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When generally talking about someone’s personality, the point of concern should always be about what makes that person unique and different, perhaps even makes them stand out from the rest.How many times has it occurred to you that specific characteristics about people attract or repel against our nature without us even noticing? More importantly, what word do you use to describe yourself?  I’m not just talking about what your answer to this would be in an interview, rather, I am more interested in what word you use in your own self-talk.   What is the first thing you think of when you describe yourself?  Is it the word that you want it to be, or is it something different?
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One of Gallup’s more depressing stats is that only one in ten people possess all the necessary traits of being Check out the free e-book for 100 sales tips to crush your quota in 2016.
Ahead of today’s clash with Glasgow Warriors in the Sportsground, we hear from three people who belong in that boat ahead “This year it’s actually about finding the new words to describe winning and victory.
In order to actually describe people accurately and remember what aspects and traits about them impressed you, comparing and categorizing people is made easier. Note that it is not only differences but commonalities as well, which refers to the characteristics that interest people and draw them towards you.

In this manner, personality, thoughts, feelings and appearances can be described using several adjectives.

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