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Duncan Bickley, a pilot from Brentwood, Essex, was a contestant on the show on October 21, 2000, and achieved the unfortunate distinction of becoming the first person in the UK to miss the 14th question, thus losing ?218,000. 5 from the 10 contestants got correctly D-B-C-A, but Duncan did it the fastest (5.08 seconds), making it into the Hot Seat. Duncan didn't know, so he used his final lifeline, he said that the answer had to be Pegasus as Pegasus was a winged horse and Jason had nothing to do with flying. Two Way TV has signed an exclusive agreement with Celador International to develop the first interactive cable television version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Subscribers to NTL or Telewest cable television in the UK will be able to take the hot seat at any time of day and play an interactive game based on the hit television quiz.
Interactive players will be able to ask the audience, phone a friend or take a 50:50 as they climb the money tree to the million pound question. NewsletterReceive regular updates on the latest developments in broadband and broadcast convergence.

The format of the show involves contestants answering questions correctly to win an increasingly large amount of cash. Who Wants to be a Millionaire is a great single-player and family game, it’s fun and educational. Right before his big loss, he told Chris Tarrant in his own words "It's only money, innit?". Find out which pay-TV providers are the market leaders, defending revenues and gaining more customers by delivering media across multiple screens. It’s hard to comprehend the success that the television show and the videogame has achieved on a global basis. Who Wants to be a Millionaire is easy at first, but becomes more difficulty as the show progresses. Saving your progress allows the computer to keep track of the questions that have already been asked and Chris will not repeat any question until all have been exhausted.

The first game smashed sales records becoming reaching a million sales in the fastest time ever in the UK, and quickly became a family favourite. Contestants have three life-lines available with them to help with the questions they don’t know, Ask the Audience, 50-50, and phone a friend.
Many people enjoy playing along with show shouting answers at the TV and sharing the tension. The studio and audience have also been given the 3D treatment, doing away with the pre-rendered animation.
If you have the PS2 printer you can print out your winnings and take the check down to your local bank, only kidding.

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