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As professionals, I think most of us are conscious of reducing stress, saving money, and maximizing our time, so I decided to write a three-part blog post on how I have minimized hassle and maximized my time and money. Last month’s blog talked about some time saving tips.  This month’s blog addresses some simple ways to save money. Dying to check out that new, trendy, expensive restaurant?  Going for lunch or happy hour instead of dinner can save you big bucks!

When people say, “If you want something done well, give it to a busy person,” they might be talking about commercial real estate agent and broker Lindsey Smith. In November 2011, just in time for her 30th birthday, Lindsey founded San Diego Office Properties. Her go-getter attitude has gained the attention of movers and shakers in business and charitable sectors, and they always seem to want Lindsey on their teams.

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