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April 21, 2015 by Heather 17 CommentsAs I was sitting in front of my computer yesterday morning watching the live stream of the Boston Marathon, I realized that I really, really did not have time to watch all morning, but I just couldn’t pull myself away from the screen. This of course got me thinking about all the other days and times I end up with way too many things to do and not enough time to do them in….Which is sometimes multiple days a week.
Plan a reward for getting your list completed, but be careful to not reward yourself until AFTER you get your work done. I’m getting better at my schedule planning, but I still need to work on my meal planning. Use code LOOKINGGLASS15 for $15 off ANY Rock 'n Roll half or full marathon, excluding Mexico. I indulged myself though, and watched the women’s and men’s winners cross before starting my work.
When I get overwhelmed and not sure where to start I end up procrastinating so it’s a vicious cycle. My “office” is upstairs in the bonus room, it’s a mess, and it’s just not a sunny cheery place.
I put important deadlines and appointments in the Google calendar which sends alerts to my phone, and every day type things like “go to grocery store” in my paper planner. It can be something like stopping at Starbucks on the way home from work, taking a bubble bath or a long walk by yourself, a pedicure, or picking up your favorite take out for dinner. I have lots of lists but am so easily distracted…especially when it comes to social media.
For me the most important thing to do is always prioritize what needs to get done first as the priority! I am Heather Montgomery, formerly known as Running With Sass®, a 30 year old living in Mississippi with my husband, baby, and toy poodle.

Today I wanted to provide you with a few tidbits I have learned along the way to help you maximize your time and get things done. I know especially here in the south it’s hard to say no to people, activities, and opportunities. I am also a big fan of daily lists, they help keep me on track and knock out the big stuff I need to get done that day.  My brain can only hold so many things before something falls out of it. You may work best in big chunks of time, knocking something out while your spouse works best in little spurts before moving on to something else.
Pick the three to five most important things that MUST GET DONE TODAY and put those in bold letters at the top of your list. Or, you can wait and reward yourself on the weekend if you make it through all five days of getting everything done that you were supposed to that week. Which means I was up until 11:30 working last night and probably will be again tonight ahhh. Things are getting busier these days and I have to get more strict about my scheduling and time keeping or I can’t get things done.
I quickly got overwhelmed when I realized there was not enough time to get everything done I needed to for the day because I had “lost” two hours of valuable work time. I know, you all had this grand illusion of me sitting at my computer desk, with my race medals and mickey mouse ears hanging from a lamp shade, surrounded by files and notepads full of amazing blog ideas. I have learned that just because I say “I will remember xyz” does not mean it will actually happen. For instance, I will put on a load of laundry, wash some dishes, then sit down at the computer and catch up on emails.
Then add a few more things underneath in regular lettering that you would love to get done, but if you don’t it’s not the end of the world.

Then it’s switch the laundry over, take out the dog, and do some squats before getting back on the computer and writing my next blog post. No no, I work at the kitchen table hand me down from when I was 4 years old, surrounded by baby toys, pens with no ink in them, and sticky notes that I can’t even read because my handwriting is THAT bad. If it’s a day when the baby is home then I really, really take a lot of “breaks” to do things with her.
If you are at home with kids, prioritize the things you can get done while they are awake, and then save the things you really need to focus on for naptime.
I have had to back off of some of my work because I was simply getting too overwhelmed, overworked, and overtired. Ok, we are getting off track ere… This has pros  (I can multi task, watch the baby, etc.), and cons (I can turn on the TV and get easily distracted, I see all the things that I can piddle with in the kitchen and living room, gives me a divided mind). If I had remembered that the marathon was that morning (I know, I’m ashamed to call myself a runner), I could have planned for it.
The only problem is sometimes my “breaks” end up being too long and I tend to flutter to too many flowers and not really get anything done.
I really really wanted to get a haircut but it had to be something I “dropped” for the day. Take a step back and look at your week, or have someone impartial look with you to help identify if you have too much going on, and if something can be passed off to someone else. It was either that or getting groceries, so even though my hair sadly looks like a lion’s mane, we have to eat.

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