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More than 200 apartments and businesses were raided in the country wide crackdown, seizing 70 weapons, 170 computers, and 45,000 music CDa€™s. Jews have suffered more oppression than any other ethnic group in history, particularly in Europe. Getting people used to idea of removing freedoms, even celebrating it, making it easier for them to use those tools on other groups they deem a threat,a€? continued Douglas. Germany has one of the strictest set of laws in the world restricting racism and prejudice, though none of those laws were drafted in, around, or near Nuremberg.
Literally translated as the a€?Night of Broken Glassa€™, Kristallnacht is seen by many as the official first night of the a€?Final Solutiona€™, the effort to eradicate Jews from the face of the planet.
Now over 70 years later German police have decided to enact similar action against Neo-Nazis, bringing back difficult memories and putting a jackboot in the face of irony.

That acceptance and the prevalence of teaching Fascist history is being pinpointed as the root of modern German efficiency at rooting out minority groups.
From the Phoenicians, to Charlemagne, to the Crusades, Jews have been seen as devils, unclean, or not human which has led to persecution and mass murder for centuries.
That when a government decides to take away the freedom of one group they are only steps away from taking freedom from all groups.
Many are attributing the gap in efficiency to the limited Neo-Nazi population and the startling efficiency of the Nazia€™s versus todaya€™s secret police.
The Neo-Nazi movement has been in existence since the early 1960a€™s and tend to yell a lot, making them sound a lot scarier than Jews who tend to speak rationally.
Something like this, where very few people like the people being targeted, could be seen as Trojan horse.

It may be different here though because of the experience the Germans have had with persecution.
Obviously the German people are a little more sensitive to this type of thing because of their past.

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