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In order to help my fellow morning zombies, I’ve tested products aimed at the deepest sleepers and the most stubborn snoozers. Each morning I tried the Sonic Bomb, I woke up in terror and shut it off and went back to sleep. Many of us with sleep inertia have no problem hearing our alarm clocks—we just keep hitting the snooze button again and again. Even the savviest app can’t contain allure of a warm bed, fluffy blankets and a soft mattress on a chilly winter morning. So after trying out all of these methods, is anything actually getting me up in the mornings?
I set the Step Out of Bed to make sure I actually move out of my bedroom and into the bathroom.
I realize that its insane but I wasn't lying when I said my morning problems are truly dire. While many people still believe that a hearty breakfast in the morning is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, many researchers are now rethinking this idea.
A Keto diet (short for Ketogenic) is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that works hand-in-hand with intermittent fasting.
If you are trying to optimize your brainpower and energy levels, it might be best to alter or not follow the low-carb suggestion of the Keto diet. While it might seem crazy to you to get up at the crack of dawn, it might just provide you the physical and mental boost you need! A study done in 2008 by Texas University found that people who identified themselves as “morning people” earned, on average, a GPA of one full point higher than the self-identified “night owls.” Waking up early also helps you plan better, minimize problems more efficiently, be more optimistic, and get better sleep.
I know that a lot of these habits are hard to break into, but if you really want to be on top of your game and feel great, these suggestions will really make a difference!
Follow Focus+ on social media for nootropics-related information, and special updates and promotions! 1 (800) 841 4671*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Create your subscriptions by selecting the quantity and delivery schedule that fits your needs. We'll automatically place your orders and deliver them to you by your monthly Subscribe & Save delivery day. Cancel anytime - no commitments, obligations, or fees and shipping is always free with purchases over $40. But sleep inertia sufferers, the feeling of extreme disorientation or grogginess after waking, do not elicit equal sympathy. The next morning, I was surprised to find myself gently nudged out of my sleep an hour earlier than usual but a lot less groggy and cranky. When I explained my myriad waking issues to the representative from Sonic Alert, he said I should try the Sonic Bomb Super Shaker Alarm Clock ($52.95).

Step Out of Bed ($1.99 for iPhone) will not shut off until you get out of bed and take 30 steps. This irritating but effective alarm app will not shut off unless you get out of bed and take a picture of a pre-selected object in your home.
Sleep experts recommend that you immediately make your bed after waking up in order to discourage climbing back in. On mornings when the warm cozy bed is too alluring, I place a pile of books on my side of the bed. My husband has known me for 10 years and did not think he would ever see the day when I was up and around an hour before I needed to get somewhere.
Considering that the old healthy eating triangle contained eight servings of bread and other fattening carbs, it’s a good idea to look past age-old “common knowledge” and seek out newer ideas and information when considering lifestyle changes.
While this concept is likely counterintuitive to most people, the science behind it holds up. A basic explanation is that when you eat, you should eat a high-fat, medium-protein, low-carb meal. While eating lots of carbs can make you feel sluggish, eating no carbs can also lead to feeling tired and run-down. Ben Franklin once said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” and we all know that good old Ben Franklin knew what he was talking about. You don’t need to start lifting heavy weights in order to feel the effects of exercise; especially since cardio work is going to give you the best, quickest mental benefits. Even just one 30-minute cardio workout will pump extra blood to your brain, providing the nutrients and oxygen that it needs to perform at it’s best. Here at Nootelligence, we practice what we preach, and we each take a healthy dose of vitamins and nootropics each day. Every morning, my mother had to shout at me that I had to 15 minutes to get dressed and be out the door but it was always worth it to get those extra five minutes of sleep. It shoots a flying propeller up into the air and in order to shut the dang thing off, you have to dig around to find the plastic piece and replace it on the clock.
This app has changed my life, it makes me actually move out of my bedroom and into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
I didn't get to try this one out since I have an iPhone, but as long as you use a photo of your coffeepot rather than something next to your headboard, it should have the same effect as Step Out of Bed.
When you eat a large meal in the morning, a significant amount of blood flow is directed to your stomach, therefore infringing on the supply of blood that could have otherwise been directed to your brain. Following a strict Keto diet means that your nutrient intake will consist of about 70-75% of calories from fat, 20-25% from protein, and 5-10% from carbohydrates.
Some versions of the Keto diet advocate taking in carbohydrates on weekends to replenish your body.
Now if taking his word isn’t good enough for you, luckily there is a lot of other evidence that waking up early has benefits for your body and mind.

For my daily nootropic stack, I personally wake up and take 200mg of L-Theanine, 350mg of Alpha-GPC, 1000mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR), 250mg of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT), and 1600mg of Piracetam. This sounds nutty (how is this different from a regular alarm?) but it's been really great thus far. It weirdly worked better for me than the Sonic Bomb because the propeller shot it across the room which forced me to get out bed to replace it on the clock to shut it up. By skipping breakfast, your brain can function better because its supply of blood is not being limited. While Keto is tough and might require some tricky initial calculations, a few days on it might have you feeling better, and weighing a few less pounds. If you don’t want to do that, then I would personally suggest eating a limited amount of carbs each day (20-50 grams), but focusing more on avoiding gluten, since it is often really the gluten that makes carbs tire you down. This combination, which contains the same nootropics as Nootelligence (other than Piracetam), is great for helping me stay focused at work, and for keeping my stress levels down, which also leads to more productivity. My morning bleariness and disorientation led to a lot of unsigned permission slips and overdue library books left at the door. The Sonic Bomb definitely woke me up (and scared the crap out of me) but since it requires a lot of cords and plugs to power both the clock and the vibrating disc that goes under the mattress, I had to have it near my bed, not under the mattress.
In addition to these nootropics, I take a Vitamin B-Complex that includes B12, I take a Biotin supplement, I take Green Tea Extract, and a capsule combining fish oil, borage oil and flax oil. Maybe try to find a good sushi lunch-special, and get a good dose of those Omegas at the same time!
Going to group fitness classes can be a great way to get into a routine, because you are motivated to keep up with everyone else. Determine what your priorities are, find a combination of nootropics, vitamins and oils that will help you stay healthy, and start taking them each morning. Some gluten free snacks can also be good, and they can be found in the gluten-free section at most grocery stores. The snacks can really be a hit-or-miss though; so don’t get discouraged if you try a few bad ones before finding some you like. If you like to bake, then you’ve got a great opportunity to make some great tasting gluten-free cookies or snacks.
I had to drop my boyfriend off at work at 5:#0 since his car is being worked on and I decided to go get my workout out of the way since the gym is like 5minutes away.

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