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The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is regarded the most important heavy bomber the American Allies had during the Second World War. As per the requirement of the United States, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber with four engines, ready for long-haul traveling with a maximum of two thousand lb quantity of explosives, reaching speeds of two hundred and two hundred and fifty miles per hour came along after a series of upgrades, the first in its family being Boeing Model 229, its maiden voyage being in nineteen thirty-four. This Type of Aircraft is going to a Stealth Drone As Said Here."The Boeing X-48 is an experimental unmanned aerial vehicle for investigation into the characteristics of blended wing body aircraft, a type of flying wing. It dropped over six hundred and forty thousand tons of bombs, being responsible for over two hundred and ninety thousand sorties.
Although they had lost their prototype due to the error of a pilot, the United States pursued their goal.

It was a rather noisy place to be, but that did not stop the people to keep on coming and to make a home out of what was going to be their livelihood while the war lasted. Boeing designed the X-48 and two examples were built by Cranfield Aerospace in the UK" -Wikipedia.This type of aircraft is only going to be used by Air Forces across the world.
The initial complete model of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress came in five hundred and twelve units as the B-17E.
The Boeing served a purposed, but it was its crew that made most of what the aircraft could actually do.
Despite the fact that he was not introduced until the production of E models, the tail gunner probed to be one of the deterrents of the greatest import to enemy aircraft’s when enemy formations attempted to attack from the rear.

Some units are still available for view in museums while others are flown today by dedicated pilots. Provided with a limited twin machine gun with an arc-of-fire, that had Cheyenne turret in G models, the tail gunner shot the enemies down while kneeling. While offering 49 percent more room than a Boeing 747, the Airbus 380's operating costs are cited at around 15 to 20 percent lower per seat.

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