not counterbalanced by the discipline necessary to determine whether the idea was just that or a real opportunity. I am sure that Edison was OK with failure, as he once said that he had not failed in his efforts to create the lightbulb, but rather found a thousand ways that didn’t work.
The tarot is a pack of playing cards (most commonly numbering 78), used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play a group of card games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot. The first known documented tarot cards were created between 1430-1450 in Milan, Ferrara and Bologna in northern Italy. Known as “Pathmaker of the Times,” this 70+ year-young futurist, corporate trainer, inspirational speaker, mentor and entrepreneur has created a unique formula for successfully navigating through our changing, uncertain, complex and demanding world.
A graduate cum laude of Occidental College, Wanless became a Professor of Political Science in 1972 and has since become an expert in the art of integrating timeless wisdom into modern life on a professional and personal level.
Wanless first experienced mindfulness in Buddhist Vipassana meditation courses in the early 1970’s in India. James Wanless: I pick a “Card A Day” (to keep the shrink away) from the Voyager tarot card series, as well as from my Sustain Yourself Cards deck. The work from home American Express Customer Service jobs are also known as Virtual Customer Care Professionals. Unlike similar websites you may come across online, there are NO Fees to use our career services.
Work At Home Training Videos so you can avoid the scams and be better prepared for a work at home career. Including why you should be very cautious when applying for data entry and other clerical jobs.
It is also a political issue as many blacks believe that whites should pay them financial compensation to make up for the injustice of their ancestors being enslaved by whites. Every aspect of the trade is dissected and white British children are left in no doubt that slavery was the fault of their ancestors and something to feel deeply ashamed of.
Is the role of our white British ancestors in slavery, and indeed the role of the white race in the trade as a whole, uniquely evil, something without parallel and something that we should atone for in perpetuity? All races and all civilisations have practised it: China, India, Arabia, Africa and in the Americas. Most African societies did not recognise private property in land so slaves often acted as one way in which individuals could own means of profitable production.
Caravan routes had long linked sub-Saharan Africa with North African and indeed the wider Mediterranean and the Middle East, so Africans used this route to establish a trans-Saharan slave trade. There are no calls for Muslims to apologise to Europe for their involvement in the much longer and much bigger North African slave trade.
Maybe there is something unique about it that warrants the high profile place that it has in our society.
But what is shocking is how the truth of the matter is never discussed and is airbrushed from the history lessons. Europeans were highly prone to the many diseases present along the West African coast such as Malaria, dysentery and yellow fever. African empires that had been established before the coming of the white man, such as Dahomey and Ashanti (located in modern day Benin and Ghana) were able to use the slave ports at Ouidah and Elmina to make massive profits and become extremely powerful thanks to the trade in their fellow Africans.
The European slavers were happy to go along with this because it was much cheaper, and held less risk of disease, than attempting to find the resources to capture the many slaves they needed themselves. If the African slavers had left their slave ports and gone back into the interior of Africa to defend their people, the cost of trying to tame a hostile population would have seen the profits of the white slavers evaporate and so they would have had to look elsewhere for their cheap labour. European military technology wasn’t advanced enough to allow them unlimited access to Africa, at least not until the 19th century, decades after slavery had begun and in the century when it ended. There were heavy fines for any slaves found aboard a British ship and to dissuade other countries from attempting to continue the trade, they declared that slavery was tantamount to piracy and thus carried the death penalty. Many thousands of slave ships were detained during the decades the blockade was in operation. Far from being relieved that no more of their countrymen would be taken by British slavers, they were deeply unhappy that they would no longer enjoy the wealth that they had earned from selling slaves and collecting taxes from slaves passing through their domains. There were even delegations sent to London by African chiefs to protest about the abolition of the slave trade. If there was demand for the slaves in the Americas, the supply from Africa would always be there.
Perhaps it is the sheer scale and numbers of slaves involved in the Atlantic slave trade that is the reason why we whites are constantly called on to atone for our sins whilst other slaving peoples are overlooked? The Atlantic slave trade was in operation for around four centuries and involved about 10-12 million black slaves who were brought to the Americas. This figure is far in excess of the numbers of black slaves transported to the Americas by white Europeans.
