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For some students, especially struggling students, classroom instruction isn’t enough. So I am making this effort to help them by sharing few suggestions regarding exam revision. We used to prepare very short note of a super imp topics in out note book and mention the page number of note book on our study material or reference book. It will help to you revise the things without any special effort and improve your re-calling power. However in the process of revision I would suggest you to use single book or use your note book.
If you want students to achieve concept mastery, you must help them practice as much as they can. However, if it has been causing burn-outs in your classroom, you need to revisit your homework strategy. Let me clarify this thing to every that these suggestions are also very useful for every student.

During routine preparation give this kind of topics a sound reading in order to understand them. This will save your time and energy during the final preparation of your exam and enhance your confidence bcoz you know important topics are on your tips at the exam time. Later on during final revision open that page number of your note book and revise the topic quickly. I used to teach my friends who help me a lot to make commend on given topics especially in law. He used to feed the notes in his phone enriched with MS office and easily revise everything during commute time.
So as per my suggestion work very hard at the time of usual preparation for a better result bcoz revision process is just to remind you what you have prepared during usual preparation of your subject and chapters.
Some things have happened recently in my personal life that has simply put things in perspective for me. Only quality instruction won’t do the job – they need to develop good study habits too, and homework is the best tool to achieve this.

You need to complete the syllabus, administer tests, and prepare your kids for the end of year testing. If you successfully resolve the study related issues of your friends that means your preparation is good. I really found this trick very useful and now with technological advancement in the field of phones and i-pads it becomes very easy for everyone. I understand it is not possible for everyone but still we may consider this as a revision method. This will again save your time and energy and prevent you from confusion regarding what to revise and what to leave. I'm certain they will throw challenges at me, but I'm also confident that I will rise to those challenges as long as I think and talk positive.

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