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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The iceberg model for competencies takes the help of an iceberg to explain the concept of competency. So, is there a relation between the competencies which are above the surface and those which lie beneath? The aspects of competencies which lie below the surface like attitude, traits, thinking styles etc directly influence the usage of knowledge and skills to complete a job effectively. In more complex jobs, these behavioural aspects, motives and traits become more important than the skills and knowledge required to do the job. In the traditional method of hiring, most of the organizations looked at just the visible components of competencies; the knowledge and skills, believing that the behavioural aspects can be developed through proper guidance and good management. MSG team comprises experienced faculty and professionals who develop the content for the portal.
Management Study Guide is a complete tutorial for management students, where students can learn the basics as well as advanced concepts related to management and its related subjects.
So I am making this effort to help them by sharing few suggestions regarding exam revision. We used to prepare very short note of a super imp topics in out note book and mention the page number of note book on our study material or reference book. It will help to you revise the things without any special effort and improve your re-calling power. However in the process of revision I would suggest you to use single book or use your note book.

An iceberg which has just one-ninth of its volume above water and the rest remains beneath the surface in the sea. Think of a soldier at the war front, he knows how to use the weapon he is holding, but thinks that the war is unjust and refuses to fire. The visible competencies like knowledge and skills can be easily developed through training and skill building exercises however the behavioural competencies are rather difficult to assess and develop. However, with major shifts in the conventional methods of people management, the hiring process has also undergone a change therefore a lot of emphasis is being put on the hidden behavioural aspects as well to make a sound decision. Let me clarify this thing to every that these suggestions are also very useful for every student. During routine preparation give this kind of topics a sound reading in order to understand them. This will save your time and energy during the final preparation of your exam and enhance your confidence bcoz you know important topics are on your tips at the exam time.
Later on during final revision open that page number of your note book and revise the topic quickly. I used to teach my friends who help me a lot to make commend on given topics especially in law. He used to feed the notes in his phone enriched with MS office and easily revise everything during commute time. So as per my suggestion work very hard at the time of usual preparation for a better result bcoz revision process is just to remind you what you have prepared during usual preparation of your subject and chapters. Similarly, a competency has some components which are visible like knowledge and skills but other behavioural components like attitude, traits, thinking styles, self-image, organizational fit etc are hidden or beneath the surface.

A manager sitting at the farthest corner of the office keeps his door open all the time, how does one evaluate whether it is for fresh air, claustrophobia or an indication that his subordinates are invited to reach out to him anytime.
In organizations, senior level hiring is therefore a time consuming and elaborate affair as it becomes necessary to establish the alignment between the organizational and individual motivation and aspirations.
It takes more time and effort intensive exercises, like psychotherapy, counseling, coaching and mentoring, developmental experiences etc. Hence, a complete picture regarding the competence of a person consists of both visible and hidden aspects and it becomes necessary to understand both to arrive at identifying the best man for a job.
If you successfully resolve the study related issues of your friends that means your preparation is good. I really found this trick very useful and now with technological advancement in the field of phones and i-pads it becomes very easy for everyone. Therefore, intent behind a displayed action is necessary to understand the action and its implication fully. I understand it is not possible for everyone but still we may consider this as a revision method.
This will again save your time and energy and prevent you from confusion regarding what to revise and what to leave.

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