Between the 16th and 19th centuries, Muslim pirates called Corsairs from the Barbary Coast in North Africa raided ships and villags in the Mediterranean and Atlantic enslaving the white inhabitants. And their lives were just as pitiful as their African counterparts, being forced to work in quarries and heavy construction but mostly as galley slaves rowing the Corsair crafts themselves. Their part in the history of slavery is little known, or perhaps more accurately, conveniently forgotten. The owner of the indentured worker had the right to increase the length of the term of indenture, in reality making it a life sentence, on the flimsiest of excuses. In Thomas Burton’s Parliamentary Diary 1656-1659, in 1659 the English parliament debated the practice of selling Britons into slavery in the New World. In Barbados by the 1640’s there were an estimated 25,000 slaves; 21,700 of these slaves were white. He had paid for them so it was in his interests to insure that his investment was kept functional. The thinking behind this mode of thought is that because our forefathers committed such a heinous act, then it is our duty, collectively, to recognise that act and work towards repairing the damage that was caused to the victims of that act. Our children are being psychologically abused by our education system because it furthers the political ideology of the liberal-left establishment. Why do we not celebrate the fact that ancestors of the white British children abolished the slave trade, while the forebears of their black and Muslim classmates were busy fighting tooth and nail to keep the institution alive? We are a community of people dedicated to achieving the Six Prerequisites and thereby acquiring the wherewithal needed to win political power and through that secure the future survival, proliferation and advancement of the British people and other White peoples of European descent, wherever they may live. Nobody has managed to successfully lift the baggage, but some people insist on keep trying despite it getting heavier every four years. This is a spectator event where white participants watch formerly nice places turn into complete dives before their very eyes. This is a challenge where white British participants guess as to which language and race their fellow city and townsfolk increasingly come from. Only the overwhelming military power of the West enabled it to prevail on this issue, and only the moral outrage of Western peoples kept their government’s feet to the fire politically to maintain the pressure against slavery around the world. There will always be menial jobs that are above your own that POWs and lesser races can fill. Two races should never co-exist within the same territory otherwise the constant pitiful whining of the subject race eventually evokes sympathy in the hearts of the more liberal members of the dominant race and the liberals begin to campaign to improve the lot of the slaves.
Helot uprisings (ultimately successful) in Sparta and frequent slave rebellions in the Americas (e.g Haiti) are old lessons. I got the call at 2:05 pm, just as I was about to board a train from DC to Philadelphia to see him. The end came slowly, breathtakingly painfully — the price he paid for a tough and troubled, wild, and wonderfully raucous life.
He loved Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, almost as much as he adored Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. It made me know that the only person who could truly take care of me was me, and I learned never to give up on myself. Believe it or not, despite the illegal shadow that my father walked in, he built his business on his version of those values, too. He had taken me to the General Lafayette Inn and bought me my first glass of Chardonnay to celebrate the milestone. In fact, if you have been an entrepreneur for any significant period of time, you likely have failed.
He made money to spend it on the things he loved (Italian shoes, designer sweat suits, great food — and drugs), and he also invested it (in his children, his colleagues, and his own dreams). Conferred by Washington College, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the award was presented to Fraser on May 25 at a black-tie gala at the Mount Vernon estate.
Fraser portrays a couple devoted to each other and steadfast in their loyalty: from their short courtship, through raising a family at Mount Vernon, to the long years of the Revolutionary War, to the first US presidency, and to retirement at their beloved Virginia plantation. The furniture in the mansion and the paintings, the layout of the rooms, even the size of the house reminded me of small manor houses in the English countryside.
A journey in the course of which George became, in 1775, commander-in-chief of the American patriot army in the Revolutionary War, and, in 1789, first president of the new nation.
