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Description: DIY Small Van Sign Writing Kit Available in the following colours Matt Black Matt White Black Lime Green Siver White Grass Green Medium Grey Pink Kelly Green Dark Grey Magenta Forest Green Vivid Blue Lilac Yellow Wedgwood Red Gold Dark Blue Dark Red Orange You are purchasing a DIY sign kit for small van eg Berlingo, Combo, Cady etc You will get signage for 2 side panels in a TEXT , COLOUR and FONT of your choice. Writing basics. I had to learn them all by myself through trial, error…and oftentimes Google. This book is really silly in the unintended kind of way and I had a lot of problems with it, but the plot did manage to grab me somewhere around the 60-70% mark and I'm definitely planning to read the sequel.
If you’re still in the learning phase, remember that no one can write exactly like someone else—believe me, I’ve tried—and finding your voice isn’t as hard as you think. Surely, finding your own voice & style is way better than trying to write like someone else.

I am almost through my first novel, The Lost Quarter, and a sequel and third book are in the works. I have successfully auditioned for my school’s writing program and am very excited that I will be joining next year.
Wish I can read one of your story, you should publish one of them here or maybe a link to a blog of yours. Not everyone can smack a reader in the face with originality, but if you stay you, it’s as good a start as any.
Which begs the question: “How do you make sure that your writing is unique?” Not everyone’s prose is one of a kind.

So, instead of being bent on standing out, which isn’t always possible, try being true to yourself.
Whatever the result, be sure to make your readers stop and think about how your point came across.Make them wonder how you did what you just did.

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