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Here are the step by step guide to ensure how Hillary Clinton does not become first female president. I am sure republicans will jump at the chance of denying the crucial first female president historical event to Hillary Clinton. For students that have not yet been assigned an advisor you may contact the Online Student Services Counselor6. If you have not yet completed the Online Learning Introduction, it is recommended that you do so now.7.

Elect Hillary Clinton President: (err sorry again I apologise I mean the Democratic Party Nominee).
No matter what happens on Tuesday 1st March 2016, even if we have only 25% success for the delegates, we must continue to elect delegates for him all the way through 50 states and 6 territories (or is that 7?
So now vice president Dole becomes president.  The first female President of the USA President Mary Elizabeth Alexander Hanford "Liddy" Dole.
We need to delegates to ensure progressive agenda is adopted at the convention even if we do not get Bernie Sanders.

Any progressive agenda will need to take effect at local government levels, state government levels and federal levels, everywhere.
This will enable the president to persue a more progressive liberal agenda either because she fears the progessive supporters ditching her or because she feels more free to persue liberal agenda.

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