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For many years the Bat-Blog has posted a few Free BATMAN Wallpapers every week, we call it Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday! Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has already began filming in Michigan, but there may be a few casting announcements that Warner Bros. Aww yea congrats, can't wait to see it later.Hope this bodes good for Neel Sethi aka Mowgli since it is his first major film. Some times it was kind of 'eh, they should have redone that' but other times he was absolutely spot on and adorable.

So, for today I thought I would post some where they are all related to "Batman Toy Collecting" and I hope you enjoy them.
They make a lot of cool stuff and here are some ultra-sharp super close-up examples of two Batman and Robin PVC Figures they made. Obviously not all of them will be in the new movie, but if this rumor is true we’ll get to see Commissioner Gordon at the very least. Batman On Film says that a longtime source has revealed that Commissioner Gordon will appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

BOF cautions fans to treat this as a rumor for now, since they’ve been unable to confirm the news with additional sources.

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