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A new school year has begun and with it a new opportunity to set your child up for success at school.
Some find it easier to do homework or a revision session straight after school, others need a bit of a break.
It is easy to get distracted when we’re trying to concentrate and it takes a while to get back into the flow. Everyone is different and whether your child studies better with or without music is a personal preference. Creating a homework schedule and a revision schedule is a useful way to break things down into bitesize chunks. If you have set goals in the past but not been very successful in reaching them, here is a quick tip that could change the game.
If your goal is visible you get reminded every day and you are more likely to do something towards achieving it. Less than two months to go now to apdo-uk’s second National Organising Week (November 7 to 13) and we’re gearing up for lots of events and activities to help and inspire people all over the country to make the most of their time, space and stuff – including the launch of our first training programme for professional organisers (read on for more details). The first one-day course will be held in London in mid-November to tie in with National Organising Week and will also be run in Manchester at a later date and at other locations across the country according to demand.
This introductory course covering the essentials of setting up in business and working with clients will be open to members and non-members of apdo-uk . Vicky Silverthorn (You Need A Vicky) appeared on the BBC show Right on the Money discussing the importance of decluttering and how it can save money as well as contributing.
Ros Hayes (The Organised Company) featured in  Herefordshire Society magazine (see page 22-23 for article) and was interviewed on BBC Hereford and Worcester. Juliet Landau-Pope (JLP Coach) Juliet Landau-Pope featured in an article with writer Anna Maxted and her husband entitled ‘Can Getting Organised Save My Marriage?’ in the September issue of Woman & Home magazine and in a full-page interview in Top Sante magazine (Sept 2015).
Ingrid Jansen (Organise Your House) has written a guest blog on running an efficient home office for Store Any Box. Louise Barson (Silver Concierge) author of personal organising manual My Life Pack® is researching if men or women do most of the household admin in Britain’s homes. Lesley Spellman started out as professional organiser, The Clutter Fairy, six years ago and loves the opportunity to help her clients create happier, more orderly homes that they feel proud of and want to be in. With clients all over the North West of England in Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire and most recently in North Wales, one Clutter Fairy just wasn’t enough and Lesley now has a team of like-minded declutterers working alongside her. Clutter Fairy work is varied; one day they can be helping a busy mum to sort out a playroom and the next helping the elderly organise household paperwork and domestic affairs.
The most important thing about the service is that they are there to help and guide, not judge and criticise. Amanda Manson has been working with a variety of clients in need of organising help since 2011. Offering both in person and remote online support and guidance, as well as workshops and talks, Amanda’s mission is to help simplify, streamline and organise –  because life really is too complicated not to be orderly!
Louise Barson’s aim is to making a client’s day by helping them get organised for life and finding habits, processes and storage that suit them. Every day and every client is different but a common theme is clearing the decks in order to make a fresh start from paperwork mountains to rooms to a whole house.
From helping clients since 2010 Louise has created a personal organiser My Life Pack® … Your Life at Your Fingertips. This entry was posted in Children, Home organisation, Newsletter, Uncategorized and tagged apdo-uk, children, Decluttering, home organisation. About apdo-ukThe Association of Professional Declutters & Organisers (apdo-uk) is a not-for-profit, unincorporated association, working to provide support, networking and promotion for members of the Professional Organising & Decluttering industry, and information and services for their clients.
Click here to visit our main website, learn more about us and to find help with all your organising and decluttering needs. Newsletter mailing listWould you like to receive notification of our bi-monthly Newsletters direct to your inbox?
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Question: My husband has been in Canada for a week now on a work permit visa and we wondering if we could take this opportunity to change this visa into Permanent Resident status as soon as possible.
Answer: Assuming you are a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen, you can file an application to sponsor your husband. When it comes to falling in love with a non-Canadian resident or citizen, I constantly hear that falling in love was the easy part and getting that soulmate to Canada was the real challenge. There are a number of approaches that people can take when deciding how, where and when to sponsor a spouse’s immigration application. To sponsor a spouse from within Canada, the basic requirements are that the spouse and sponsor live together in Canada, that the sponsored spouse has legal status in Canada and that the sponsor has filed an application to sponsor.

