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We have entered the winter months and when the weather outside becomes frightful, our monthly utility bills do the same. Not only is caulking and weatherstripping the easiest and cheapest way to reduce energy bills, but it’s something that you can do yourself. Summertime benefits: Weatherstripping benefits are evident during colder weather, but the benefits continue into warmer weather by keeping cool air inside. By investing in LED (light emitting diode) bulbs and getting rid of those CFL (compact fluorescent) lights, you’ll be able to save quite a bit on lighting costs. When utilizing LED light-bulbs, you not only have a long-lasting light-bulb, but you save money by not having to invest in new ones as often compared to other light-bulbs on the market. It’s a good idea to ensure that there is enough insulation in your attic and exterior walls because, according to Alliance to Save Energy, doing just that can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 30%.
There is no doubt that heating your home can be very expensive, so why pay for it when you’re not home? According to the Department of Energy, when installing and utilizing a digital thermostat, you can save 10-15% on your heating and cooling bill annually IF you reduce the temperature in your home by 10-15% for at least eight hours a day. Please note: This and other Daily Mom articles may include sponsored advertisements, reviewed products and services, affiliate links and other forms of sponsorship.
Danielle resides in the Mitten State with her husband, toddler son and two loving pit-bull dogs. Great Gifts For MomtographerFrom smartphones to fancy digital SLRs and everything in between, moms are snapping pictures everywhere you look. Helpful In NESTHow To: Eating Well While BreastfeedingHere at Daily Mom we know just how busy the lives of new parents can get, especially in those first few months after your bundle of joy arrives.
13 Healthier Spooky-licious Halloween TreatsWelcome to October - the month chock full of candy, chocolates and marshmallows galore.
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One thing that can make offering assistance easier is helping in ways that don’t involve giving your parents money, housing, or other big things they might feel uncomfortable accepting. There are a few reasons to look over your parents’ internet, cell phone, and TV service contracts with them.
If your parents live in a house cluttered with things they no longer use, offer to help them sell the items. There are many resources available to senior citizens, and they go beyond just Social Security and Medicare. There are several discounts for senior citizens, available everywhere from grocery stores to movie theaters. Carrying around a bunch of junk in your trunk can add a lot of weight to your car, which translates into less fuel efficiency. Doing your own minor maintenance like changing your car’s oil and filters is actually pretty simple and can save a lot of money over time. By taking steps to save on gas, driving more effectively, and staying current with car maintenance, you can keep a lot of money in your wallet. Uplifting, informative stories about real lifeGet the scoop on lifestyle, finances, entertainment, travel and more.
Having a boiler breakdown can make winter a nightmare, but before you rush out and buy a new one read our guide to not paying more than you need to. If you're worried your boiler isn't going to last the winter, here's what to consider before you buy a new one.
But if you have to keep turning to the repair man, then it’s probably time to get a new boiler. It can all be a tad confusing, but knowing what type of boiler you have can help you diagnose any problems as well as helping you decide what type of new boiler you want next. Combi boiler: These are the most popular in the UK as they provide both central heating and hot water, can be gas or electric and they don't come with a cumbersome hot water cylinder. The downside is that they’re pretty tricky to install and you might lose water pressure if you need to run water in more than one place at a time.
System boiler: Also known as a sealed system, these boilers come with a water cylinder and no water tank. Conventional boiler: Conventional boilers (also called open vent or regular) have both a cylinder and a tank.

