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We’ll show you the most common varieties below and help you decide which shape is right for you.
January 31, 2013 - 32 notes#nails #nail shape #Kiss Products #kiss nail dress #nail art brujathecat liked thisdontpanicphotography liked thismusicismycolorbitch liked thisgreen-tea-and-whiskey liked thishedonisticho liked thiscapital-loser liked thisluvu2bbe liked thismonserrtth liked thisamirahscollection reblogged this from influenstergivenuponsanity liked thisaliciaboo93 liked thissujubabo liked thismalicious-cookie liked thiskarincohen liked thiscandicehuck8111 liked thisbeautynva-blog reblogged this from influenstereverythingncats answered: I usually do mine in a square shape but I am breaking them left and right. A reproduction hung in your college dorm room or a picture tacked to the refrigerator door, that’s what! Oval: Universally flattering, this shape is achieved by softening the edges of your nails and slightly rounding out the tips.

Almond: Filed away at the sides and softly pointed at the tip, this look is perfect for those lucky ladies who never have a problem with nail breakage and growth. I think its time for rounded edges.a-attitude-blog-blog reblogged this from influensternovicenails reblogged this from spellboundnailseverythingncats reblogged this from influenster and added:This is really good! The oval is perfect for ladies with shorter, wider fingers, as it has the effect of elongating the nail bed for a more elegant look.
Flattering for all, but especially sweet for ladies with larger hands, just curve your nail file along the tips and sides of your nails for an incontestably cute look!

Achieved by rounding out the edges, but flattening the tip of the nail, the squoval has all the sassy class of the square paired with the soft sweetness of the oval.

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