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I got an individual card recently from a family who was finally taking their first baby home. As a rather demanding patient myself (I have several chronic illnesses) I always bring my Doctors snacks when I see them – homemade cookies, bread, biscotti, or a starbucks card because they work so hard for me and give so much of their personal time. So here I am to thank you for dedicating your life to healing others, even those that intentionally mess themselves up – you are truly a credit to humanity.
Along with the fruit is a handwritten note to tell him just how special he is to our family and how much I appreciate him and everything he’s done for us this year.
A published annotated bibliography helps researchers by identifying what has already been written on a topic.

Check with your instructor to see if you will be required to analyze as well as summarize the works in your list.
Note: normally you must also provide your reader with a citation every time you paraphrase or summarize someone else's work or ideas.
However, an entry in an annotated bibliography by definition includes a summary of the original author's work.
For more information about types of plagiarism, avoiding plagiarism, and what you do and do not need to document check out the website for the Academic Integrity Resource Centre. Annotated bibliographies use the same sorts of citation styles that standard bibliographies and lists of works cited do.

Your instructor will likely specify the style you are to use - but if not - you will have to choose one and use it consistently throughout your bibliography. This guy goes way out of his way for us and his other patients, even after 40+ years of practice. I know that clear liquid diet is standard orders for dehydrated peds patients and thought that someone just hadn’t noticed that he was an infant because he was a new admit.

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