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THE USE OF KNOWLEDGE IS POWERWhen power becomes gracious and descends into the visible — such descent I call beauty.
For instance, the clean technology to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water as a fuel for all kinds of motors of combustion is available for several decades, but it has been deliberately suppressed by the oil corporations that are in the hands of the dark forces. A couple of months ago, I did a prosperity experiment in which I anonymously left $5 bills in public places for people to find.
A friend recently called me, frustrated about how she’d been working with the Law of Attraction and hoping to manifest a relationship. Real stories of people using the Law of Attraction to get desired results can be inspiring and educational — but so can stories of people mis-using LOA and reaping not-so-happy outcomes.
Have you ever met anyone who believes everything will always work out the way she wants it to?
And there is nobody from whom I want beauty as much as from you who are powerful: let your kindness be your final self-conquest. Stankov, in the 5th dimension between advanced interdimensional intelligent civilizations and the ascended "5th dimensional" human race. The sleeping majority of human beings are involuntary slaves of the Powers That Be, who execute this perennial enslavement through their proxies. The chief culprits are the FED and the private American and Anglo-Saxon banks that own this central bank, followed by ECB and other central banks.
They have created many new technologies, including UFOs and other vehicles, while at the same time they have systematically suppressed the implementation of numerous patents and new technologies for the sake of the broad population. However, this is not the plan for humanity at this time, as the Forces of Light will also have a say on this issue.
However, the vast majority of star seeds are either completely ignorant on the role of the dark forces in the shaping of humanity or prefer to close their eyes, as these facts can be indeed very scary, and fears do not help the light body process and Ascension.
The portion of incarnated entities that will decide to live in further separation will continue to live on planet B or will leave earth prior to Ascension.
The alternatives are: 1) to awaken and ascend with the earth in the 5th dimension, 2) to leave earth and go back to the original realms of all souls, or 3) to stay on a degrading catastrophic planet and experience more of the same and even worse. This will include all star seeds (light workers), indigo, crystalline, and rainbow children (old souls), and most adult souls. The transition from one soul age cycle to the next one is associated with a profound confusion that arises from the new psycho-mental and energetic orientation of the incarnated entities as to comply with the requirements of the new soul age.
Quite often they have chosen the role of the martyr and have consented to become victims of young souls who have to make the experience of the perpetrator and extinguish human lives in this soul age. During this age cycle the adult soul experiences seldom moments of fulfillment and happiness. It should be well known, at least among light workers, that the eyes of the incarnated entity are windows to the soul. However, as their mental abilities are rudimental, they are guided in an instinctive, subconscious manner by their souls throughout their life.

In the industrial countries, baby and young souls can be found in rural areas with stable family structures. Therefore, they tend to cooperate with them or to succumb to their dark influence from the 4th dimension.
In previous times, for instance, in ancient Greece and Hellenism, there was a better understanding for these dark forces and their despicable influence on human behaviour.
This distortion was deliberately forged by the Orion reptilians during the Dark Ages, when their reign on earth was unlimited.
The plots and protagonists of Hollywood films have stipulated these negative, perverse, truly dark features of the young American souls to the utmost. This transgression is associated with a radical shift in their obsession with the manipulation of the outer reality towards the multidimensionality of the inner soul.
The experiment tested the Law of Reciprocity, or the theory that what you give out you get back. One of the greatest benefits of such a group: We can multiply our manifesting power by visualizing success for each other. She complained that it wasn’t working and she was tired of reading books, focusing on her thoughts and trying other strategies to manifest the perfect mate. Consider the following real-world LOA mishap: Nancy, a 40-something school administrator, wanted to quit her job and become a full-time massage therapist. She sees the best in everybody, she believes that all people have her best interests at heart and she just knows she’ll get the job she wants, the relationship she wants and the life she wants? Tell us about books, courses, and products you've tried that have worked and we'll share them with our readers so they too can benefit. This has led to the development of a unified theory of physics and cosmology, which is an axiomatization (axiomatics) of physics and mathematics. All physical quantities such as mass, charge, force, and momentum are abstract subsets of space-time that are defined within mathematics (objects of thought). The latter have the hidden agenda to create the New World Order, as one of their main speakers, [Dr. Many of the CEOs of these financial corporations are human clones that are created by genetic engineering by the Unholy Six, in the first place, by the Greys.
Our planet will then split into two planets as already discussed: 1) Planet A will ascend in the 5th dimension and 2) Planet B will stay in the present 3d-density, will experience huge material and natural disasters during and after the shift, and will slowly degrade to an even greater density and separation from the Whole. According to the working model of soul age, as developed by the author, all adult and old souls will ascend.
Purely for this reason young souls cannot look in the eyes of adult and old souls, as they have to re-member the existence of the soul and this insight scares them to death.
This transgression begins with a total confusion and a dramatic shift of previous beliefs and social habits.
Since they are unable to exert any influence on society, their biographies are well wrapped in rigid family structures, or they have the assurance to leave the body vessel prematurely, if they cannot cope with the harsh conditions on earth.

In this environment mobility and individuality are not needed to the same extent as in big cities and other urban areas, which are predominantly populated by young souls.
Plotinus, the founder of Neo-Platonism, the most sophisticated Gnostic teaching in the history of Western civilization, has described these demonic forces extensively and very precisely in his Enneads.
This is the psycho-mental mind-set of present-day humanity and, to the opinion of the author, one need few words to persuade the reader as to how deplorable the situation on earth has become prior to Ascension. This process begins with a total confusion of this population of incarnated entities, as none of their young soul beliefs of maximal separation will hold true after their energetic transformation. This knowledge will become a central piece of information in the revelations and tribulations that will take place in the course of this year [2011].
His estimations are that there are currently about 4-8% old souls and about 25-30% adult souls on earth. Such intensive human involvements and experiences create the necessary karma that has to be worked out step by step in the following incarnations when the ability to show compassion, love, and understanding have grown in the course of painful experience. Most of these souls are product of genetic engineering by the dark forces and can be easily recognized by their lifeless, dark eyes.
The young soul cycle is associated with a maximal amnesia, because in this age the soul has to focus its intent and abilities towards manipulating and changing the external world.
The major results of this theory are: all terms in physics can be axiomatically derived from the primary term - energy = space-time (primary axiom). Since they contain space-time as an element (U-subsets), they can be derived in an axiomatic manner from the primary term.
The activities of the dark forces must be completely blocked this year [2011], so that they can no longer exert their deplorable influence on mankind prior to Ascension. They are fully aware of the fact that in the last two years of Revelations and Tribulations they will lose their grip on mankind and earth. These activities include physical matter, but also the manipulation of other entities under various conditions. Energy (space-time) is closed, infinite, continuous, inhomogeneous (discrete), and constant; it is in a state of permanent energy exchange. All they want to achieve currently is somehow to survive the shift and proceed with their evil business as usual on Planet B.
In the meantime, they are doing everything possible to take as many sleeping human beings with them on planet B, as they can harvest in these times of tribulations.
Thus the validity of mathematics as challenged by Godel’s theorem can be proven in the real word (proof of existence).

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