Sponsored spouses have to fill out a variety of forms, take medical examinations, complete criminal background checks, pay processing fees and submit a pile of evidence of their relationship with the sponsor.
While an application is in process, the sponsored spouse must stay in status and reside with the sponsor in Canada.
If the application receives preliminarily approval, an in-Canada applicant will be entitled to apply for a work permit or study permit to bridge the gap between preliminary approval and getting an appointment to be landed as an immigrant. A great tip is to apply for a work permit or study permit at the same time that an application is made for permanent residence (in the same envelope).
If the application is refused, there is no right of appeal, so make sure you do a thorough job on your application and that you qualify under the program before investing time, money and effort into your application. Without fail, at least twice a week and if not more, I get an anxious call or email from a client that goes something like this, “I have a great job, a loving family, strong friendships and my whole life ahead of me in Canada, and I just got married to a wonderful person who is resident in and a citizen of another country. The overseas application process differs from the in-Canada option in a number of key ways. Both parts of this application are submitted to the CIC processing centre in Mississauga, Ontario.
The visa office will then assess the applicant’s admissibility (health, criminality, previous contraventions of Canada’s immigration laws, etc.) and the legitimacy of the marriage between the sponsor and the applicant.
Currently, the CIC office in Mississauga is taking approximately 40 days to process the sponsorship portion of these applications and visa posts are taking anywhere from three to 17 months to process the immigration portion. Like the in-Canada process, it is the applicant and sponsor’s responsibilities to ensure that they have submitted sufficient evidence so as to make it easy for the assessing visa officer to determine that the relationship is genuine and was not entered into just so the applicant can immigrate to Canada. While the application is in process the applicant may reside in their home country or in Canada. A good strategy is to check the CIC website as to where the quick processing times are and then elect the post that is most favourable in terms of processing times and travel convenience if an interview is called. If the applicant is already resident in Canada with lawful status, consider electing to have the application assessed in Buffalo, New York, the visa office responsible for residents in Canada, even if the applicant is not a citizen of the United States. If the application is ultimately refused, unlike the in-Canada option, the Sponsor has the right to appeal the refusal to the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Making the right decision as two what kind of application to file when trying to re-unite spouses in Canada should not be as daunting as making the right decision as to whom you should marry, however, making the wrong choice in either instance can cause harmful consequences to all involved.
What do i need if i want to apply for my husband…I am a canadian citizen and want to know what i need to do to make him permanent here in canada? I M CERTIFIED WELDER IN GTAW & SMAW PROCESS , LOOKING FOR WORK PERMIT FOR CANADA , I M FROM INDIA . Is it to change a work permit to permanent residency visa, and if its possibel, after how long can I do it? Good homework and revision habits are essential for your child to succeed so we have compiled a list of useful tips to help. Make sure your child knows how to set up folders and name files appropriately to store work and files they need. To minimise distractions, make sure your child does their homework and revision in a room with no TV, no phone and no access to social media. Let them try it out and also experiment with different types of music, including classical. And having a plan to work to will make the thought of all that studying a lot less daunting. Here at APDO, this is exactly what we can help with, we bring you, the client, together with Professional Organisers and Declutterers in your area. Include the start date, end date and if appropriate, some benchmark dates that will show you that you have achieved part of your goal and you’re on track. Heather Matuozzo from Clouds End CIC and Cory Cook from Cory Cook Professional Organising Services will be providing ideas and inspiration for a more organised life at the Grand Interiors Theatre while Alison Armitage from Divine Living Space and Clare Parrack of Clarify Interiors are offering face to face practical advice in free 30-minute slots at Ask An Expert. She also shared 10 Tips to Promote Yourself as a Media Expert in Your Industry via the Talented Ladies Club. They also offer advice in interior design, room makeovers or home staging for anyone planning to sell or rent their home. They want the decluttering process to be a positive one that leaves clients with ongoing motivation to live a more orderly life. These range from busy people who just need some support to manage their homes, small business owners needing to create a productive workspace, to people moving home or downsizing, and those simply overwhelmed with too much stuff. This is one stop solution which covers 10 areas and is suitable for all stages of life from first home right through to assisting ageing parents. Hints & tips on decluttering and organising, profiles of our members around the UK, news from our industry. If you are a genuine reader and would like to comment on our work, please visit our main website for links to our social media pages or to the Contact page of our website.

