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You are welcome to use the vocabulary words and any other resources you find on our website in your teaching. You might try out other blog, College Compass, which regularly features vocabulary related blog posts. Generally speaking, a good approach to memorizing an abundance, profusion, or cornucopia of vocabulary is to start by memorizing common base or root words.
About this Worksheet:Your youngster will have a great time working on her phonics and sorting skills with this fun game!
Free, Printable Reading Worksheets, Lessons and Activities for Classroom use and Home Schooling. Students love to color the ABC Alpahbet activity pages, identify the objects, and read the words, these coloring pages are FUN!

Print these Primary Alphabet coloring activity sheet for your student and let them color, learn the alphabet and learn words and objects.
As you read, you will see that the writer provides a link to PowerPrep software about midway through the article. Outside of preparing for specific K-8th grade admission tests, one of the best ways to encourage a prodigious vocabulary is to simply have your daughter read! This set is for the letter Y; use it alone or combine it with other consonant and vowel sets. She'll use pictures to guide her as she chooses the correct vowel to finish spelling the word. If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account.

Pick a subject or topic that your child might find both interesting and challenging (a good category for younger students is Greek Mythology), and then have the child read books and stories pertaining to the topic; or, if your student is still too young to read by themselves, then read to her! While it’s a fun way to practice kindergarten and Common Core Standards for kindergarten and 1st grade Language, other students may also use it as appropriate. It is such a pleasure to hear from you in Mongolia, a beautiful country I would like to visit some day.

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