The key question you need to ask here is how long it will take to pay it off your new boiler.
Those who privately rent their home or are on certain benefits may be eligible to get their boiler replaced (or at least repaired) under the Energy Company Obligation scheme (ECO). There are quite a few conditions so contact the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 to see if you’re eligible. We say it about everything, but it really is best to gather quotes from a range of installers before you sign up for a new boiler. Have a look at the Competent Person Register, SNIPEF, Worcester Bosch or the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council. We have put together a helpful guide that can help you reduce the amount of money you’re spending each month on your electricity.
By minimizing the amount of outside air that can sneak into your home through the cracks around your doors and windows, it’ll allow your cooling and heating unit to not have to work so hard to perform its job.
That is not always the case because applying weatherstripping and caulk around your doors and windows will help keep the warm air in. The best thing about it is that you can do it yourself and prevent spending money to have it done. You can purchase a digital thermostat from a home improvement store for less than $100 typically. For example, if you normally set your heat at 70 degrees when you’re home, program the thermostat to drop to 60 degrees until an hour or so before you arrive home.
It has auto-scheduling available which allows the nest to learn the temperatures you like, programming itself, within a week. When incorporating some of these items into your cold weather preparation routine, you can save hundreds of dollars a year!
When Danielle isn't writing and capturing pictures, she runs a small social media company, Buzz Mitten Media and is co-owner of Two Clicks Photography. New Year's is almost here and soon we will be ringing in and welcoming the beginning of a brand new year- 2015! You found a hairstyle you love and want to take it to your hairstylist the next chance you get.
From helping them find discounts to offering technical assistance, here are seven easy ways you can help your parents save money. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, there are several scams that target the elderly, from fake work-at-home training to scammers claiming to be grandchildren in trouble. First of all, they might be on expensive plans that provide more than they need, but not realize it. Mint is one of my favorite budgeting and expense monitoring tools — it automatically pulls in financial information from different financial accounts and tracks spending, so your parents can easily see where their money is going and where they can cut back. For example, if your parents enjoy calling their grandchildren regularly, consider using Skype.
Help your parents research additional opportunities they might not be aware of, and make sure they’re signed up for AARP.
These are great ways to help your parents manage their finances and trim expenses as they get older. AARP earns more income from selling insurance to members than it does from membership dues. Make sure you follow your car’s guidelines for oil changes, air filter changes, and other maintenance issues to keep your car running at its peak. Carpooling is great for your wallet and the environment, not to mention driving with friends is fun. For every 5 MPH over 60 MPH driven, fuel efficiency goes down 10 percent.  Driving conservatively and at an even speed can improve the life of your gas tank. Automatic car washes can cost $8 to $15 and paying someone else to wash your car can cost even more, especially with a tip.
By keeping your tires at the proper pressure, you could improve your gas mileage by 3 percent or more.
Keeping your windows closed while you drive improves aerodynamics, making your car more fuel efficient.
Keeping your car as light as possible will help improve your car’s miles per gallon and save you at the pump.
Most car manuals explain how to do minor maintenance but for extra help, YouTube is full of tutorials to show you step-by-step instructions.
Whether you decide to shop around for a different insurance provider or stay with your current service, be sure to inquire about discounts.
The older they get, the harder they have to work to heat your home, and the more inefficient they become.

You can get hot water from multiple sources at the same time, but it doesn’t run instantly and the hot water can run out.
Again, you can get hot water from different taps simultaneously but it can run out and needs time to reheat. If you replace it with an A-rated boiler and a full set of heating controls you could save around £340 and 1,500kg of carbon dioxide a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust. It would take you take you about four and a half years to pay it off thanks to the savings you make.
Administered by the Housing Executive, the scheme is for households whose gross income is less than £40,000 and helps with the cost of replacing boilers which are at least 15 years old.
These strategies include heating, lighting and powering your home more efficiently while cutting down on the cost associated with each. A basic energy audit will look for air leaks, check installation levels, check light bulb wattages, check and also change filters, if necessary, in your heating and cooling units.
New windows and doors can be very expensive, so before going that route, check to make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed.
When it comes to the installation of insulation in the exterior walls in your home, it should be done by a professional since it’s much more complicated to do.
You are able to program the thermostat to decrease the temperature in your house when everyone is away, but then increase the temperature in your home before you and your family return. The Auto-Away feature allows the nest to automatically turn itself off when nobody is home to help save energy. Her interests include fitness, healthy eating, cooking, wine, reading, photography, exploring the beautiful state of Michigan, and spending time with family. The energy auditor will help you to identify the weaknesses in your home such as a lack of insulation or leaky windows. We are all familiar with Skype’s free software, which allows you to talk to other Skype users for free.
You can even offer to do something special with the money you both earn, like taking a small trip together.
Run by the National Council on Aging, this site helps seniors (and their families) discover benefit programs they might not have known about for food assistance, health care, and more. Membership comes with benefits, information, and a bevy of discounts on everything from Kindle book purchases to travel to craft stores.
If you don’t live near your parents, you can still help them out by sharing screens over Skype, which allows you to view their computer screen and collaborate, so you can easily help them with things like running virus protection or installing new software without trying to explain it to them over the phone. Helping them with technology and teaching them how to use mobile apps can cut the amount of time your parents spend trying to buy or find an item. If you feel like you’re bleeding money when it comes to your car, you may want to try these tips, which are sure to stop the money hemorrhage and save you big bucks.
Try to buy your gas on Wednesday as it’s the day of the week when prices are typically lowest.
Quickly accelerating and abruptly stopping also cuts into miles per gallon, so be sure to come to gradual stops and ease gently into starts. Many insurers offer discounts for teen drivers with good grades, retirees, or safe drivers.
All of these things are designed to help shrink your bill, especially during the winter months. Additionally the Farsight feature on the Nest spots you from across the room, lighting up and displaying both the time and temperature you have set. But Skype also offers an option called Skype Credit, which allows you to call any landline or mobile phone around the world at very low rates (see rate information here).
Your parents have done a lot for you in the past and now you have the opportunity to help them! Most utility companies actually have energy auditors on their team and they can typically come out to your home for free. You’re able to connect the Nest to Wi-Fi in order to control the temperature from your smart device such as your phone, tablet or laptop. For example, in Seattle, cable providers like Comcast and WAVE offer $5 discounts to qualified seniors. Lastly, if your parents are on an Internet or cable plan that used to have an introductory price but is now more expensive, encourage them to call and ask if there are any discounts currently available.
You can fill up Skype Credit in $10 increments, so your parents only have to pay for the minutes they need, instead of paying for a flat amount of minutes they might not use.

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