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Opinion: Could Apple adopt Amazon’s Scout model to give small developers a better shot at visibility? Recently, I came across an article on CNET that showcased a group of iOS apps that are compatible with Cardboard.
Virtually any iOS app that was designed to work with the Durovis Dive will work with Google Cardboard. If you don’t want to spend $25, then you can get a cheaper replica, that works the exact same (It’s just cardboard lol) for less than $3, with free shipping!
I made a Cardboard compatible iOS app, Mobile VS Station, a media player with head tracking.
It’s a very simple creation in terms of design and functionality, but provides a solid look into the future of technology without breaking the bank.

The official Cardboard app is nowhere to be found on the App Store, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. These apps weren’t actually designed with Cardboard in mind, but they were made to work with VR headsets (stereoscopic content), specifically the Durovis Dive, which is essentially a premium version of Cardboard that was announced back in January at CES 2014. There are only about five apps worth checking out at this point, but as the demand rises I’m sure other developers will jump on board and craft better VR experience apps.
Other than that, I found the iPhone and Cardboard virtual reality experience to be very comparable to an Android device. The lenses are too far apart and aren’t adjustable, so you need a taller screen like the iPhone 5 or most recent Androids. Your YouTube video doesn’t say how to activate the photos and videos files to make this app really work.

Either of those terms will pull up a variety of apps that were designed to work with VR headsets. Even so, with VR technology on the rise, do you think it would be important for Apple to make a move in this area? It’s obvious that developers have a slight interest in virtual reality on iOS, but until Apple makes a move (if they ever do), Google Cardboard is the best and most affordable way to experience this on an iOS device.

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