George and Martha’s love for each other helped them surmount so many difficulties during their long marriage. They will be perhaps surprised to learn that Martha Washington was a considerable force in her husband’s political career, encompassing the years when he was commander-in-chief as well as president. I found it fascinating that the Washingtons, as first president and first presidential spouse, looked to the manners and customs of European Courts in fashioning the receptions and dinners where they entertained members of Congress and envoys from abroad. Into that life she brought wealth — and two children — from an earlier marriage to a fellow Virginian, Daniel Parke Custis, who died in 1757.
She shored up his resolve at Mount Vernon before the war, later during the conflict when he was — with reason — despondent, and later still smarting from political attacks during the presidency. And what do you think can be done to inspire more kids to get excited about learning about the past? But I would certainly aim to take my three children, who are in their teens and 20s, on a tour of some evocative National Park Service Revolutionary War locations.
I would like to bring alive for them the personalities of George and Martha Washington and their contemporaries so that these Founding Fathers — and Mothers — become more human, less statuesque and irreproachable, and more approachable.
Professionally, as I have noted earlier, I find exploring the American 18th century absorbing. Starring AnnaSophia Robb, Helen Hunt, and Dennis Quaid, the movie focuses on how Bethany is bolstered by the love of her parents who with her refusie to give up. Upon seeing the devastation in Thailand caused by the 2004 tsunami, Bethany discovered a greater purpose: to make a difference in the lives of others. On October 31, 2003 Bethany, then 13, went for a morning surf along Tunnels Beach, Kauai, with best friend Alana Blanchard, Alana’s father, Holt, and brother Byron.
Her father, who was scheduled to have knee surgery that morning, was already there, but she took his place in the operating room. The American professional surfer survived a 2003 shark attack in which her left arm was bitten off.
And to the reader, it might also seem biased given I’ve devoted a significant portion of my career to progressing the subject’s legacy (as Director of the world’s only remaining Franklin home). Sometime after, Georgiana, the littlest Shipley, wrote to say it had met an untimely end following an altercation with a neighbour’s dog and asked Dr. He is the ultimate self-publicist, curating the stories of his own life and influencing what we, 250 years later, think about him. I endeavour’d to make it both entertaining and useful, and it accordingly came to be in such Demand that I reap’d considerable Profit from it vending annually near ten Thousand.
The latter provide him an opportunity to practice something he learned as a boy, described in Part One: to adopt “Terms of Modest Diffidence” rather than direct confrontation.
In particular, his negotiations on behalf of the Pennsylvania Assembly with recalcitrant proprietor, Thomas Penn.
An episode he relates shortly after settling on Craven Street (where he would stay for nearly 16 years – today the world’s only remaining Franklin home) reveals the prevailing view in the British government on the eve of the Revolution: the colonists were ungrateful upstarts, disrespectful of the King’s rightful authority.
But those Instructions are not like the Pocket Instructions given to a Minister going abroad, for regulating his Conduct in some trifling Point of Ceremony. I had always understood from our Charters, that our Laws were to be made by our Assemblies, to be presented indeed to the King for his Royal Assent, but that being once given the King could not repeal or alter them. Johnson, recently made a $250 million contribution to Yale, which awarded Franklin an honorary degree, in order to create a new Benjamin Franklin residential college). For me it is especially so, as Franklin is discussing his fracas with the Penns after arriving at Craven Street. She has been responsible for opening and running Franklin’s only remaining home as a dynamic museum and educational facility focused on history and innovation, which opened to the public for the first time on Franklin’s 300th birthday in 2006. After studying for her master’s degree in educational leadership at The George Washington University, she launched her freelance writing business in 1993. She has been listed in Who’s Who in Media & Communications since 1989, and Who’s Who of American Women since 1993. Along with her award-winning team, she creates high-end marketing materials, writes and edits press releases, newsletters, and white papers, and works closely with reporters to help get the word out about her clients. By the time he hit high school, he’d won numerous art awards including Kodak’s prestigious CINE Golden Eagle award. Judges at the Cannes Film Festival Medal recognized his work, and he also received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. He figured out how to create murals that used no electricity, moving parts or special lighting — but still appeared to move as the viewer walked by. He continues to design and install these moving works of art, which range in price from $50,000 to $200,000, at Union Station in Washington, DC, the Miami Zoo, museums and other public spaces around the world. He and his then bride, and business manager Penny Sander, decided it would be fun to marry Seder’s passion for antique toys with his love of moving pictures. She spent quite a bit of time examining the drawings and playing with them to see what they’d do. Although he didn’t get to meet George Lucas, he admits it was a challenge to create R2-D2 and C-3PO in scanimation. With an emphasis on continuing education for employees and meticulous attention to detail, it was one of the most trusted accounting firms in the industry.
