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July 1st, Exit and Entry Administration Law of the Peoplea€™s Republic of China formally implemented. According to the Immigration Control Act Article 42, the State Council in charge of education departments shall establish foreign students work-study management system for foreign student to provide for the scope and time frame. We believe this law will help international students improve their employability through study period in China and will bring increasingly  more international students to China to study and work.
Southern, or Cantonese - The cuisine from this area is perhaps the most well known to Westerners. Northern, or Beijing - Also known as Mandarin cuisine, this type of food originated in the area of China that has very sever winters.
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The a€?international students in China work-studya€™ requirement which is a part of this new law is definitely a good news for international students. This is Chinaa€™s first form of legislation clearly stipulates foreign students in China work-study, meaning that foreign students in China have the permit and protection of law to do work-study. There are mny different types of food in China that can be categorized roughly by four regions: Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western.
This region has a lot of rivers and other bodies of water, so fish and seafood are a very large part of the cuisine. The flavors of Northern China are more robust, with plenty of onion, garlic, cabbage, bean pastes, dark soy sauce and oyster flavored sauce. Sugar is also grown in this area, and Shanghai cuisine uses more of it than the other regions.

Usually Cantonese cuisine is lightly flavored, but there are a large variety of tastes used. With influences from Mongolian and Muslim invaders in the past, Northern cuisine is hearty fare. The cooking style of this region can be delicate and refined, with a large variety of sweet and savory pastries being made using the thinnest of pastry skin.

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