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It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that PlayStation Vita needs big time franchises to be successful. The fact that Mass Effect 3 will grace PlayStation 3 March 6 leaves the door wide open for the possibility of seeing this celebrated sci-fi series on Sony's new machine, which seems like a perfect fit to host BioWare's most popular creation.
The touch features, meanwhile, would prove useful in switching weapons on the fly (rear touch seems like an ideal fit), or simply choosing things to say during conversations.
We could even see a first person view (more for aesthetics, really) that works in tandem with Vita's gyroscope, allowing players to take in the various sights.
On top of that, Vita's online functionality allows for downloadable content, fed through PlayStation Network. The layoffs affect the Austin, Texas, division of BioWare an Electronic Arts-owned studio largely responsible for the creation of the game. At the end of August, Jessica Merizan and Holly Conrad appeared onstage during PAX Prime to help BioWare devs kick off the Dragon Age: Inquisition panel by revealing the first concept sketches of the female Inquisitor. Since then, Holly has been hard at work creating a costume to bring the look and feel of the female Inquisitor to life.
Following the expo, Holly was gracious enough to answer some questions about her involvement with the female Inquisitor’s concept.

The most challenging part in the build was definitely the coat, since I’m more familiar with making armor. Bringing a new character to life that no one has really gotten to encounter before is awesome, and has a kind of cool air of mystery about it. Our sincerest thanks to Holly for finding the time in her busy schedule to hang out with us at Edmonton Expo and give attendees a preview of the female Inquisitor. The announcement lacked any specific information regarding the number of employees let go in the restructuring, and EA did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. We were so excited that Holly could join us at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo in September to debut the completed outfit!
That was my goal with this character: to keep her really kickass and functional, but not just be a block of armor or a chainmail bikini. The concepting I did involved a lot of mobility issues, like changing the large material sash over the waist into a belt with pouches (because adventurers need pouches for gold and lyrium and other goodies, of course).
Thankfully, I found a wonderful seamstress (Samantha Terry of Double Monocle Cosplay) who created it for me. Yes, in retrospect, I don’t think gauntlets were ever used for opening water bottles, so really it’s still realistic.

We went back and forth on the overall look of the character, making sure that if I did any tweaks, it would still keep the same silhouette, etc.
I also made it so the coat could be brought in close to the waist, just making the look a bit slimmer. They were all so interested in the costume and happy to see people visiting—it was really special.
I think I could talk forever about translating drawn or 3D rendered costumes into the real world.
It’s actually patterned out of foam and not sculpted, which is something I haven’t done with helmets before, and it was super fun!

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