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Here are a few face tattoos you will regret getting if you ever decide to get your face tatted.
Can't comment on the nomad or banshee but I've had my process 153 DL for a few weeks now and it rails.
If you're really pushing it, you may not be able to get something aggressive enough DH that you can still pedal UH. Like KRob said, consider the Transition Patrol (just remember that it has a quite heavy frame), and my personal recommendation would be the new Giant Reign.
Also, if I'm not mistaken, having a 65 HT will make more of a difference in descending extremely steep trails (versus a 67 HT), if you're just looking at high speed stability, look at frame rigidity, chainstay length and wheelbase. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about.
Have a watch of some of the TP Videos from last year, or the Kona Process official video that they shot out in Whistler on all 3 models and see how hard these bikes can be pushed.
I'll preface this by saying I'm a Kona fanboy and I'm saving pennies towards a Process 153, but I think the Process, especially when comparing the lowest model of each, is a better value. I just checked, the Reign 2 looks to have a very similar spec to the Process 153, for $1000 less money (Canadian website anyway), so yes, you are a Kona fanboi to think that's a better value.

Ah, here in the states price is much closer (Reign being $100 less) but I think the Kona gets the slight nod on the dropper, rims (hubs might be a little worse though, especially that center lock bs), and tires.
At 42 I need something that won't destroy me when I point it down super gnar and that I can pedal up the hill, even if it's at a slow pace. Handles the rocky and rooty tracks where I live in New Zealand like a champ, it won't be the bike keeping you at the back of the pack, bike feels a lot more aggressive than what the stated head angle suggests and is grand on steep stuff. The $6000 aluminum one has very good value, however there is also a carbon one for $4700, or a cheap aluminum one for $3400.
The process 153 is a trail bike with a suspension tune and super stiff rear end to make it workable on DH sections, but at it's core, it's a 150 trail bike. I probably can't beat the deal with another bike, it reviews really well for pointing down and being stable and I can try out an angleset down the road if I feel the need (I ran the calculator - the bb drop is welcome, the wheelbase change is reasonable), or even another frame in a few years if I rack enough miles to deserve one. I imagine 1x10 will be one of the first steps for many of the riders picking up either bike. If you have one, send us a direct message on Instagram with your face tattoo photo or video and let us know if you want us to add it to this list, we would love to see it! I can get a really good price on the Kona Process 153 but I'm concerned that the 67degree heat tube will keep me in the back of the pack when we go do shuttle rides.

Short chain stays should make it more playful than a nomad but every bit as capable at speed. Currently I'm on a 2009 stumpjumper fsr with 120 in the back and a 09 150mm fox rl up front. Once I put the fork on and replaced the 120 fork I started hitting 25-30mph on technical steep stuff (trying to keep up with my friends) and the bike is scaring the crap out of me and the pivots are loosening up a little. If I'm headed down a new trail at 25+mph with my full face on expecting to find rocks and drops, I'd want to be on the reign, without question.
If I rode a lot of flatish trails with tight burms and jumps, I'd want to be on the process. Will I regret buying the process 153, should I save up for a nomad or a banshee or something.

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