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During her lifelong career as a teacher Janet Campbell-Dick would frequently say that if she managed to influence just one of her pupils for the better it would all be worth while. We offer a more structured day for this age group with activities to stimulate their expanding minds, including imaginative play, creative activities and outdoor play.
Observation reports are kept up to date about your child's day, including their nutritional intake, wellbeing and activities that children have taken part in and enjoyed.

At this point your child’s confidence and social skills are increasing and we support them in this whenever we can.
Proud of being a Campbell, May retained her surname, joining it to that of her husband, with whom she moved to Putney, in south west London soon after the wedding.
Among other things she taught them narrative poetry, including the Ballad of Guid Sir Patrick Spence. She told me that some of the class thought her very weird, but some sat entranced, with wide-open eyes.

Just two years before her death he published The Colour of Magic, the first of his Discworld series – following a stint working as a reporter on the Bucks Free Press and a press officer for the Central Electricity Generating Board.

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