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It has been over 2 and half months since H1B Lottery for FY 2017 and many of you have been waiting for the final decision. Recently I had the opportunity to take Air India’s (AI) non-stop San Francisco to New Delhi flight (AI-173, AI-174).
As we all know that H4 visa holders are not eligible to have a Social Security Number (SSN), but for filling U.S.
Travelling with child may sound nightmare to many especially alone, well it is bit tricky but not impossible.
Many of you, who are still waiting for receipts for FY 2017 must be wondering, do I still stand a chance to get H1B receipt. You’re going to really need to shine if you want a shot at getting into these competitive medical programs.
Due to popular demand, the Create a Winning AMCAS Application webinar will be presented live once again this month! Register for Create a Winning AMCAS Application for professional advice that will pave the way for a less-stress, no-mess AMCAS application season and increase your chances of getting accepted to medical school. As I discussed in the first post of this series, your AMCAS essay serves as your introduction to the med school admissions board. Your AMCAS essay, your own personal human interest story, needs to be anecdotal and emotional. For that gem to gel, you will need to choose meaningful experiences that show your strength of character, integrity, individuality, and most importantly, your non-academic qualifications and motivation for pursuing medical school and a career as a physician. Which would be a more interesting essay – one in which you speak generally about how you volunteered in a volunteer setting, or one in which you talk specifically about your experience working in Uganda with Doctors without Borders?
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After reading thousands of applications over the years, I’ve noticed that there are common strategies that successful applicants use in their application essays. The best personal statements often maintain a strong balance between sharing enough personal information to be interesting and unique and enough professional background to help your child appear as an accomplished and well-qualified applicant. Premeds should spend time reflecting on their motivations for going into a career in medicine. Strong essays address any concerns that the admissions committee may have about your premed’s application.
If premeds have a particular weak area, then it’s important that they show improvement.
Do you want to help your pre-med child get into med school…without having to nag or stress them out? Alicia McNease Nimonkar is an Accepted advisor and editor specializing in healthcare admissions.
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Nobody wants to be stripped of their individuality and clumped together with others, viewed as just another member of a group that happens to be overrepresented in a particular applicant pool, like the Indian IT males applying to business school, the Poli Sci and English majors applying to law school, or the Bio majors applying to med school.
While many schools will “group” applicants for administrative purposes, ultimately the admissions process is about getting to know you as an individual. Yes, I know that I have frequently said Indian males in IT are a dime-a-dozen in the MBA applicant pool. A one-year law school for non-lawyers: join us for a conversation about Emory’s Juris Master. The post Emory’s Juris Master Program: Law for Non-Lawyers appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. It’s a 30-credit program for people who don’t want to be practicing lawyers, but who want to understand the law as it relates to what they do.
For example, some of the full-time students are pre-med students taking the course during a gap year before med school. Emory’s law school wanted to reach a broader audience — not only people who planned to practice law, but also people who wanted to learn about the law, particularly in their own professional fields.
Then they can select among many concentrations (for example: employment, health, IP, etc), and tailor their courses to their interests. This is a benefit to the whole law school program: since so many of the JM students are mid-career professionals from diverse backgrounds, their experience adds to the JD classes.
At any given time, there are about 70-80 students in the program (full and part-time combined).
They want students who can handle the academic rigor of the program – it’s a law school program that requires strong critical thinking skills. Given that they accept test scores from multiple exams (GRE, GMAT, MCAT, etc), is there a certain score range they’re looking for? In general, the qualitative verbal reasoning side of the exam is important to show your aptitude for the law school environment. One recent grad, who created a course of study focused on compliance and business law, is now the managing director of Deutsche Bank in London. Another student did the JM in Health Law between med school and residency, and it was an important distinguishing point in her residency applications and interviews.