Generally, there are two options, applying from within Canada or applying outside of Canada.
There is a policy based exception to these basic requirements for spouses who do not have legal status in Canada.
Applications within Canada are filed at the CIC case processing centre in Vegreville, Alberta and straightforward cases currently take about four to five months to process. That way an officer in Vegreville can issue a permit at the same time that the sponsorship application receives preliminary approval.
This process is a two part application, comprised of the sponsor’s application to sponsor their spouse and the sponsored spouse’s or Applicant’s immigration application.
At that office, the sponsorship portion of the application will be assessed and once processed and hopefully approved, the immigration portion of the application will then be sent to the visa office outside of Canada that is responsible for processing applications from either the Applicant’s country of citizenship or the country for which the applicant has lawful status valid for at least one year. If necessary, the officer may request an interview, which will take place at the visa office.
Although there is no automatic right of entry as a visitor, student or worker during processing, if the applicant wishes to reside in Canada during processing, there is no prohibition from applying for such status on the basis of having filed a sponsorship and immigration application. Remember, the post elected must be the post responsible for the applicant’s country of nationality or for the country for which the applicant has lawful status for valid for at least one year.
This visa office can be favourable in comparison to other visa offices that take much longer to process cases and offers relatively close travel options to if an interview is called. We have decided to get married here for the civil way and then next year the family wedding in Mexico. Send me email announcements, notices, special offers and other information that may be of interest to me from Canadian Immigrant. Sean Clarke, whose near-15-year career with Walmart began at Asda where he served as commercial finance director, will take up his new job on 11 July. Sean Clarke started his retail career at Asda in 1996 and worked for Walmart in Japan and Canada before running the Chinese operation of Americaa€™s biggest retailer. If they do the homework straight away all the information the teacher has given will be fresh in their minds. She’s also looking for nominations of ‘born organisers’ (yourself or anyone you know) for a chance to win a copy of My Life Pack® – enter here.
My Life Pack helps users get organised for life, save time and money and gain peace of mind.
Your first option is to file an “in-Canada” application and your second option is to file an “overseas” application.
Such spouses may request an exemption from the requirement to be in status on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Complicated cases take longer and are referred to local CIC offices where the sponsor and spouse may be interviewed by an immigration officer. If an applicant leaves the country, even for a short vacation, and is not granted re-entry, that may have the effect of ending cohabitation between the spouses and will terminate status in Canada and therefore the spouses may fall outside of the basic requirements and the application may be refused. This way, the applicant can make the most of the time between preliminary approval and landing, without having to file and wait for a permit. The applicant has the choice of electing where the application is processed if he or she is not resident in their country of nationality at the time of application. Basically, the applicant is free to travel, unlike the in-Canada process where the applicant and sponsor must reside together in Canada to qualify. An applicant will have the option of electing which Canadian consulate in the USA they wish to be interviewed at (Seattle, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles). Since we are thinking on applying for the sponsorship and permanent resident so I can leave here with him. In the vast majority of the cases I see, I recommend the overseas process, but each case must be examined as no two cases are alike. The policy related to this exemption is quite detailed and not all applicants are entitled to the exemption.
Check with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or your immigration representative before relying on it. What I’m afraid is that the moment I put my application will they not let me leave Canada to visit my family in Mexico or if I apply from Mexico, I won’t be able to come to Canada to see my husband during the application process? Sorry I have so many questions , but we don’t have everything clear and what we should do, since of course we want to make sure we do everything correctly.

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