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WAR being declared on GERMANY was a disaster because ADolf Hitler came from Australia and invaded GERMANY and ruled that country. War was declared on Germany in 1939 because of world war 1, ADOLF HITLER came from Austria which was not long ago was Austria-Hungary.
Not much new to report other than our first subscriber-only cash giveaway is about to go live.  This giveaway will be easy. I’m not asking like some other sites do for you to perform a variety of tasks in exchange for entries.
Make sure you enter your email below to receive the email with instructions on how to enter. Brave New Life mocks another one of those mainstream financial posts that question  bold money  moves like retiring early. Joe Atikian released an excerpt of his book Saving Money: The Missing Link to the Globe and Mail in Canada.

Money Crashers analyzes the dog eat dog world of venture capital through the lens of the TV show Shark Tank, a reality show where entrepreneurs go in front of super-wealthy investors like Mark Cuban and pitch their need for investment.
Doug Casey at Casey Research takes a look at the ascendance of sociopaths in US government. Corey at 20s Finances shares his own college money mistakes so young people can learn and avoid. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. I created the blogs, The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs, The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs II, and The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs III.
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The "Excellence in Teaching" Award was given to me by the Los Angeles Unified School District's Los Angeles Educational Partnership.

My Math Team won the first place trophy four times in the Los Angeles Unified School District's Math Tournament. Regular posts about debt freedom, intentional living, and personal finance, with some travel mixed in.
Then on Friday, they can bring them home to share what their week was like with their parents. I am most proud of my after school Accelerated Reader Program in which Huntington Drive students have read thousands of books each year.

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