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Look here for the best ways to save money - just a little here and there - for all stay at home moms or those interested in putting a savings plan into action, no matter what your income currently is.
Many are looking for the easiest ways to save money, but adding additional funds to a savings account can feel like an overwhelming task.
However, there are ways to save your hard earned pennies that don't actually involve spending less.
You'll find that by saving that fiver you can get $100+ a month on average, and it's one of the best ways to save money!
When you subtract a check or debit purchase from your check register, round up to the nearest dollar. If you really want to make it a challenge to get to, get an old water cooler bottle and use that. We all love to eat out, but if you are visiting your favorite restaurant three or four times a month, it can definitely take a toll. Try to eat out one less time per month, or replace going out to the movies once a month with a DVD rental.
Take the extra cash from this simple life style change, deposit it into savings, and you'll be amazed at your extra cash. Of all of the 10 ways to save money, this is the one that should make you feel the greatest. Take the money you were paying and make a contribution monthly to your savings account instead. Many stay at home moms do find it difficult to spend less when they are already working so hard to stay within budget.

Several years ago, when I was first exploring ways to save money (and get out of debt) I came across the teachings of Mary Hunt and her program, Debt Proof Living. User comments or postings reflect the opinions of the responsible contributor only, and do not reflect the viewpoint of the Sierra Club. All it takes is having money automatically transferred to your savings account each paycheck.
Use cash on all your purchases and every time you get a five dollar bill in change, put it in a savings envelope to deposit at the end of the month. Every time you go to the grocery store, get an extra $20 out with cash back and stash it in a savings envelope to deposit at the end of the month. This little gem of advice will cushion your checking account, add up over time, and is one of the secrets of the best ways to save money.
The small opening makes it difficult to get to the money out on a whim and cashing it in every few months can contribute hundreds to your savings account over time.
Take money out of the ATM one time at the beginning of the week in order to pay for all your purchases except for regular bills. This process can be used for reducing any expense, whether it is cutting out cable, an unused gym membership or reducing energy consumption.
Just keep these 10 ways to save money in mind, and you'll be surprised at all the little ways you'll find to save more. Although he may nip at your nose while you spend time outside, you can shield him from entering your warm abode with these tips. This will keep the heat where you want it most, and the rooms you close will quickly warm up when needed.

Warm yourself from the inside out by eating soup or drinking tea when you feel the need for heat.
She is currently studying environmental studies at Dartmouth College, where she also works as a staff writer for The Dartmouth newspaper.
Any left over money at the end of the week goes into your savings, not your checking account. Rather than reaching out a hand to turn up the thermostat, try a few of these eco-friendly options to stay toasty. Rather than cranking up the heat, put on your favorite fleece, scarf, beanie, or slippers (fuzzy socks are also encouraged).
Making or purchasing one will only take minutes, and the saved heat in your house will be felt quickly. The Sierra Club accepts no obligation to review every posting, but reserves the right (but not the obligation) to delete postings that may be considered offensive, illegal or inappropriate.
You will immediately feel all cozy and warm, and not just because you're actively helping the environment.

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