With the firm’s survival in question, Katzen moved quickly to encourage employees to carefully complete all remaining assignments. By then, however, the damage had been done, creating chaos in the careers of thousands of employees.
At the end of Katzen’s career, he had to help his employees find new jobs, which was an arduous process. Although Arthur Andersen gave him the lowest salary offer, Katzen nonetheless felt it was the right place for him. In his first substantive experience in dealing with the IRS, Katzen quickly learned how coercive and powerful the agency can be. There are three sins that minimize the sales management role, which ultimately holds the company back from achieving its growth. Since sales drive business, it’s essential to match skills and personality types to the jobs, and to ensure the people can focus on their roles. He has a Bachelor’s in Science degree in accounting, a Master of Business Administration degree, was a Captain in U.S. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you,” said Bethany Hamilton, the American professional surfer who survived a 2003 shark attack in which her left arm was bitten off, and ultimately returned to — and was victorious in — professional surfing. Historian Marcia Balisciano takes us back to the future with a review of Franklin’s autobiography. He was an inventive genius and found the code to serial innovation more than 120 years ago. He put financiers, government officials, politicians and inventors like himself together in an inspired coalition that built the first electrical grid in New York City. This takes a lot of work, failure, rethinking and, most of all, passion to get you through all of this vetting. In fact, these dolls were not just spooky looking, they were big and heavy and cost a lot of money. He was so eager to produce them that he didn’t ask if the market wanted such an invention and at what price.
A respected thought leader in innovation, Thornberry is a highly sought-after international speaker and consultant. And the original purpose of tarot cards was for playing games, as each card uses a pictogram and title that represents a specific concept or archetype. In the centuries since, a variety of styles of tarot decks and designs exist and a number of typical regional patterns have emerged.
This means tapping the great inner resources within us that are found in the archetypes of the tarot from the zero Fool all the way number ten, Fortune. Are you dealing with shifts in Life, Death, Divorce, Career, or simply coping with all things Hormonal? These are all employee-status positions which means they come with some notable benefits like Day 1 medical insurance.

I am a freelance writer and blogger embracing the gig economy and helping others find happiness in working on their own terms. This will load the full jobs list, or you can use the search tool to pinpoint the specific type of job you’re looking for. The Anglo-Saxons made slaves of the Ancient Britons and the Anglo-Saxons were in turn enslaved by the invading Danish Vikings.
Enslavement was often a by-product of localised warfare where the vanquished became the slaves of the victors.
When the white man came, there was already a large scale African slave trade in existence that was then adapted to the European market. The image usually promoted is of ships of white slave traders pulling ashore in Africa, storming a local village and violently kidnapping the inhabitants to sell on as slaves. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of black African slaves were sold to the white slavers by black Africans themselves.
Attempts to make a base in Africa for any amount of time would have left them open to severe ill health and seriously threatened their lives. It was much easier to give the Africans guns with which they could fight the wars between themselves that ensured such a rich supply of slaves. The first European country to put an end to their involvement in slavery was Denmark, which outlawed the institution in 1803. But what is not usually examined with as much gusto is the massive part Britain played in bringing the slave trade to an end.
A Royal Navy Lieutenant called Patrick Forbes estimated in 1849 that during a period of 26 years, 103,000 slaves were set free thanks to the British naval blockade.
Although the Royal Navy’s blockade stopped some slave ships, many more slipped through the net and managed to transport their cargo to the Americas.
