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Ranked #1 in the USA along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in creating new startup companies from research-based inventions by Association of University Technology Managers. The Department of Culture has awarded the centre the I Premi de Foment de la Llengua de Signes Catalanes [prize for fostering the Catalan sign language]. The Tres Pins municipal school was founded in 1990, following the division of the Centre Municipal Fonoaudiologic, which had previously derived from the old Escola Municipal de Sords-Muts. It is the only centre teaching infant and primary level education in Barcelona, and in Catalonia, which teaches deaf children and hearing children in a bilingual environment.

Educational activities orientated towards deaf pupils are carried out in bilingual mode, with Catalan sign language (LSC), and oral language both written and spoken.
The award is recognition for the integrated teaching method which puts deaf children in the same classroom as pupils who can hear.
Despite historical interruptions, the Tres Pins directly continues the work of the first school for the deaf in Barcelona (1800), which originally started out at the Salo de Cent chamber at City Hall.
The award for fostering the Catalan sign language means the Government of Catalonia has recognised the work of the centre in aiming to establish an integrated model for deaf children in an ordinary school.

During class, the presence of a speech therapist ensures the presence of LSC and enables communication and learning among deaf pupils.
On top of this, and to ensure communication between equals, hearing children also work on LSC.

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