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The Adobe Healthcare Blog is a resource for the use of Adobe products in the healthcare industry. Time was tight the day of my doctor’s visit, so I really was hoping I could fill out the forms ahead of time. Although my oral surgeon was clearly stuck in the paper world, my intuition was that I could probably find a lot of Patient Information Forms on the web.
I did a bit of Googling and got 36,400,000 hits on the term "patient information form"! In future articles, I’ll discuss how to convert your existing Patient Information Forms into fillable PDFs. In my last article, Patient Information Forms: Making Patients Happy, I discussed my frustration with the entire paper-based Patient Information Form Process. The frustration is fresh on my mind since I ran into the same problem today trying to schedule an appointment for my son today. Using Acrobat 9, you can create a form that is fillable for your patients who are using an earlier version of the free Adobe Reader. Using a mold to make concrete pavers is a fun and easy way to create your own unique walkway or patio. In today's world of big box home and garden stores and smaller specialty garden centers, you may wonder why using a mold to make concrete pavers is better than buying ready-made pavers.

The Mold Store carries a wide variety of molds to make pavers, stepping stones, bricks and more. Concrete Success features a wide variety of mold shapes to create interlocking patio stones as well as stones for garden paths. I called back the receptionist a few minutes later and asked her to email me all of the paperwork I needed and then I’d email it back. It’s easy to tab from field to field or click checkboxes to enter patient information.
I certainly didn’t have time to look at all 36 million hits, but out of the first few pages of results, only about 5% were fillable PDFs.
My son is in school at California State University and I have to fill in forms for him here in Illinois.
Adobe has distributed almost a billion copies of the free Adobe Reader, so it is very unlikely that your patient won’t be able to fill out the document. Installing pavers takes a bit of time and effort, but the results beautify the landscape while adding useful features. Start by searching the local telephone book for masonry supply centers or building materials.Several online retailers sell a wide variety of molds too. They include simple do-it-yourself instructions on how to cast pavers using their molds right on the home page.

You can choose the type of concrete or other mortar to make the stones, and even add coloring agents to the mortar to change it from gray to any color under the sun.
Depending on what sizes, shapes and colors of stepping stones and pavers you choose, you can add an air of formality or country charm to the garden path.
Rather than fussing with laying large blocks of stone, they're using the molds to make beautiful patterned areas for outdoor entertaining. Since adding stones and pavers takes time and effort, and the results aren't easily moved once they're installed, take your time to select the right look and feel for your garden.
All of these additions and choices add up to garden paths lined with concrete pavers that are as unique as you are and add your own personal stamp to the garden.
While you can certainly choose interesting and beautiful ready-made concrete pavers, making your own adds a creative dimension that appeals to many gardeners.

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