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Camber is the angle of the wheels in relation to the ground if you look from the front of the car. Ideally, you want a camber curve that keeps the tire straight up and down when you are driving straight, and leans the tire in slightly (1 to 2 degrees of negative camber) during cornering. Camber allows the weight of the car lean on the outer, more loaded tires, providing additional contact in a corner. While it is true that a car's suspension will most likely pass through various degrees of all of them in the normal operation of the vehicle (depending on set up and design), having a good base in the beginning will be vital in having a competitive package for a given goal. A negative camber in the front tires is always recommended, and in most situations the front camber value should be higher than the rear. On oval tracks (US type of racing), the inner wheels will need positive camber and the outer wheels will need negative camber to counter the angle of the track (if you remember, it was a lot of talk about that before first US GP in Indianapolis because of last, banked corner). Using camber to reduce oversteer and understeer should be treated as a secondary option to adjusting springs and shocks or wings first.
Camber intake is the measure of how much the camber angle changes as the suspension is compressed. Neutral Camber:A best suited for maximum acceleration and braking, this set up makes sure a flat contact patch is retained on flat road surfaces. Positive Camber:A used more for off road applications as this setting helps the wheels to turn with lighter steering effort required. When a car leaves the manufacturer's factory camber is set according to oem part specs and long testing, so when you do lower your car or add a new set of rims to it you risk the chance of throwing off camber.

To better serve Canadians, Natural Resources Canada recently re-organized its website and archived older content. As a result, many pages have been removed and the addresses of the remaining pages have changed. Our site features information on forest-related topics of interest, publications and reports, as well as the ability to search for specific content.
However, on level ground and straights, the more camber you have the less contact surface area the tire has to the road. This is determined by the length and angle between the top and bottom suspension arms (or turnbuckles). Having suspension arms that are closer to each other at the wheel side than at the car, will result in camber angles that vary radically (and a car that behaves erratically).
The roll center of your car will in turn determine how weight will be transferred when cornering and this will have an important effect on handling.
The benefit of this is that the outer wheel generates greater lateral force on the entry to a corner (so-called camber thrust, similar to the way a motorbike rider generates lateral force by keeling the bike over), but the disadvantage is that the inner shoulders of both front tires will suffer greater stress when the car runs in a straightline. The inside wheels may lift on the inner contact edge of the tire duration extreme cornering.
The outside wheel under extreme cornering loads will benefit, but camber levels are normally linked (might be a consideration for oval tracks). Camber kits are necessary to correct the misalignment caused by the installation of the new springs and are also highly recommended if you are upgrading your stock wheels and tires to aftermarket ones to prevent any future problems with tire wear and alignment.

Site is relatively new, but great fun, with great discussion forum, Formula 1 news and forum. Using more camber than necessary is not advisable and will result in reduced grip on flat straights and increase tire overheating and wear.
If the top and bottom suspension arms are parallel, camber will not change as the suspension is compressed. Too much Negative Camber will increase the A inside tires wear and could result in handling imbalances and tire overheating and blistering.
Unfortunately, to get access to all news, interviews and to open the site completely you should be subscribed to Autosport magazine.
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