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Once on the job, the server needs to learn about various types of seasonal and craft beers. The most important skill to have as a cocktail waitress is the ability to communicate with people in a friendly manner. When you work as a cocktail waitress, in a lot of cases your income comes from tips left by customers. As part of the job is carrying trays of beverages to customers through an often crowded area, you need to have balance, strength, and agility to work as a cocktail waitress. You also need to be familiar with alcoholic beverages and the menu of your establishment to work as a cocktail waitress. Even if a customer is extremely rude to you, you should stay calm and remain polite to him. You not only need to remember each customer's drink order long enough to place it, but you need to remember who ordered what when you deliver the cocktails to avoid embarrassment.

You want to avoid knocking over the tray you are carrying or spilling a drink on a customer. If a customer asks you what is in a drink or what is in a food item, you should be able to tell him easily. Having the ability to chat with people at the restaurant or bar and learn frequent customers' names are two other important skills to have.
As you are most likely working with alcohol, you need to know how to handle situations when a customer has had too much to drink or when a customer who is under age wants to drink. Trays of glasses full of liquid can become very heavy, so you need to be able to lift a certain amount of weight. At some restaurants, cocktail waitresses may also be responsible for getting simple drinks, such as bottled beer, draught beer, or wine. And although this isn’t bad, we have to update our priorities to address the current challenges.

Learning customer's names increases the likelihood that they will return to your restaurant. If serving food is part of the job, you will need to lift trays loaded down with plates and other dishes. At InspirEngage International, the Skills Bootcamps support young people to develop their essential life skills alongside academia, exactly for the reasons Dr Anthony Sheldon outlines below in this BBC article. They are the victim of forces that compel them to focus on a narrow range of exam teaching and subjects at the cost of broader education in the arts, character, sports and the social and work skills that employers increasingly want in the 21st century.

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