British children were routinely taken from orphanages and workhouses to be put in factories for a lifetime of horrors. There was an endless supply of workers from the local area who could and would replace them. In the annual ritual ceremony of hair-shirt wearing called Black History Month, white British children are made to look at, in front of their black and Muslim classmates, how wicked and evil their white ancestors were and it is explained to them in no uncertain terms that this guilt can never be washed away. If one doubts this, then why aren’t black schoolchildren told during Black History Month how their forefathers have equal blood on their hands through their organised trading in their own brothers?
If it had have been Muslims and not Europeans who had abolished the slave trade, this would be the focus of much celebration and fanfare. Only white children are brainwashed into becoming cowed and rootless citizens, sculpted whilst young to accept all the dictates of the ideology of mass immigration and multiculturalism when they become adults.
The only people who are owed an apology is the generation of white schoolchildren who have been deliberately taught to hate themselves and their people by sick and twisted individuals in pursuit of an equally sick and twisted ideology. Vibrant and dynamic loving participants seem to enjoy this sport of avoiding getting shot and the feeling of being on edge as they navigate their way home late at night. The participant must vault themselves over their bar of satisfactory capitulation before the mob is called off.
Marks are given for media spins, council contortions and verbal acrobatics whilst on the descent.
Extra marks are given to be able to distinct Swahili from Bantu, Afghani from Bangladeshi, Malaysians from Filipino, and indeed, Lithuanian from Polish. The Spartans had Helots to fill the jobs they did not want to do, why can we not have our own?
This leads to emancipation and thereafter miscegenation and the dominant race suddenly finds itself in trouble.
For a modern lesson we should look a the history of apartheid; people were not, of course, kept in slavery or anything like it, but it is the perfect example of a minority ruling a majority and being dependant on the labour of that majority -it could not last.
I carry it with me as a daily reminder of what I need to do to accomplish my goals for my Inkandescent PR firm and publishing company. I simply did what most business leaders do — I compartmentalized my feelings so I could keep moving forward. While many books have chronicled George Washington’s life and public service, no other has so thoroughly examined the marriage bonds between him and his wife. The many groups of American schoolchildren touring the mansion and grounds reminded me — if I needed reminding — that the Washingtons’ home is something approaching a national shrine. And their love for their home, Mount Vernon, a love that later extended to embrace their fellow patriots and later their new nation, the United States, was as important. Only after George’s death, two years after his second presidential term ended, did Martha crumble. When I married an American citizen in 1997 and began to know the Eastern seaboard of the United States, I was immediately excited by the wealth of 18th century material in different American archives and state historical societies.
I think there’s nothing that beats going to the places and walking the same ground that people of the past walked.
That way, we can understand better how lofty were their aims and ambitions, and how very human were their faults and failings. My American parents-in-law, to whom my book, “The Washingtons,” is dedicated, both came to the States from Europe in the 1940s. And finally, I must pay tribute to my longstanding American editor, Robert Gottlieb, and to my publisher, also of long standing, Alfred A. By the time she arrived there she had lost over 60% of her blood and was in hypovolemic shock. When measurements of its mouth were compared with those of Bethany broken board, it matched.
Initially, she adopted a custom-made board that was longer and slightly thicker than standard and had a handle for her right arm, making it easier to paddle, and she learned to kick more to make up for the loss of her left arm.
He spent the days recollecting and writing, and the evenings enjoying the family’s warm domesticity. To his credit, a few examples of misdeeds and failures are referenced, but they are eclipsed by positive tales of tenacity with estimable outcomes. I was in debt for my Printing-house, I had a young Family…” An interesting aside on language and diligence, Franklin says in the Autobiography that he taught himself passable French, Italian and Spanish.
The goal was to increase the Penn family contribution to the upkeep and defense of their eponymous colony. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and holds an MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago and a PhD in Economic History from the London School of Economics. The first step in any strong communications campaign is to partner with the right creative team. As the leader of your firm, you know what you do, why you do it better than anyone else, and why everyone should hire your firm. Speaking of social media outreach—and any other form of outreach, for that matter—the key to success is to have a strategic plan. Every decision a consumer makes is based on trust—trust in a product or service, and trust in the people who make and deliver it.