A student came in as a marketing manager, took classes focused around contracts, media, sports & entertainment law, and is now a PR manager at a major corporation.
They see more students right out of undergrad, pairing the JM with an undergrad business degree.
There are about a half dozen in the country, but most are much more specific in what they offer. They have two students who just graduated from the program who will begin med school in August. In 2017, they’re looking at launching a low-residency or online option – possibly focused around the healthcare law or business compliance concentrations. Do the essays in your med school applications serve as mere padding for the rest of your application? I’d like to propose three important reasons WHY the med schools request essays in addition to the all the stats and data that you provide in other sections of your application. To sum up, your essays shouldn’t pad your application with meaningless filler material, but should serve as a different kind of PAD – Provide a window, Add value, and Demonstrate writing skills.
Just because these programs cost less, it doesn’t necessarily make them any easier to get into! The obvious answer here is that YOU should (and if anyone else does for you, then you can expect to be found out and rejected).
One of the purposes of the AMCAS essay is to provide a snapshot – a quick and accurate introduction – of yourself to the med school admissions board.
While you want to be as authentic as possible, you also want to be sure that you’re not a) offering too much personal or private information and b) dwelling on your weaknesses.
By Linda Abraham, president and founder of Accepted and co-author of the definitive book on MBA admissions, MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools. Do you want to help your pre-med child get into med school…without having to nag or stress them out? The post How to Help Your Child During MCAT Preparation appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.
Research proves that a significant lack of sleep is similar to trying to function under the influence of alcohol. In my experience, students who tried to take classes while studying for the MCAT hurt either their GPA or their MCAT score, or in worse case scenarios—both. Taking full, timed practice exams under similar conditions provided at the testing centers will allow your premeds to maintain control over their study approach and become comfortable with the testing environment.
Before you read the below, you may read Traveling to US with Baby – How to Pack, Select Flights, Seats How to Dress up when traveling with Infant to US on Long flight ?
Due to my work commitments which I didn’t want to break, I could not travel with my husband so came two weeks later with my 6 months old daughter. Let me cover the reality first and some of the exceptions or outliers shared by users in the last couple of years, when we had lottery.
When we come to new country like America and a totally new place, we obviously don’t know much about the place and how people do there.
Summary of all FeeSaurabh on The Beast called 221g – Process and FAQsSaurabh on Personal Loan of $25,000 in US? News’ Top 10 Most Selective Medical Schools appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. Check out our Medical School Application Services for more information on how we can help you make that happen. In this way, your essay much more resembles a human interest story than it resembles a report. This is your opportunity to reveal your passion, your humor, your drive, and, in short, your unique personality. Obviously the latter – an experience shared only by a handful, if any, of your competitors, will stand out more than an essay in which you talk about a vague experience that every other applicant shares. Is this topic distinctive, or is it just going to come across as one more essay about how a grandparent’s illness directed the author at the age of 10 to medicine? By anticipating and responding to these questions, your child will demonst great maturity and intelligence.
If your applicant had a decreasing trend in her GPA for a quarter or year, they should explain what happened. If your child requests your feedback, you can go down this list to ensure that the essay does its job and that the application will be more closely reviewed and will hopefully earn your future doctor an interview! This series has loads of concrete, actionable advice that will help your premed discover their competitive advantage and get accepted! Prior to joining Accepted, Alicia worked for five years as Student Advisor at UC Davis’ postbac program where she both evaluated applications and advised students applying successfully to med school and related programs. In a process that values diversity, it’s natural for these applicants to worry about their label, their blandness, their sheer numbers. Frankly, US males in IT aren’t much less common, whether they are of Indian origin or their ancestors came over on the Mayflower. In your essays, show how your unique qualities and attributes – not someone else’s and not your group’s – will add to the program you are applying to and ultimately contribute to your chosen profession.

About 80% of the students are working professionals and are enrolled part time, taking 2-2.5 years to complete the program. Some candidates are mid-career, and others are recent grads who are looking to build on their academic foundation. It provides a really solid foundation in the law, which can be a benefit in a lot of fields. Include these elements in your AMCAS essay, and you’ll be one step closer to creating a captivating piece of writing and capturing a spot in your dream med school!
News’ Top 10 Most Affordable Private Medical Schools appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. Check out our Medical School Application Services for more information on how we can help you make your med school dream an affordable reality. If the application were to ask you to attach a photo, you wouldn’t include a picture of someone else, and I hope that you wouldn’t Photoshop or alter your photo to create an image of who you WISH you were, rather than of who you actually ARE. The stories that you tell in your AMCAS essay should be authentic and honest so that the YOU in your essay would be recognizable to anyone who actually knows you. Yes, you want to portray your true self (Principle #1), but you don’t want to needlessly air your dirty laundry. Supporting your premeds financially and giving them the time to study can increase their score substantially. Take some time to help your son or daughter choose a program or combination of resources that will work for them, based on their individual needs.
As a “science person,” you may be more familiar with factual, data-driven, analytical writing, with reports that are based on facts, figures, and statistics.
Do you need help drafting a waitlist letter that will turn the school’s unsure verdict into a solid, resounding acceptance? Your premed should reframe the information while still ensuring that there is some consistency in the life experiences represented across the different application components.
Or on the other side of the spectrum, being too professional can make you seem like a robot. The task of individuating is probably more difficult for those in a common applicant group, but it is possible.
After years of working in business, she earned her EMBA from Emory’s Goizueta School of Business in 2007, and her PhD in Education in 2015. The remaining students are full-time—recent graduates (from college or grad school) who want to use the program to supplement their educational background as they launch their careers.
The personal statement is very important for showing your motivation for pursuing the degree.
It’s not for people who want to be professional lawyers – it’s important to understand what the program is and what it’s not. Not just into your grades and scores and impressive awards and experiences, but into the real you.
Your AMCAS essay will allow you to delve deeper into specific experiences and to discuss your motivation and the lessons you learned.
Strong writing skills are indicative of strong communication skills, which are critical in the medical world. News’ 2016 list of the top 10 private med schools with the lowest tuition and fees for the 2015-2016 school year. Nobody wants to read about your most recent breakup or how devastated you were when you woke up with a huge zit on the day of your high school prom.
In your application, all of this data will be included in your score reports and your resume…not in your essay.
Their job is to wade through a mountain of boring, trite, monotonous essays in search of that compelling gem of a story – the one that you’re going to write. Remind your premed that they should only include what they would be comfortable discussing in an interview. The audience for your child’s application is made up of doctors who love data and numbers. Your AMCAS essay gives you an opportunity for the admissions community to meet you beyond the hard facts. Be careful not to merely repeat info found on other parts of your application; instead, build and add to it with an insightful essay. Furthermore, if you have difficulty juggling tasks or following directions, don’t be “too honest” and rant and complain about how you have so much trouble getting things done.
As i don't have any work experience.LCA wage reductionH1B COS will be notified to current employer?? Furthermore if you include in your essays, your distinctive motivations, take-aways, and insights from those critical events that are important enough to you to include in your AMCAS essay, you will have a killer essay. Of course you should never ever EVER lie, but you also don’t need to volunteer irrelevant or inappropriate information or details that will make you look unqualified.

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