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All multiplayer titles heading to Xbox One will have dedicated servers at their disposal thanks to Xbox Live Compute.
In a thread on video game forum NeoGAF, Penello confirmed that all game developers will be able to take advantage of Xbox Live Compute, Microsoft’s cloud service, for cloud processing, game saves, and dedicated servers for multiplayer. Penello wrote that while these options will be available to everyone developing on the platform, everyone is free to use their own methods. Free dedicated servers will certainly be attractive to smaller developers looking to put multiplayer games on Xbox One, and it should make it easier for those developers to maintain their games when they don’t have to worry about maintaining the servers themselves.
I would imagine that Activision and EA will likely continue to use their own servers for games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, though, as both companies tend to like keeping their gamers as deep in their walled gardens as possible. With news that Sony may be officially revealing the next PlayStation in a little over two weeks at a February 20 event, it would behoove Microsoft to make sure Sony doesn’t totally dominate the news cycle. VGLeaks notes that the reportedly leaked specs represent the hardware unencumbered by running actual code, so performance can’t quite be judged on the hardware specs alone.
Out of the very detailed specs contained in the report, the more notable ones claim that the GPU, codenamed Durango, has a clock rate of 800MHz, which lines up with a previous rumor regarding one of the Xbox 720’s SoCs.
The GPU will have a run capability of 1.2Tflops, which also lines up with one of the previous rumors. The Durango GPU will reportedly be capable of 2x, 4x, and 8x multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA), as well as a modified type of MSAA, compressed AA. With the same underlying CPU and GPU architectures, porting games between the two should be much easier than ever before. Die size dictates memory interface width, so the 256-bit interface remains but Microsoft chose to go for DDR3 memory instead. To make up for the gap, Microsoft added embedded SRAM on die (not eDRAM, less area efficient but lower latency and doesn't need refreshing). Vgleaks has a wealth of info, likely supplied from game developers with direct access to Xbox One specs, that looks to be very accurate at this point. Microsoft’s approach leaves some questions about implementation, and is potentially more complex to deal with depending on that implementation. I think Shadowmaster625 was implying that AMD is giving developers experience working on such a platform ready for Intel to come in and sweep them up.

Embedded memory is nothing new, Intel had it first with the L1 and L2 cache in the early 90's with their Pentium Pro line. I think the first microprocessor with embedded memory was the 1975 Fairchild F8 which had 64 bytes of scratchpad. So AMD should give up a guaranteed revenue stream from the two biggest console manufacturers for 10+ years just so they won't (as a side effect) train developers on an obvious architecture? In addition to Microsoft’s decision to allow every Xbox One to be a potential dev kit, this could make the platform even more appealing to independent developers. However, we would like to note that the following specs cannot be considered official until Microsoft announces if they are or aren’t.
Essentially, compressed AA combines the benefits of both high MSAA and the lesser space requirements of lower MSAA. Making the situation even better is the fact that both systems ship with 8GB of total system memory and Blu-ray disc support.
A look at Wired’s excellent high-res teardown photo of the motherboard reveals Micron DDR3-2133 DRAM on board (16 x 16-bit DDR3 devices to be exact).
All information points to 32MB of 6T-SRAM, or roughly 1.6 billion transistors for this memory. Sony has the most present-day-GPU-centric approach to its memory subsystem: give the GPU a wide and fast GDDR5 interface and call it a day.
I understand technology is expanding, and that CPU's have a huge amount of transistors now on a single die. It probably will not even be that long before intel starts shipping a CPU with embedded RAM and their equivalent of 768 AMD shaders (3x HD5200?).
Whether or not Microsoft has actually leaked Xbox 720 specs, some official-looking Xbox 720 GPU specs have surfaces and been and published for the world to see. The shader core will contain 4 SIMDs, which will employ an instruction set that helps the shaders preserve processing power when operating on a smaller number of components at a time. Compared to the Xbox 360’s EDRAM, the ESRAM is capable of texturing, and rendering to surfaces in the main RAM, among other tasks. Game developers can look forward to the same amount of storage per disc, and relatively similar amounts of storage in main memory.

It’s not immediately clear whether or not this is a true cache or software managed memory.
So with our knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, why are we still make motherboards as big as a VCR?
When they do they will be able to snatch up a handful of developers with lots of experience working with that exact setup. The Xbox 360 used embedded eDRAM, and other consoles have before it.Two, AMD is going to start embedding eDRAM into its APUs in the near future as well. If it’s used as a cache, the embedded SRAM should significantly cut down on GPU memory bandwidth requests which will give the GPU much more bandwidth than the 256-bit DDR3-2133 memory interface would otherwise imply. DDR3 is presently cheaper than GDDR5 and that gap should remain over time (although 2133MHz DDR3 is by no means the cheapest available). It seems like a mistake for AMD to provide such a design knowing it is going to hurt them down the road. At 32MB the ESRAM is more than enough for frame buffer storage, indicating that Microsoft expects developers to use it to offload requests from the system memory bus. Depending on how the eSRAM is managed, it’s very possible that the Xbox One could have comparable effective memory bandwidth to the PlayStation 4. High speed GDDR5 isn’t the most power efficient, and Sony is now married to a more costly memory technology for the life of the PlayStation 4.
Game console makers (Microsoft included) have often used large high speed memories to get around memory bandwidth limitations, so this is no different. Why not make it a sportier, Lighter in weight, and tie it with the newest VR gear, and have a gaming anywhere super system?

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