Now that you’ve honed your pithy, authentic message, tell me what you do in one minute. When it comes to reaching out to others in a meaningful way, focus on building personal relationships. Everyone in your database of clients and contacts, friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and contacts on LinkedIn, likes to hear that you won an award, got a media mention, or landed a new client—but they’d be more likely to buy your product or service if there is something in it for them. Getting into the spotlight and spreading the message about your firm can be daunting, especially if you are an introvert.
Image is everything, so be sure to invest in the design features that will build your brand.
Your PR and marketing campaign is the fun stuff, the jazzy stuff, and what gets you out into the limelight. Hope also plans and organizes events, co-writes and ghostwrites books, and maintains her clients’ websites so they are up-to-date and provide an accurate, impressive image. A pig prances, a snake slithers, and so on until the climax, which (shhh, it’s an alligator) is certain to make a 4-year-old scream with delight. After some experimentation, Seder developed a 3-pound, 8-inch square, lens-ribbed glass tile that appears to move.
In 2010, in fact, he’ll be designing a LIFETILE project in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, which will be installed in 2011. Katzen enjoyed a fast-paced rise through the ranks, all the while learning, traveling, and parenting quadruplets with his wife and college sweetheart, Susan. Arthur Andersen, which marked its 100th anniversary in September, still exists today, albeit in a different incarnation. But the short-term pain enabled the family to attain financial security and a better quality of life. No matter how reasonable you may try to be with a government agency like the IRS, there is no guarantee it will respond in kind – and don’t assume that you will get a fair trial, he says.
When you ask why, it most often comes down to a violation of one or more of these three sins of sales management. If you are doing that, you’re essentially relegating both the CEO job and the sales manager job to part-time status. The best salesperson is made a sales manager, but he or she is also required to continue booking business.
That code is still in use by companies like IDEO who’ve learned his lessons and both improved upon them and added to them.
Talking, animated objects are commonplace today, but Edison was the first to have the idea and execute it. The doll market was already thriving, so a talking doll could potentially reach the top of the heap. Many innovators lose interest after the idea stage and don’t understand that innovation without value creation may be fun – but it’s also folly. He also serves as the faculty director for innovation initiatives at the Center for Executive Education at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. Like the hundreds of people I’ve worked with, I have found there is a way to grow into a new life with the help of The Voyager Tarot. Clerical jobs such as data entry and medical transcription are some of the top jobs we list every day.
Since these jobs are all telecommuting and work at home related, you can be based anywhere globally and still apply.
When Oliver Cromwell conquered Ireland in the middle of the 17th century, he sent over 100,000 men, women and children to the West Indies to be sold into slavery. The French do not ask for reparations from Italy for the million of their ancestors sold into slavery by Caesar.
In fact, Britain’s strenuous efforts to suppress the trade pushed up the price of slaves in America, making the trade more profitable than ever. Or Islamic children forced to write essays on how their ancestors were the biggest slavers in the history of the world? The Afrikaners, or some of them, have learnt that lesson and at Orania they have made a new beginning relying on no-one but themselves, what a pity that the Spartans and the Whites of San Domingue never had a chance to learn the same lesson. Few primary sources exist on the life of Martha Washington, who destroyed all but one of the couple’s personal letters. She joined him in makeshift winter headquarters during the war, and she later became America’s first presidential spouse, before the couple withdrew to Mount Vernon in 1797 at the close of George’s second term. But they had to strike a balance between being democratic and republican enough to satisfy critics at home while heading an office of the president sumptuous enough to impress ambassadors from the Courts of Europe. This redoubtable woman, who had survived the deaths of her first husband, of all four children with that husband and many other lesser griefs, no longer wanted to live without George. But virtual tours on the web nowadays are also excellent, especially where travel is expensive or difficult with young children.
