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Course Description: In literature our primary focus will be literary analysis and reading comprehension skills. QUESTIONS FROM TEACHERS & KIDS for the author (from his website)What made you decide to become a writer?I think from reading.
A few days ago, Paul Kendal of the British newspaper the Telegraph wrote that in 1941 a medical officer by the name of Major Leo Skurnik received an Iron Cross from the German high command.
The serious historical questions which Kendal failed to posit and which are largely and sometimes deliberately ignored by the Holocaust establishment are simply these: If Hitler’s goal was to annihilate an entire race, how is it possible that there were thousands upon thousands of people of Jewish descent in Nazi Germany? Is it historically and intellectually satisfying to maintain both contradictory positions at the same time and in the same respect? Those are some of the many questions that I asked one writer who happened to publish a widely read book on Nazi Germany. In our long private conversation, he kept positing that it was Hitler’s intent to exterminate the Jews of Europe, but throughout his analysis, he failed to seriously deal with the puzzling situation that people of Jewish descent in Nazi Germany posed a serious threat to the prevailing thesis that the Hitler wanted to exterminate all Jews of Europe. These areas are poorly understood because theories that are inconsistent with the prevailing vision of the Holocaust establishment—even when based on historical documentation—are dismissed without examination.
Much of Rigg’s sources are from archival documents and personal interviews with those who said they were of Jewish descent in Nazi Germany, but since Laqueur does not seem to be interested in serious research like this, he dismisses Rigg by name-calling.
Hitler “allowed some Mischlinge to apply for exemptions under section 7 of the supplementary decrees of November 1935. Hitler “played a direct role” in allowing such Jews to remain in his service.[11] Those Mischlinge families “had lived in Germany for generations, and most had lost all contact with their Jewish heritage. As we saw in previous articles, it was not just Hitler who saw that Bolshevism would create a nightmare in Europe. It was a sense of Jewish supremacy over the Germans that accelerated the Nazis to move quickly to develop a response to Jewish ascendancy. Yet this side of history has never seen the light of day in the Holocaust establishment precisely because it would destroy the building block of this school of thought completely. What is even more astonishing is that when discussing the Frankfurt School, Sachar only mentions in passing that it was an institution funded largely by Jews and for Jewish leftists, but failed to document their pornographic and revolutionary activities.
Moreover, he did not even touch on the pornographic nature of Weimar Germany, which Jewish revolutionaries made possible and which eventually incited anti-Jewish reactions among some racialists and other secular intellectuals and writers of various stripes. Historically, the Goldhagen thesis suffers badly when one looks at Jews in Germany in the 1800s. Before the 1930s, groups that adopted anti-Semitic propaganda influenced only a fraction of the population, and they “never drew a large percentage of the total votes.

Rigg writes that “between 1800 and 1900, around seventy thousand Jews converted to Christianity in Germany and in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
The Jews perceived that the only way they could move forward was through assimilation, which sometimes included (false or opportunistic) conversion. There were also movements among the Jews that sought to “‘Europeanize’ Russian Jewry through secular education and general socio-cultural self-regeneration.”[56] The results of these undertakings were many, but one was that “Jewish gymnasium students and rabbinical seminarians” began to hijack nihilism, which was used “for preaching socialism, propagating revolution,” and so on. Heinrich Heine fit the pattern of Jews who converted to Christianity for political or “opportunistic reasons.”[58] This was justified when revolution broke out in France in the summer of 1830. When Moses Mendelssohn, a Jewish composer who (opportunistically) converted to Christianity, failed to put his musical talent to revolutionary use, Heine scolded him. Heine “contracted syphilis in his youth and died of the malady in 1856.”[61] During his last days, when his health was deteriorating, Heine gave signs that his conversion was not sincere.
Around 1835 Heine met Marx and Engels, and in 1842 he foresaw that Communism would terrorize the entire world. Yet full assimilation was another way to embrace German mores, which progressively had become more secular and somewhat Masonic in nature and ideology.
For the most part, they are off to a great start!1) Reading is assigned M-F, regardless if there is a holiday or student is absent. Students are given opportunities to make oral presentations and to demonstrate creativity through unit projects.
My favorite authors became my heroes, and I wanted to be like them.How do get the ideas for all the silly things that go on at Wayside School?I sit at my desk and I just try to think. Alexis graduated from Avon Park High School, studied mathematics and philosophy as an undergraduate at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and has a master's degree in education from Grand Canyon University.
Is it rationally sound to say that those Jewish people were simply dupes and simply didn’t know Hitler’s real intention? Half-Jews who were not brought up as Jews (Geltungsjuden) were not deported and killed: There were legal problems, and Hitler, who did not want to be bothered by lawyers, declared that he would take a binding decision only after the final victory.
What, then, is the background of all these complex issues and how can one confront some of the prevailing claims of the Holocaust establishment? He keeps propounding the unconvincing thesis that Jewish persecution was a direct result of hatred, rather than Jewish revolutionary activity. Moreover, a deep commitment to a legal and constitutional state was shared by late-nineteenth-century liberals and conservatives. Nevertheless, legal emancipation was accepted as part and parcel of the new state despite pressure from rabid anti-Semites to re-impose legal restrictions on Jews.

After World War I additional small anti-Semitic parties arose with racist programs, but once again their electoral strength was less than 5 percent of all valid votes.
Haberer writes that this was largely forced assimilation, but Jewish scholar Benjamin Nathans seems to show that it was not forced; since the tsarist government wanted the Jews to integrate, they produced a number of academic programs that would be suitable to Jews. Heine, who was on vacation during that time, felt that he too should take up arms in the revolutionary mode of the time. Student MAY complete the work early or make-up in the following week.2) Typing is OK, but students have to keep all entries. It may be because the life of a writer is somewhat boring, sitting alone in a room, in front of a computer screen.
Sachar has a chapter on Nazi Germany in his over a thousand-page work A History of the Jews in America. Both groups rejected all attempts to nullify the legal equality of Jews; not a single law was passed between 1869 and 1933 to rescind the new freedoms granted during the foundation of Germany. Special topics: characterization, conflict, plot, setting, figurative language, reading comprehension and strategies for listening. Clear ideas, connections made to writing to ones self (opinion or experiences) other books or the world at large. I may write one someday.Who are your favorite characters from your books?I've got a lot of favorite characters. It's interesting because when I write and work on a book for a year or so, the characters become very real to me.
All projects will include some sort of oral report to class and on-line presentation (such as a picture of project or short video).
Upon completion of reading, students will produce complex, high quality literary presentations that reflect originality, creative thought and technology. One day he and a three other orphans are sent away with a man who is traveling on a big boat to America. The teacher will supply a list of potential topics; however, highly motivated students may create an original project idea with teacher approval.
I am glad he is getting out of the orphanage and the man he was given to seems much nicer than the orphanage.

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