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A friend of mine is a PhD candidate and posted a picture on Facebook with funny words starting with 'p', 'h' and 'd' like "Please hire. The reason I used StringMatchQ with Map[] is because I didn't know how to group the results based on the first letter of the words, e.g. Also, I used words from DictionaryLookup[], picking those with the most meanings (to increase the likelihood of a meaningful combination), but the results were worse.

To find out what words go well together one can sample some text from ExampleData and pick only words that have at least been mention together pairwise before.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged random curated-data or ask your own question. Most of the results are meaningless, but occasionally a good combination will show up like "panegyric happiness date".

I thought I could try and programmatically generate some word combinations with Mathematica.

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