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Today we’re introducing you to one of our great international facilitators, Annie Andrews. Being a leader requires many important skills, one of which is the ability to make your staff feel valued for their contribution. Actively trying to learn the names, family situations and an interest of each of your staff members will only do good things for your relationship. Rewarding is a wonderful way to show staff you care, but taking it to the next level and rewarding them with something based on the information you have gained from the above point will be received lot better. It is very important to judge your staff on their outcomes rather than the time spent at work.
When you micromanage your staff, this leads them to believe that you are not confident in their abilities.
If you have constructive criticism for your employee, ensure that you discuss it with them in a private environment. This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. There are countless industries where businesses operate – and some are naturally more risky than others. The Chairman of AIB’s Academic Board, Professor Rod Oxenberry, has some great insights about the value of a Work-Applied MBA. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has been helping businesspeople around the world advance in their career for many years. AUSTRALIA'S FASTEST, MOST AFFORDABLE & FLEXIBLE MBAThe 12 Month MBA by Distance Learning delivered by the Australian Institute of Business is the next evolution in MBA degrees.
About AIBAIB is ‘The Practical Business School’, offering courses which are work-applied, accelerated, accessible, affordable and fully accredited.

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With business getting busier, it is often difficult to take the time to show staff you care about them.
For example, if you’re able to ask something more personalised such as how their daughter went in her school report, or whether they watched the football game on the weekend, they’re more likely to feel that you genuinely care about them.
For example, if one of your staff deserves a reward and is a basketball fan, why not buy them a couple of tickets? If they don’t feel that they can walk out at 5:30pm without being judged, there is an issue with the work culture. Everyone has a personal life outside of work, and there are times where leave is necessary due to family or special occasions. If you are indeed confident in them, show them you care by allowing them to complete the work, and only offer guidance if it is necessary or asked for. Everyone thrives off positive feedback, and providing it on occasion is a great way to show staff you care.
Discussing it in the presence of others will make the staff member feel like you are alienating them, and that you don’t care about their reputation and feelings.
It is often difficult to find the right way to show your appreciation, but hopefully one of the above eight suggestions will be of benefit to you. In those risky industries, it’s crucial that businesses have strong leaders, willing to face adversity and pull a company or organisation through any tough times.
Let’s admit it, we all have these thoughts, and have procrastinated at some point in our lives.
With such high achieving graduates, there is no hesitation in saying that the MBA is a global qualification.

AIB is a well-respected Australian business school with 30 years of history and alumni from over 70 countries.Our innovative approach is accelerated, flexible, affordable and work applied.
Whilst spending time with them is certainly a great tactic, there are a number of other simple actions you can take which show your appreciation.
Show staff you care by encouraging a flexible working arrangement, and being open to staff’s requests.
If employees feel that they can approach you without fear, they believe that you care about them enough to listen to why they deserve the time off.
To them, it displays that you are appreciative of their work, confident in their abilities and pleased with the results. Respect should be a consistent behaviour among all employees to ensure a positive work culture.
One such industry is the world of finance – and today’s Featured Business Leader, Kenneth Chenault, has operated successfully within the credit industry for many years as the current CEO of American Express – one of the world’s largest credit providers. As an acronym which requires little explanation, the MBA has become one of the world’s most sought after degrees, furthering its global status. As the well-known saying goes, “you’re only as good as your people” – and good leaders should recognise this and behave accordingly. If you’re wondering how the MBA is a global qualification, read below for three of the main reasons.

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