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Microscopic eggs, called oocysts, are ingested, then multiply in the intestines and are expelled in droppings.
Farmer Fred’s flock appears healthy and possesses immunity to the particular species of oocysts living in his yard. AFTER the second round of treatment for cocci is completed, particularly when using amprolium, a vitamin supplement should be given to replace the Vitamin B1 lost during treatment. With a little common sense and good flock management practices, cocci can be controlled and easily treated when necessary. Fred finishes up his morning coop chores and walks over to farmer Betty’s chicken yard with his shovel to help her dig some fence posts.

The following two photos illustrate that not all blood in droppings is caused by cocci or worms.
There are a number of species of Coccidia that affect chickens and immunity can be acquired by gradual exposure over time. Oocysts travel with him on the soles of his boots, his shovel and his clothes and are deposited in Betty's yard.
Both of these samples were tested by my vet's laboratory and were NEGATIVE for cocci and worms. Before modern drugs became available, milk sometimes was used as a flush to induce diarrhea to clean out the intestines of poultry infected with coccidiosis.

Today, instead of spreading coccidial protozoa from the loosened bowels of infected birds, we have a variety of drugs called coccidiocides that destroy the parasites and reliably cure birds of the disease.

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