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Main entrance reached from Upper Ground via Theatre Avenue to Theatre Square and a drop off point approx. Guide dogs are not currently allowed in the auditorium, however staff are happy to dog sit.
This year I thought it was time to finally build a physical media server and move all of my music, videos, and old documents off my PCs.
True, In the original concept I figured the hardware would be based on AMD’s APU system. The pair have worked together on numerous occasions, several of them at the National Theatre, including Happy Days, Richard II, The Good Person Of Sichuan and The Powerbook. Access information: No steps to the Olivier Stalls and Circle bars (spacious, moveable seats) from the lifts. The original plan was to build a server using a mini-ITX motherboard with 4 SATA ports, and 3x 2 terabyte hard drives in a RAID 5 configuration, stuffed inside the smallest case possible. I did rearrange the hard drive trays so that everything was as low in the case as possible.

That would allow me to either build a FreeNAS storage server or home media server connected to a TV.
Lifts up to the Olivier Theatre to right of information desk (to both Stalls and Circle levels) or staircases further in on each side (49 steps to Stalls, further 44 to Circle). I went with a laptop hard drive for the boot drive mainly because I wanted something with low power and not very large capacity wise. There are still ways to get the most up to date versions of OSes like Ubuntu and Fedora, but that is more work then I wanted to put into this build. I was surprised to find the computer was drawing 200 watts of power both during idle and peak usage. Laurence Olivier Award-winning actress Shaw has also starred in Machinal, The Way Of The World and The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie. If you are looking at the photos and thinking that doesn’t look stock then you are correct.
If anyone has upgraded G4 PowerMacs then you may know that every system before the 2002 Quicksilver PowerMac does not have 48-bit LBA on the PATA interfaces.

Ideally I should have bought a drive bay adapter, but this computer shouldn’t move from its current location.
Free parking voucher available from box office for orange badge holders (present ticket at information desk). Instead, everything was simulated using Windows Virtual Server running on my now gaming PC.
The SATA controller plugs into an empty PCI slot and the hard drives connect through regular SATA cables.
The Kill A Watt said the computer was using 160 watts after the downgrade and equaled $25 in savings. The Rosewill controller is built off of a Silicon Image 3124 SATA controller, which has OS X drivers.

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