So I was conscious, from the beginnings of my American life, of the welcome America has shown over the centuries to so many refugees and immigrants. During subsequent media interviews, she confirmed that she felt normal when she was bitten and did not feel much pain from the bite at the moment of the disaster, but felt numb on the way to the hospital. After teaching herself to surf with one arm, on January 10, 2004, she entered a major competition. Bethany and her husband, Adam Dirks, competed as a team on the 25th season of The Amazing Race, finishing in third place. He responded that rather than a florid memorial in the style of the day, it would be better to highlight Skugg’s achievements, including having been well-travelled. They are then considered, debated & perhaps amended in Council, after which they are signed by the King. He complained in his 1923 piece, Studies in Classic American Literature, “the summum bonum of his ethic, the earning of more and more money. She was made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) in the Queen’s 2007 Birthday Honours List.
Their track record for creating successful campaigns is important, but they must also share your vision, and have a style that dovetails with yours—or you’ll drive each other mad.
Are you going to post an interesting tidbit on the social media sites daily, weekly, or monthly?
Your PR and marketing message needs to reflect the fact that you can be counted on to deliver what you promise. Social media sites provide a great opportunity to do this, because they enable you to share thoughts and ideas—not only about what you do—but also about your mission, values, and goals.
So if you own a cooking school or restaurant, post yummy recipes on your website, put them into your ads, and blast them out in your e-newsletter—as do our clients at Culinaria Cooking School.
While it sometimes takes a year or more to get a client quoted in The Wall Street Journal, or on a national — or even a local — TV news show, a good publicist will usually accomplish that goal. That lesson had taken root during Katzen’s college years at Drake University, when a trusted professor warned him against his plan to cancel a job interview with Arthur Andersen because he’d already received several promising offers.
In effect, you’re saying, “I’m going to grow my business part time.” If you want your business to grow, you must grow your sales force, and you need someone doing that full time. The usual scenario, however, is you lose your best salesperson and get a mediocre sales manager. They were $10 each — two weeks of the average pay back in 1890 – and many of those sold were returned for quality problems. When the Slavery Abolition Bill 1833 came into force on 1 August 1834, slavery was finally abolished throughout the whole of the British Empire. George and Martha Washington were loyal British Colonial subjects when they married in 1759. Films and books — and TV and radio interviews available on sites such as yours — are terrific to enthuse young historians. I would like them to understand that sometimes hope is evanescent, but determination helps the courageous win through.
The broken surfboard that she was riding during the attack is on display at the California Surf Museum. They are then so far as relates to you, the Law of the Land for THE KING IS THE LEGISLATOR OF THE COLONIES. Once you do, your PR and marketing team can begin shouting it from the rooftops (aka: on your website, to reporters, in print and broadcast ads, and through social media sites). Of course, no one—especially a reporter—is going to trust an entrepreneur who is spouting marketing slogans.
This is how potential partners, customers, and future employees get to know you before any contracts are signed or money changes hands.
The same principle applies to our client Simplicity Urgent Care, where the docs share useful medical tips in their monthly newsletter. Aim to be interviewed for smaller publications at first, and as you get more confident talking to reporters, start reaching out to the biggies. By spending money in the right spots, and at the right levels, you will be making targeted investments in high-impact areas. The person’s focus will remain fixed on the customer, as that is how their compensation is driven. At both of these places, George and Martha endured months of hardship together, when victory against the British seemed a far-distant hope. Also, when a reporter asks a question that you don’t have an answer for, don’t be afraid to say so. This approach lets your prospects know that you’re the real deal and are interested in building a mutually beneficial relationship—not just engaging in a one-time transaction.
Like waves pounding a beach, regularly send out interesting information about your firm in the form of e-newsletters, articles, interviews, and through social media sites—and you will build your business.
A salesperson’s role is to win new customers and nurture the ones you have, thereby differentiating you from your competitors.
Accordingly, the sales team will be underserved, missing the opportunity for leveraged growth. While some entrepreneurs have a strong team that they want to share the credit with, there are other ways to honor them. Start by outlining your long-term goals, then work backward to define the steps that you’ll follow as you unveil your strategic communications plan. It’s mission critical to have one go-to person define the firm—or two or three at most in the case of partners (but that calls for another list of 12 Tips).
Being effective at one of those jobs is not an indicator that a person will be equally effective in the other. A salesperson might easily become disenchanted with the pace of the new role and look for another sales job, perhaps with your competitor.

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